Lennon or McCartney Ireland song poll

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Price.pittsburgh, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. pdenny

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    Sure, however the OP specifically asked that we only consider the songs themselves. But given that Yoko seems to be more divisive than Trump I guess it's just a given people won't be able to resist the potshots.
  2. Brian Kelly

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    Luck Of The Irish is better melodically.
    Give Ireland Back To The Irish has more appropriate topical lyrics.

    Somewhat ironic in that conventional wisdom would have that reversed.

    I prefer Luck Of The Irish, but neither is much better than average.
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  3. Oatsdad

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    Going Wings. "Give..." has pretty lousy lyrics, but it kinda rocks!
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  4. ajsmith

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    The Yoko-sung part of ‘Luck Of The Irish’ is complete song ruining crap, and it’s nothing to do with Yoko’s vocals. Scott Walker could have sung that part and it would still be terrible. ‘Here’s a really brutally direct searingly real pull no punches folk song about the oppression of a people - RECORD SCRATCH - Oh hey fiddle diddle, a four leaf clover and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to be sure me old leprechaun’ is the entire point-undermining mood shift it amounts to.
  5. Fischman

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    This is not a problem in this case though as that is exactly as it should be any time he's up against Lennon.
  6. Galaga King

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  7. adm62

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    Rational? Have you listened to the lyrics? "Genocide"
  8. Trader Joe

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    Paul McCartney - Give Ireland Back To The Irish - by a country mile.
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  9. Wordnat2

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    Of course I’ve listened to the lyrics to John’s song. Unfortunately, I’ve also listened to the lyrics of Paul’s. John’s song is the better of the two, by any measure. And I’ll take an irrational word choice over a childish one every time.
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  10. Hey Vinyl Man

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    Not a big fan of either, but I voted for Lennon on a less-awful basis. Yoko's terrible vocals notwithstanding, I will give him credit for at least trying, however clumsily, to address both sides of the conflict.
  11. Byrdman77

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    Would have made an awesome double A side if The Beatles had stayed together in the 70's!
  12. MechanicalAnimal6

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    McCartney by a million miles....
  13. tug_of_war

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    Next poll:

    The best Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    Lennon's or U2's?
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