Just why does Queen's ''Jazz'' album sound so bad?*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Morfmusic, Apr 28, 2019.

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    It's a common criticism but Jazz, Queen's seventh studio LP, sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. After successfully stripping things back on 1977's (punk inspired) News of the World (self produced with Mike Stone), Queen re-teamed up with Roy Thomas Baker (coming off producing The Cars) and made Jazz in 1978. Why did the fidelity suddenly revert back to something near the debut album's sound? The drums sound unnatural, the guitars shrill and the vocals are swamped in the mix. Yes, there are those nice sonic tricks like mono to stereo to make things punchy but it's a sonic mess overall. Things went the opposite way with the arrival of Mack for The Game and thankfully some sonic order was restored (if not songwriting quality, hello Hot Space). So just WHY does Jazz sound like it does? Burnt out ears from band and producer? Too much hi-jinks? Lack of faith in the material? Over to you..
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    Clever thread title.
  3. You suckered me in!!!!
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    Not being a fan of Queen, I can’t give a good or fair answer.

    I do know that “poor sound” can actually be the charm of a lot of albums though. “Art” can sometimes accidentally arise from inexperience or random luck. For instance, most think that an album like Hotter Than Hell by Kiss sounds horrendous. And it does! Yet if it sounded “professional”, it would lose everything that makes it distinct or memorable, atmospherically.

    The same with another sophomore favorite of mine, Bruce Springsteen’s The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle.

    So, in short, who’s to say...
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    I clicked in thinking, Say what? Nothing sounds better than small-combo jazz on a good stereo! It's like the genre was invented to make stereos sound awesome.

    Then you were talking about Queen . . .
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    It's a white man's word! As for the music...it's Queen, what to expect?
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  7. I thought we were to discuss the Ry Cooder masterpiece...…..
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    Dang, now that's what I call clickbait lol. You got me:p
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    I think after the run they had from 'A Night at the Opera' through 'News of the World', they just weren't as motivated going into 1978. In retrospect, they should not have gone straight into the studio after completing the NOTW Tour. Imagine had they saved up the best material from this period and combined with The Game, they would have had their next opus. But such was the music industry, an LP a year was expected.
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    So did I. It sounds sooooooooooooo bad! :D
  12. Gaslight


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  13. Former Lee Warmer

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    I love the sound of that album.

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    Interesting point..and it's inspired the follow up thread..Why does ''Hotter Than Hell'' sound so bad?
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    If you like it, you like it. :cool:
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    Yeah, the best material from these 2 albums would have made a killer LP..no Queen pun intended.
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    Thread title changed.
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    I reckon it sounds ok.
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    The only thing I don't like on Jazz is the drum sound.
    Roger used synthdrum effects especially over the snare here which bothers me.
  20. Ignatius

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  21. englishbob

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    Sounds OK to me. A lot of middle maybe. Love the way Mustapha bursts onto the speakers at the midpoint
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    Not just the sound.
    The songs themselves are weak too
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    Never had a problem with the sound of this album. Few weak tracks perhaps.
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    Maybe that's why. Baker returned to the band producing an album with them and that probably wasn't a good idea.
  25. manco

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    I wonder if their expensive lifestyles were the motivating factor. They needed to keep on that new LP/tour cycle to generate the cash to fund their expensive habits in houses, cars, lavish parties, etc...
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