Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary hype..anyone else really don't care?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ronm, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. moops

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    No fun in that though, and it adds to the mystique which seems to have been quite effective. :)

    On the other hand, it's personal to him and he may feel that he doesn't need to endlessly explain it.
    It's pretty common knowledge he has an interest in these subjects, he's a long-time collector of occult esoterica, owned the Equinox occult bookshop in Kensington at one point, owned Boleskine, so symbolically, it's just a representation of Jimmy in life the best way he knew how. I think it's perfect.
  2. Sixpence

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    So you thought Kashmir was substandard................interesting. Then forget about Achilles because that must be crap.
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  3. misteranderson

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    Yeah, Presence was probably Zeppelin's druggiest album, much as Station to Station was Bowie's. They're also both among the best things either ever did.

    And it's amazing, given the state the band was in (Plant injured, Page coked out of his mind, everybody in the States on tax exile), that Presence was written and recorded in less than a month. It's also their best-sounding album, if you ask me.
  4. ohnothimagen

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    Dunno about written and recorded in less than a month (the band also put in a bit of pre production rehearsal in L.A. before heading to Munich) but the album was recorded and mixed in seventeen days, which IMO is pretty amazing by Rock standards. The rehearsals lashing those intricate arrangements together must have been a blast!
  5. Sixpence

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    Jimmy's worst was the 1980 tour. He was extremely thin and he was playing his guitar as if he glued his fingers together. He seemed to be in a bad place personally at that time. If you go back to the 7-24-79 Copenhagen show, I thought that Led Zeppelin were on fire. I don't know what happened post Knebworth (August 1979). He was in bad shape.

    Presence (the only lp with no keyboards) was a great lp. (IMO) Jimmy had to record the album really quick because The Rolling Stones were scheduled to record at the same studio withing weeks. (recording Black and Blue) Jimmy had to do a lot of work in a very short amount of time. Achilles Last Stand is an epic piece of music.
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  6. Adam Ryan Watson.

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    It would be different in the context of a zep documentary as he would be confronted with his I'll feelings toward the band for not attending the funeral or supporting him in any way and selfishly pressuring him to come back to the band while he was still grieving. Plant was extremely upset with the band in the aftermath of his son's death and it was turning point in how he felt about the band . Plant also re resents the fact that he was on the road when his son died . Apparently plant had no desire to do the 77 tour and was still having a hard time with his ankle but gave in to the pressure to tour. So I can see why he would not want to relive that period with how it related to the band.
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  7. Adam Ryan Watson.

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    I agree that the band started slipping in 1973. But rot in 1972 ? Have not heard that too many times . I think 72 has the band's tightest the only thing I hear starting to slip in 72 is plants voice. But instrumentally the band is tighter and more refined although I do prefer 70 and 71 but that is because of plants voice being stronger.
  8. whodanny

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    Folks down there really don't care, really don't care,
    Don't care, really don't.

    ...what's to be they say, will be...
  9. Adam Ryan Watson.

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    By presence page was more into heroin then coke. When they were in Malibu writing the album zeppelin crew referred to pages rented digs as Henry house which is English slang for heroin.
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  10. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    I agree about houses half the album is great but there are too many filler tracks and the great songs were much better live. But physical graffiti as a not so great album is crazy talk so many great songs and the pg songs for me are the one thing that kept the 75 tour from being s complete snooze fest. They seemed to step up their game when playing new songs in 75. Hopefully any live release will focus on the early years.
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  11. Siegmund

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    I'm a fan but I couldn't care less. With the exception of the 2003 DVD set, the live stuff doesn't excite me.
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  12. Jose Jones

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    Unfortunately, in this shrill, hyped-up era we inhabit, unreleased archival material can't really drop without the hype machine cranking. But since LZ's songs were published by Superhype, at least back in the day, it is perhaps fitting for their 50th anniversary.
  13. Vaughan

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    What's wrong with the mix for In Through the Out Door? Really?
  14. Cerebus

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    I used to be a huge bootleg collector and even ran a Zep website in the 90s to track setlists and different versions - I've listened to almost every show that was recorded. I've only listened to HTWWW a dozen times or so and I've never played the DVD all the way through. I did buy the deluxe editions and enjoyed the bonus material, but after the initial enthusiasm died out I now consider them horribly overpriced and wish I'd gotten the 2-CD sets instead; I've only looked at the books once and I still have all of the albums on my original vinyl.

    I still enjoy the original albums now and then but after almost 40 years I just can't get excited. Robert Plant's solo career still interests me, though. The rest of the band surviving band is such a terrible waste.
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  15. Chris Schoen

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    It's all been done. The studio albums are iconic and will probably never be surpassed in Rock music again.
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  16. Vaughan

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    Color me surprised.This thread is chock full of people who love Zep, but don't want to hear any more of them. :D

    Obviously anything "new" would depend on what it is. Many artists are releasing archival live sets right now, so that's one easy option. Surround, a remix would work too. Again, depending on how they turn out. It's not a matter if anything is "wrong" with the current mixes, but given how enlightening Steve Wilson's Tull remixes have been, perhaps we'd get to experience something worthwhile. No-one has to buy what;s released, so I say release as much as they can.
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  17. jjhunsecker

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    I'd be interested in surround mixes, live material, and the Led Zeppelin DVD expanded on blu-ray . Not interested in any more "alternate mixes" that you would need the hearing of a Doberman to discern the difference from the released versions
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    Yeah, go figure.... only on these forums.

    I'm kind of the opposite. I've heard enough Zeppelin in my life and am not a huge fan, but I love a great raw live show, so I'm interested in anything live that will be coming out.
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  19. Johnny66

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    Concocting an Earl's Court show from the best of those nights would be worth buying, even with the rear projection limitations of the existing footage. With some judicious reverb and ruthlessly editing, that could be quite something.

    Ideally a full show from Australia in 1972 would be my first choice, as the short B&W ABC footage is tantalisingly great. Sadly, I assume nothing more exists.
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  20. samthesham

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    PG is mostly a hodge podge of songs.

    Especially side 4 is lacking.

    There were moments of brilliance sprinkled throughout but not enough to comprise a double LP.

    By 75 LZ stage performance was sorely lacking when compared to past tours.

    All kinds of excess had begun to dismantle the band as a whole unit.

    What began cracking in 1973 was even more apparent in spots on PG.

    What sucks...sucks & what is good is very good on PG.

    That being said the album just doesn't hold up as a whole.

    Finally the forum does not allow derogatory remarks or insults to members.So next time think before calling someones opinions crazy.

    Not cool man.
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  21. WarEagleRK

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    Let's not start getting offended over the most minute offenses.
  22. pig bodine

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    I was a pretty big fan from 1973 through the mid 80’s, but i’m so sick of everything they did, deep cuts included from ridiculous overexposure over the past 35 years, I could go the rest of my life without hearing them again and not miss them one iota.
  23. joshm2286

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    I second this!
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  24. The Hermit

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    The entire production process - from writing to final mix - of Presence took precisely two months... which is genuinely impressive even by 1970's standards!!!

    Jimmy and Robert started putting material together in Malibu around late September '75, Bonzo and Jonesy joined them soon after only to find most of the album already written, rehearsals took place over October at SIR Studios in L.A., recording began at Musicland Studio in Munich in early November, and continued for around 18 days, wrapping on November 26th.

    Presence is the dark horse of Zeppelin's catalog, for sure... it took me a while to succumb to it's charms but I finally 'got it'... and it's held up remarkably well over the years.
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  25. violetvinyl

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    What songs, specifically, on PG 'suck'? And, which ones are 'very good'?

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