Krell power amps FPB 700cx and the Krell 402e Evolution

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by darkmatter, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. darkmatter

    darkmatter Gort Astronomer Staff Thread Starter

    I am in a situation where I will be selling my beloved 700cx to fund other projects but in a year or two may be able to get back on the big Krell ladder.

    A stereo chassis suits my set-up better and may be able to look at the 402e Evolution.

    Question is there are gains in performance elsewhere that the 402e has over the 700cx but will the 402e conceded any of the amazing bass slam / dynamics that the 700cx has?


  2. Keith Beddard

    Keith Beddard Well-Known Member

    I have not owned the FPB700cx, but I do own a 402e. Prior to it I had passively bi-amped Bryston 4B-SSTs. At the time I was running Totem Mani 2s. The Mani 2s are known for their bass and with the Brystons I just felt like I was leaving something on the table. When I installed the 402e everything just crystallized and things just got way better. Bass is tight, controlled and detailed with tons of slam. The rest is just awesome. I have since moved on from the Mani 2s to Totem Winds and the 402e handles them effortlessly.

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