Large mid/bass, soft-dome tweeter, high(ish) sensitivity

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by miwatk, Jan 25, 2023.

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for speakers with the above characteristics. By "large" mid/bass, I mean at least 8 inches, though less than 15. I mostly listen at low volumes, below 70db, so I want something that can come on song with ease, hence the larger driver and higher sensitivity. My room is also pretty reflective, with the rear wall almost entirely windows, so I’m looking for something with a forgiving treble response. I should also add that I'd prefer to keep the price ~$2000.

    Wharfedale Linton seems to check most of these boxes, but I’m wondering if there’s something else out there that I’m missing. Let me know!

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    The DeVore stuff comes to mind though not at those prices. You're insisting on two-way? Or could be three? Must be a box, or could be a tower? Around $2k I totally loved the Monitor Audio Silver 300 when I spent some hours with it at Upscale Audio. Everything sounded great: classical, jazz, country, even Motorhead's seminal No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith. Now there's a "7G" model and I'm not sure the price, or if you can find the previous on closeout. We also really liked the Linton Heritage quite a lot-it sounded nice throughout Audio Element's open plan shop. Mmmm not sure what else at those prices. Would you have any interest in DIY? And why a soft dome? Not against that, but there are some good metal dome and horn and ribbon, each with their own pros and cons. Dome tweeters will limit the sensitivity no matter the woofer; truly higher sensitivity usually means waveguide or full on horn.
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    I would say don’t limit yourself to size of woofers or soft dome vs metal dome. Bass can also be done deeply with tuning of the cabinet and excursion; and metal domes aren’t always piercing it’s all about execution in the design. I recently purchased Ascend Sierra-LX, a standmount with 6” woofer and metal domes, for example, and they both play deeper bass and have smoother highs than my old JBL L36’s with a 10” woofer and soft domes. I would suggest using to compare the frequency response of some speakers you have heard and others you are considering to help with some options. I would also recommend a preamp or integrated amp with loudness control for low volume listening.
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    As I read through your wish-list all I could think was "Linton 85th"... then I read the last line of your post.

    I own a pair, so I'll be biased. These speakers have really changed my mindset going forward on what I think of as an ideal sound. And that ideal seems to be linked to the "ingredients" you've listed... larger drivers, higher sensitivity and a generally easy load...

    I keep looking around for alternatives - purely out of a hobbyists curiosity, not dissatisfaction (I really enjoy these speakers) - so I can only offer the "usual suspects" like Harbeth or the new Mission 770... maybe even Klipsch Heritage? But none of those are within budget and definitely in the case of the Harbeth's and even those new Missions you'd be giving up ground in sensitivity.

    As for your room - "pretty reflective" is never the easiest to deal with - virtually any speaker will do better if that could be addressed to some degree. How big is your room btw?

    P.S - I can tell you first-hand that these do quite well at moderate volumes - how I normally listen - they don't shrink away into dullness like just about any of the "narrow baffle" designs I've owned in the past. That's just an anecdote... not "science" :winkgrin:

    Also the Linton's offer a credible taste of easeful, "big speaker" sound in a way all the narrow baffle/small driver speakers I've owned can't match.
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    I don’t think there are any alternatives in that price bracket. KLH Model 5 are on sale for $2200, but metal tweeter. The new MoFi speakers look cool, but almost double budget, as are the JBL L100. The Lintons look like a great choice, they are very well designed and measure well.
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    What about the Zu Dirty Weekends? I've never heard them but they tick all your boxes and people rave about them.
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    Dynaudios emit 30s though they have 2 5.5 in woofers they do have a silk tweeter I just bought a pair waiting for them to ship the reason why bought them the reviewer where very impressed with the bass and they are a warmer type speaker these will be replacing Revels f36 which are a great speakers but they can be bright sounding at times being 65 my hearing might be changing as well
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