King Crimson, Discipline on CD: a blind listening test

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by albertop, Jun 23, 2018.

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    Excellent! I’m really pleased this worked out for you, made my day – almost ;)

    An ARUN scribed Lp bought sometime after March 1982 it seems, with the original (as purchased) inner sleeve date code being 3/82;

    If asked previously without checking I would have sworn (almost) to 1981 being the purchase date.
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    Yes, a little trickier to identify as it does closely resemble the Definitive disc also having the same cat number but I’m fortunate to have had this one for years as well: The EGCD 49 with the Polydor catalogue number in the disc matrix, (which would indeed imply it’s the same mastering as the actual 1983 Polydor CD release. ) Sounds fine to me too.
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  3. Oo a cool looking label for that vs. the WB. I always loved the EG logo.
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