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Killing Eve (BBC America)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by x2zero, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
    Why was it funny when Gemma was killed - did I miss something?
  2. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    They made her a pretty annoying character..I assume because they knew they'd have V kill her off.
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  3. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
    I’m asking about the death itself
  4. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    I think you may be missing the point of the show
  5. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
  6. fabre

    fabre Forum Resident

    The build-up to the final scene was early on in the show. With all the stuff happening in Rome I didn’t think about the beginning anymore. About half an hour later, right after that funny line “Thanks for the threesome” this song by Dalida started playing and the camera moves slowly towards that hole in the store room. And then we see Niko lying on the floor and for a second we are lead to believe he might be dead. As soon as he starts moving I assumed that Gemma had been killed which is confirmed by Niko’s reaction to seeing her. When we see her face in the plastic bag there is also a sound effect like from a horror movie. I had to laugh out loud but I was also a little bit shocked that V really did kill her.

    Do I sometimes laugh at deaths in movies? Yes, of course! Like I said, Villanelle has a unique style and way of handling things. The show is meant to be fun.

    I really like the Soundtrack of the show. The songs are chosen carefully. I don’t really speak Italian but I machine translated the lines of that Dalida song (if someone knows better please correct it) at the end of this episode:

    Il mio nome, non pronunciarlo più per favor
    Il tuo nome, l'ho cancellato già dal mio cuor

    E va tu sei libero, e va ma ricordati
    Che come me un di’
    Tu, soffrirai cosi

    My name, don't say it any more
    Your name, I already deleted it from my heart

    And go you are free, and go but remember
    Like me one of
    You, will suffer like this

    I think these lines are quite fitting when thinking of Niko, Gemma and Villanelle.
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  7. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
    Seems to me they’re overdoing the music now. Used sparingly for great effect in first season and now it seems over the top and constant.
  8. fabre

    fabre Forum Resident

    I found a literal translation by native speaker Elena Gobbetti on youtube:

    my name, do not say it anymore please
    your name, I already erased it from my heart
    so go (as in leave me/go if you want), you are free, so go, but remember
    that you will suffer like me one day

    Do you mean the score and the music (lalalala ) or the songs like those posted here as well?
    I don't know about season 1 anymore but you may be right regarding the music over the whole episode.
    I do love the selection of *new* songs each episode. I think it's a great variety of music.
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  9. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    Like every other series in the 21st century they finished the main story 20 minutes into the final episode and talked non stop for the second 20 minutes. I watch every episode twice (once steaming and once free to air) and it's always better if I can ignore the plot and get into all the other stuff that's going on. Unfortunately I read there's going to be a third series on the morning before the stream so I'm conflicted by the ending.
  10. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    All the incidental music from season 2 sounds like outtakes from Moon Safari by Air (not that that's a bad thing). Supposedly most of the really obscure songs they've found are quite well known in Europe and have been used in commercials in the last couple of years. There was an advertisement in Australia last year that used a Jacques Dutronc song so anything's possible.
  11. fabre

    fabre Forum Resident

    The series could easily have ended that way (or in a similar fashion). Of course, everyone will ask themselves if Eve died in the last scene. There was a lot of blood so usually I’d say she must have died because of the remote location but in this case I guess I’d be wrong.
    I totally agree with you, the main plot wasn't that interesting and how they solved the story was underwhelming.

    Maybe. I often hit the mute button on my remote when commercials are shown. I knew some songs of Dalida already so her voice sounded familiar. She sang in so many languages, a linguistic genius. Some of the French songs aren't that unknown. I didn’t know the Dutch version of “Angel of the Morning”. I find it a bit sad that there are almost no foreign songs other than anglophone songs on the radio. One or two French and Spanish songs but that’s about it. There is so much more out there!
    I discovered lots of music through foreign movies and television series enriching my life. For that alone I am not sorry to have watched "Killing Eve".
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  12. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    The Jacqueline Taieb song in the first episode, season 2 was totally obscure but when I checked it out on YouTube half the comments mentioned it was in a commercial. When I watched the first episode I was only half watching until I heard Contact and Roller Girl which instantly made me take notice.
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  13. GMfan87'

    GMfan87' Forum Resident

    I mute the commercials too, find most of them loud , irritating. Like the conversation about the soundtrack , I think it's usually been used to great effect and I like the songs, all new to me. Really liked that red outfit of V's!
    So what did everyone think of this finale? I was a little confused as to what was really going on for short time then underwhelmed by the plot.
    It was overkill ( literally) with the ax , but I liked that Eve went to save her actually twice and then V wasn't going to leave Eve hanging. Will we see Konstantin again?
    This ending was like Eve stabbing Villanelle in end of 1 .. I don't know , it picks up in real time and she goes back for her ? Or some tourist finds her out in the ruins?
    After all the build up then Eve just says no and walks away.. it didn't come together that well imo. Some good parts, could of been executed better as a whole. There's another season at least so will they team up together somehow against the Twelve ?
    There's a forum primetimer.tv that has good chat going on about this season for who ever may be interested..
  14. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
    I thought it was awful. Really disliked it. Some of it was painful. All the charm has gone out of the show for me. Oh well.
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  15. jpelg

    jpelg Forum Resident

    The Elm City
    Series 1, I was transported each ep. The scenery, the music, the psychological thrill!
    Series 2 was a caricature, a shell of its former self. An exaggerated pandering to what the producers thought we wanted from series 1. Fail.
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  16. fabre

    fabre Forum Resident

    The main plot was very thin.

    Villanelle could have killed Aaron Peele the moment she met him. The way she found the evidence of him killing all the other girls was so casual, anyone could have done that. First we are told that it is super difficult to approach Aaron Peele and that he is going to check everything with his tech-capabilities and then his computer is unlocked with all the videos. And everyone wanted him dead anyways because of the information he has on people. So the whole story about getting close to him was a bit superfluous.

    It all didn’t make a lot of sense, maybe I forgot a few details but I still think the plot was meager.

    What made the show interesting for me were psychological aspects, like finding out why Villanelle and Eve are being drawn to each other, finding out more about Villanelle, why she behaves like she does, her background and Villanelle just being Villanelle. But that was also incoherent and seemed totally random at times. Eve wanting to rescue Villanelle and then saying she thinks V would kill her. Than actually rescuing V by killing Raymond. She could’ve just knocked Raymond out with the ax by hitting him on the head.

    I still liked some of the episodes and Villanelle is fun to watch but a lot of the story and the way people act, especially Eve, is hard to relate to.
    With a lot of series today (mostly regarding a sequel to a season) I get the impression that the writers don't have a coherent storyline in mind and don't seem to be especially considerate of characters and their traits but just write single episodes and then try to think of something to go on with. It often seems they've lost the thread.
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  17. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Forum Resident

    Davis, CA
    I loved the first season, but the second one was hard to even like at times, but the last few episodes were quite bad. The show has seriously lost its way. I doubt that I will bother with season 3 if there is one.
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  18. DaveySR

    DaveySR Forum Resident

    Will the show be called
    "Killed Eve"
    next season?
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  19. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    Sadly agree. Still more watchable then most of what's on network tv, but it was a disappointing season overall.
  20. GMfan87'

    GMfan87' Forum Resident

    So judged a mixed bag by most of us here I'd say . There were some good episodes and moments but the pacing felt off at times, never felt draggy in first season to me. Fabre makes a good point it's possibly not written as a complete season, more episode by episode with not enough coherency, consistency. They have to make a decision too on what they want V & Eve to be to each other. Maybe she can be a female version of Konstantin to her. I think they like, admire the things about each other that they don't have themselves and could be a good team, or at the least friends.This season pointed out imo that V doesn't need to kill, it's how she makes money, and she doesn't have feeling about it, but if she finds something to cure her boredom there may be redemption for her character. I will watch season 3 but not as enthusiastically as before.
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  21. marmalade166

    marmalade166 Sous les pavés, la plage!

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    To be honest the last couple of episodes I was wishing someone would throttle Eve, as the character was annoying the hell out of me!
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  22. RK2249

    RK2249 Forum Resident

    South Jersey
    Very mixed feelings about Season 2. But Villanelle is great, so I stuck with it
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  23. Antmanbee

    Antmanbee Mental Toss Flycoon

    Leicester, UK
    Killing Eve back tonight on UK TV!
    BBC1 9.15
    All eight episodes of season 2 will be available on Iplayer after tonight's opener is aired.
    Season 1 is also still available on Iplayer.

    Saturday June 8.
  24. Cupids_bow

    Cupids_bow Hyperactive!

    The OC
    Same here, I said the same thing to my wife as we’ve both watched Season 1 and 2 together.
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  25. Chazro

    Chazro Forum Resident

    West Palm Bch, Fl.
    The show so totally and completely lost me this last season that I deleted the season finale without even watching it. Huge disappointment!
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