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    Just watched the tail end of the pilot episode. Interesting premise depicting Superman's grandfather's conflicts on Krypton. I didn't see enough of it to get the plot but...

    It is on Wednesday and also available (season purchase) on Amazon.
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    My guess and bet will be that this one will crash and burn. I give it a season, one and done!
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    Just like Krypton, eh? :D
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  4. This is a major, major prestige show for the SYFY network. It was basically already guaranteed two seasons before it ever aired and most likely will get more. They have sunk an enormous amount of money into its promotion.

    The pilot was interesting. This appears to be a sci-fi adventure series set on a distant planet in which an authoritarian government controls everything. It just so happens that the main hero is Superman's grandfather.

    The effects for Brainiac were creepy and very effective.
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    Yeah, I think they're going for Game Of Thrones in space/Krypton type thing. I don't think it will be a monster hit though. How many will want to watch a superman show without superman? It's like Smallville without supes flying/in costume. But at least there they still had Clark Kent/superman-lite with a whole bunch of familiar characters, etc.

    Here, we're talking about his grandfather? and some stogy looking (if well costumed) characters doing Games of Thrones things. At least that's what it seems. The whole thing doesn't interest me at all.
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    I casually know a guy who worked on Smallville for several years, and the rules that WB had in place that they couldn't do (which included flying and the costume) were really, really tough for them to maintain. I thought the show ran out of steam after 3-4 years.
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    Yep, if I recall correctly, the show started to lose heart when they took the focus away from Clark's parents and it became much more of a teen melodrama (around the time you mention).
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    Show aside... this post caused that unexpected coffee spray onto the monitor. :)
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    Watched it until I saw sneakers and ball caps....never again...
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    Watched the first ep. While the show appears to have high production values, the story so far is completely derivative. I just felt like I'd watched this last year, or something.

    Also, based on the after-show commentary & previews, they seem comfortable with taking poetic license with the classic Superman/Superboy/DC-verse canon (not good, imo).
  11. That's always a danger with Hollywood these days. Very few creative types in the business respect comic book material much. About the only show's producers that seems to care at all is the Flash's staff.
  12. I suspect that had most viewers known about the "no tights, no flight" rule from the beginning, Smallville wouldn't have lasted more than a season. My guess is that the only reason Krypton might succeed (for a while, at least) is because it has the potential to be a stylistic continuation of the opening third from Man of Steel, which many fans - myself included - would have loved to see continue on for longer. However, it's a shame this couldn't have reached our screens much sooner, as the DCEU has seen its overall reputation take so much damage since that promising start. I'm worried the phrase be careful what you wish for may quickly end up applying to this show, especially as it seems like the Superman equivalent of Gotham...
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    I haven't seen any of this yet, but I did just read that the second season is set to begin on 6/12/19. I'm glad to read that, as as least I know that when I do start watching, there will be more than one season to see.
  14. The first season came out on Blu-ray and that season is currently streaming exclusively on DC's new service.

    Krypton: Season One Blu-ray Review -

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