Labor Day Weekend Sale at Grapefruit Record Club: Up to 60% Off

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    Labor Day Weekend GRC Sale Link

    We are putting some records on sale for the holiday. If you're into underground rock/folk, jangle/art pop or experimental stuff, you might see something you'd like. Sometimes, we overpress, or overhope, that a record will get about, and when not, we do things like this to make sure somebody somewhere hopefully discovers something new they may enjoy.

    Here are some examples of what we have on sale. The ones marked down to $20 from $25 were originally mailorder only exclusives for subscribers to the Grapefruit Record Club series, and these are the remaining copies.

    Marisa Anderson - Traditional & Public Domain Songs: $16 (from $25 - original pressing version, instrumental guitar Americana)

    Laura Baird - I Wish I Were A Sparrow: $5 (from $20 - trad style folk, member of Baird Sisters (with Meg), plays with Glenn Jones)

    Bright - Full Negative (Or) Breaks 2xLP: $5 (from $16 - Krautrock inspired 90s band, member formed Forma on Kranky)

    Builders - Beatin Hearts: $8 (from $20 - reissue of first Flying Nun LP release)

    Eric Chenaux & Radwan Ghazi Moumneh - The Sentimental Moves: $20 (from $25 - gorgeous minimal drone)

    Comets On Fire - Field Recordings From The Sun: $7 (from $16 - psych rock classic supergroup)

    Claire Cronin - Came Down A Storm: $8 (from $16 - collaboration with John Dieterich of Deerhoof)

    The Dead C/Rangda - The Dead C vs Rangda: $7 (from $16 - two legendary trios, each gets a side)

    Dump - The Silent Treatment: $20 (from $25 - James McNew from Yo La Tengo)

    Eagle Rock Gospel Singers - Heavenly Fire: $5 (from $16)

    Gailes - Seventeen Words: $5 (from $16 - Rafael Anton Irisarri & Benoit Pioulard drone collab)

    Jackson C Frank - The Complete Recordings Vols 2 & 3 2xLPs - $16 each (from $22 each - major player in 60s folk revival)

    Gate - Republic of Sadness $10 (from $16 - Michael Morley from The Dead C)

    Hawthonn - Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing): $15 (from $22 - for fans of Coil, Dead Can Dance, C93...)

    Hamish Kilgour - All Of It And Nothing: $6 (from $16 - Member of The Clean)

    David Nance - Actor's Diary: $16 (from $25 - high energy rock a la Dead Moon and Guitar Wolf)

    Natural Snow Buildings - Terror's Horns: $6 (from $16 - fans of psych folk drone, Espers, Six Organs)

    Our Love Will Destroy The World - Carnivorous Rainbows: $6 (from $17 - Campbell Kneale, New Zealand noise saint)

    Jon Porras - Voices of the Air: $16 (from $20 - beautiful drone from Barn Owl guy)

    The Terminals - Antiseptic: $5 (from $18 - legendary New Zealand underground rock band)

    Tiny Hazard - Greyland: $5 (from $16 - for fans of Dirty Projectors, Red Krayola, BJork)

    Richard Youngs - Long White Cloud: $16 (from $25 - RY does his take on what an eighties NZ record of his would sound like)

    Please note that these will ship in about a week and a half from now.

    Thank you for reading!

    -Ba Da Ben
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