Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe boxsets Price Tracker

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  1. SpinningInfinity

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    I think the popmarket deal was for I-III

    super deluxe box sets...I vaguely remember seeing it. I have everything up to Physical Graffiti but still need to get the last 3 SDBS

    sigh...my cash ran out


    someday I will get them though!!

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  2. matt79rome89

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  3. floyd

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  4. floyd

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    Spring Green, WI
    when I looked on my phone I could not find it, but now on my desktop computer, I found it. Thanks, as I said this was the last one in the set for me and most I purchased were in this price range, I was thinking I might have to pay a lot more to complete my set. Funny thing about these Zeppelin "Super Deluxe" sets when you consider how inexpensively you could get the deluxe LPs and CDs you were really paying quite a premium for a book, a box, a lithograph (which was exactly the same as the album cover) and the download.
  5. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

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    Waiting for IV to fall that low!
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  6. marcb

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    Just got the BBC super deluxe the other day for $92. By far the cheapest I can recall ever seeing.
  7. guidedbyvoices

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  8. tmtomh

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    It's amazing to me how these sets have held their value so far. Some copies of the Houses of the Holy Super Deluxe showed up on eBay and elsewhere last year for about $50 (I am guessing blowout clearance of some leftover stock after the distortion glitch on The Ocean became widely known). And there was that one very brief insane $25 deal on the LZ II Super Deluxe that was available for like 5 minutes. Otherwise, that $71 price is the lowest I've seen any of them - not much of a drop over the $85 to $88 all of them (except Physical Graffiti and Coda) could be had for when they first came out.
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