Latest DC superhero film BLUE BEETLE opened this weekend (08/18/2023)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by pghmusiclover, Aug 19, 2023.

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    Surprised there isn't a thread about this, which seems to be doing somewhat well (all things considered), and is receiving mixed reviews.

    Personally, I do want to see it, but I'm not willing to make a special trip to the movies! I will wait until it is on streaming, which I guess will be relatively quickly in this day and age.

    Blue Beetle
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  2. pghmusiclover

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  3. Reader

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    I liked the Steve Ditko version of the Blue Beetle done in the 60s. I'd like to see this because of that connection but there doesn't seem to be much of that character in this preview. I'll give it a chance. Who knows?
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  4. Walt

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    I enjoyed this a lot! It wasn't earth-shattering (well, the sound ,ight have been... thanks for the ringing, AMC!) and follows similar superhero paths... but it was fun!

    The main villain is Victoria Kord. I don't want to say anymore without risking any spoilers. :)
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  5. Gross
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  6. Oatsdad

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  7. PH416156

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    I guess he didn't like the film :D
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  8. Jim B.

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    You've seen it all before done better in much more successful films.
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  9. Solitaire1

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    In the comics from DC they logically linked the three Blue Beetles.

    I liked the preview and am looking forward to seeing the movie.
  10. Paper Shark

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    I saw it this past weekend. I enjoyed it.
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  11. beccabear67

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    I kind of felt that Night Owl II with his owl sky ship in Watchmen was about everything I might've wanted in a Blue Beetle movie (very Ditko-ish and with a Nightshade double). I'm sure this is a fun movie, the main guy's character reminds me of the original Firestorm, and the CGI from the trailer looks decently incorporated, but no great rush to want to see it. Maybe it will lead somehow to (affordable) reprints for the '60s comics? That would be very cool.
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  12. pghmusiclover

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    Apparently going to be released on VOD on September 19th, with a possible late October release on Max.
  13. Doggiedogma

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    I went yesterday with my wife and son; we were the only 3 people in the theater - YAY! The movie was good, but nothing I would excitedly recommend seeing. My son and I scored it 7/10.
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  14. JediJones

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    The neon tones in the trailers were a huge turn-off to me, not to mention the non-stop cliches and overacting. One of the few DC movies I ever just skipped seeing because it had zero appeal to me.

    Blue Beetle's global box office reached $129 million on a a budget of $104 million, making this yet another big-budget bomb for DC and for 2023 in general. To put it in perspective, the DC movie that used to be the brand's signature bomb, Green Lantern, made $220 million, over $100 million more, 12 years ago. In fact, the only DC movies that earned less than Blue Beetle since Batman came out in 1989 are Jonah Hex (2010), Catwoman (2004) and Steel (1997).

    The sad thing for DC's future is that Peter Safran, one of the "mastermind" producers behind most of their recent bombs, including Blue Beetle, Shazam 2 and The Suicide Squad, was PROMOTED to co-run DC Studios last year. One of the worst business decisions any movie studio has ever made. The man has ZERO idea what audiences want to see from the DC brand.
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  15. Deuce66

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    I'm halfway thru the movie, it's a mixture of Venom/Spider-Man with a family component and the usual "evil" corporation angle. I was expecting worse but at least it's semi watchable for a one shot viewing.
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