KAB Ortofon Concorde back in stock (Reloop branding)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by snorker, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Oelewapper

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    Yeah even with an Ortofon S-120, which is 10mV (!), it works just fine on all gain settings.
  2. DaleClark

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    Ive got the Kab Anniversary Concorde/sty40 combo. Just curious how many hours one should get out of the 40 stylus
  3. Soundslave

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    Since it is a Fritz Gyger II/FG70 (and resembles the shape of vdH cut) it should be between Shibata and MicroLine/MicroRidge in terms of longevity in my opinion. Now the real hours are dependent on your Stylus 40, records state and hours of play. Ortofon usually mention 1000 hours for any of their stylus, but in reality you already have to check your stylus (or send it to a retipper for a check-up) after 500 hours I think.
    Jico has the following hours specified:
    Based on some reports, microphotos and different experience of users with advanced styli that I read (specifically on Vinyl Engine forums), I'd say Shibata can provide 500 hours and FG should be somewhere between 550-600, while ML/MR/SAS can reach up to 700 or (in some cases) 800 hours of general play and clean records after which the stylus should be checked.

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