Lennon or McCartney Ireland song poll

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Price.pittsburgh, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Which one do you think is the better song along similar lines?
    Not considering Yoko's vocals if you don't care for them, just the songs themselves.
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  2. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    Both average songs given elevated status because they are by lennon and McCartney. I picked McCartneys song
  3. jammincrowe

    jammincrowe Forum Resident

    Leicester, MA, USA
    Would probably vote Luck of the Irish BUT I can’t remove her vocals as you suggest. Ruins it for me.
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  4. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    They both kinda suck...
  5. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Neither. Without getting political, both are drivel.
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  6. Hall Cat

    Hall Cat Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Hooray green (had a cousin-in-law with a retirement account)
  7. maccafan

    maccafan Forum Resident

    Absolutely don't agree with the other posters! I've always enjoyed Wings Give Ireland Back To The Irish, love the guitars and the musical changes.
    Anything with Yoko on it, is an automatic skip!
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  8. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    I love John & Yoko’s song.
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  9. mike s in nyc

    mike s in nyc Forum Resident

    new york, NY
    John's! and i seem to remember there's an acoustic version out there somewhere (quick, anyone know if its officially released and on what release?) of 'luck of the irish' with yoko singing a lot more conventionally 'better'. (and side note, I really dislike all the yoko-bashing that goes on here)
  10. popscene

    popscene Forum Resident

    San Marcos, CA
    I love them both, but I’ll go with “Luck Of The Irish” here. I can’t imagine a world where I don’t enjoy Yoko...
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  11. SunSon

    SunSon Forum Resident

    Sea Of Holes
    No vote from me. They're both forgettable.
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  12. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Ick. Can I say “neither is best “?
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  13. pdenny

    pdenny 18-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
    "Birthday" too? Hardcore.
  14. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    I prefer Lennon's song.
  15. pdenny

    pdenny 18-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
    Always liked em both. Lennon's is more emotional and lyrically raw but I love those early-70's kinda sloppy Macca one-offs so I vote for both (if I could).
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  16. jimjim

    jimjim Forum Resident

    John's is far better. Macca's sounds hamfisted and sloppy. Mind you I love its B-side...

  17. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    McCartney. But prefer the instrumental B side.
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  18. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Of course Lennon's Sunday Bloody Sunday is worse than either
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  19. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I think Paul's is lacking a good melody which is strange for him and the whole arrangement is a bit unorganized.
    Even with Yoko I dig John's acoustic track
  20. Panther

    Panther Forum Resident

    Tokyo, Japan
    I rate them about even.

    John's song has a better melody (even if not original) and has more lyrical balls, even though it goes over the top trying to offend listeners (as is John's wont). Docked a full point for Yoko's vocal, however.

    Paul's song rocks nicely and has a better vocalist/band performance, but a less arresting melody. The lyrics are cheesy and try hard not to offend anyone (as is Paul's wont), which seems strangely inappropriate for the song's message otherwise. I do like the chorus to this song.
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  21. Wordnat2

    Wordnat2 Square as hay, dull as cattle.

    These poll numbers are crazy so far. How is this happening? Paul’s song is a piece of cloying nonsense with naive, vacuous lyrics that leave me shaking my head. John’s song might not be a masterpiece, but it’s an understated, more rational and less obvious take on things.
  22. 2141

    2141 Forum Resident

    My guess: because at least it rocks.
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  23. DeadParrot

    DeadParrot Forum Resident

    MI, USA
    Not a fan of either, to be honest, but voted for Paul’s as it at least it isn’t as patronizing to anyone who’s actually Irish.
    Always wished they’d swallowed their pride and come up with a better song together.
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  24. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    steve hoffman forums>>>>>>paul mccartney>>>>>>>>any poll>>>>>>>>>paul mccartney wins>>>>>>>no matter what it is.

    i am not criticizing either way, it just is what it is, i've come to accept it.

    any poll here with mccartney or the beatles is skewed, sorry.
  25. maccafan

    maccafan Forum Resident

    I don't believe in bashing anyone, because bashing to me just goes overboard, but I will point out if someone can't sing, or makes a horrible noise, Yoko qualifies for both!
    She's covered up for the most part, and she isn't doing that God awful screeching!

    As I said I like Give Ireland Back To The Irish, and I don't see anything wrong with the lyrics, for the topic they make perfect sense. Love the guitars, the changes and this performance...
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