Let It Be 50th Anniversary -Twickenham Rehearsals: What and how?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by J Alesait, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. J Alesait

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    Buenos Aires
    No other Beatles album offers such an opportunity in terms of taped rehearsals. So, what to include? And how should it be presented?

    I believe the Fly On The Wall disc on LIBN was a wasted opportunity: very brief snippets that amount to nothing.

    For LIB 50th Anniversary they could include:

    1. Work in progress version of every LIB song. They could even present them as 'documentary' mixes, from first attempts to finished versions, just like the Imagine box set did with every track. Either way, this could showcase their raw, unpolished side.

    2. Unreleased songs (as of now), originals or covers, e.g. Watching Rainbows, Madman, The Walk and so forth.

    3. Early attempts of solo songs, e.g., Back Seat Of My Car, Let It Down.

    4. Instrumental jams. Of course, just the best bits.

    Once selected, a decision should be made as to how to present each track. Should they go for straight unedited versions or should they edit them when necessary in order to avoid performance flubs? Should they even go for the 'Love' approach, and take sounds/instruments from a take and have them placed in another one?

    Let's talk about the possibilities!
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  2. EdwinM

    EdwinM Grumpy old man

    They could do the same approach as Bob Dylan for the Cutting Edge in the bootleg series;
    1 A double CDwith highlights
    2 A six CD box which gives a good overview of the sessions, as well as three LiB incarnations: Glyn John's, Phil Spector and Naked
    3 A complete overview with maybe 50 CDs available at the Aplle website for the real geeks
  3. Ram4

    Ram4 Lookin' good

    As far as the Twickenham material goes, 1 CD should be enough. You could get early rehearsals for most of the album plus a bunch of interesting run-throughs of other things. For the rest of a box set, you get a new remix like the other remixes, but leaning on the Spector album which is the official album in spite of Naked. I would still be in favor of edited rooftop composite versions creating the best possible song, but on two more CDs you could have the entire warts and all rooftop versions and additional sessions and alternate takes. So that's 4 CD box so far. I suppose you could throw in the Glyn Johns mixes as well on another disc.
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  4. Victor46542

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    Paris, France
    We have at least 4 days of Music/Dialogs that are in bootlegs
    As Gill Martin said few month ago in a interview they haven't put the very long version of Helter Skelter, because it's basically the same as the one put on the bonus of the white album.

    I think there two way of thinking: one is giving everything (such as Dylan with his bootleg collection, some include 20 or 30 takes of the same songs) and the Beatles giving an insight.

    So I can expect to have one cd with the remaster, maybe one with the naked version (but so sure), maybe one with the Glyn Johns mixes (as far I as remembered he make 2 version as the first one got rejected and then the second got rejected), and maybe one or two cd of outtakes or other version and maybe the complete roof concert in one CD, but would love to have a special edition with all the music, but I can dream

    so can be

    Let It Be (2020 Remaster)
    Let It Be Naked (2020 Remaster)
    Glyn Johns mixes (One or the Two Version)
    Rooftop Concert
    Outtakes (alternative version + unreleased songs + Songs released on solo album + talk) (on 1 or 2 CD)
  5. If it follows the White Album and Abbey Road box sets formula, we won't be getting a whole lot we don't already have.
    CD 1 - remixed album
    CD 2 - Outtakes and demos (Glyn Johns Mixes and the singles)
    CD-3- Outtakes and demos
    CD-4 - blu-ray of remix, and original mix

    so that doesn't leave a whole lot of space for Twickenham outtakes let alone different Apple outtakes. With the amount a material involved this set would have to be massive to even half ass cover the period. "I" would like to see:
    CD 1 - remixed album
    CD 2 - single versions and complete versions of snippets (Dig It, ect)
    CD 3 - COMPLETE Rooftop Concert
    CD 4 - Glyn Johns (both versions) of "Get Back" album
    CD 5 - Twickenham Outtakes
    CD 6 - Twickenham Outtakes
    CD 7 - Apple Outtakes
    CD 8 - Apple Outtakes
    CD 9 - Apple Outtakes
    disc 10 - Blu-Ray of remix, original mix, and singles all in 5.1

    Anything less than this and I would feel cheated. So I will probably feel cheated because this will never happen.
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  6. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    At least you are honest with yourself. Because, as you say, it will never happen.
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  7. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

    I wonder if they are going to market a box set and Peter Jackson's film together and aim for a May 2020 release date.
  8. mBen989

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    Scranton, PA
    That would be mostly mono unless the Abbey Road team wants to do some audio surgery.
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  9. CraigBic

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    New Zealand
    I can't help but wonder if they will do the album at all or if it will just be the movie.
    Let it Be ...Naked throws a bit of a wrench into things because it's already been remixed and Paul McCartney was involved in that one. Not to mention if they did Remix it what direction would they go in? Would they take the original order with studio banter or would they play around with the order like Naked did.
    Also what about Paul's stuff, would all of the spectre elements be stripped out? Or will they keep all that stuff in for the sake of history or something. Let it Be could be a bit of a mine field compared to the last few anniversary editions.
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  10. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    I think they will keep the 50th anniversary Audio box set of the album and the films (the Peter Jackson film and the original Let It be film) as separate entities.

    Most likely, the Peter Jackson will be shown on some subscription TV channel for X number of weeks/months and will be shown in theaters (for a limited time), generating loads of $$$ (as was done with the Ron Howard Eight Days A Week film). That plan would not work as well if the film was also included in the audio box. Then, X months later, the Peter Jackson film will be available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray, possibly with extra features.

    I'm not sure about how the original film will be marketed. Maybe it will be sold along with the Peter Jackson film. Maybe it will be sold separately. Maybe they would include it in the Audio box only. I need to really think about that part of the equation.
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  11. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

    Do you think it is a given that the original film will be re-released at all?
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  12. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    And that's possibly why the upcoming Abbey Road box has been kept very simple and straightforward, and relatively inexpensive (compared to the previous deluxe box sets). In contrast, the LET IT BE audio box will require much more work, and many more potential headaches. I'm not even convinced that they will even use any of the Twickenham material. But if they do, then that could double the size of any potential box. I really don't know. It also could be way more expensive than the Abbey Road box, especially if they duplicate the book from the original UK release in 1970, as well as including a second book of new info. Plus they may include film footage on a Blu-ray and/or DVD as well. There are so many ways to approach this material.
  13. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Apple said that the original Let It Be film "will be made available". But that does not necessarily mean that it will be sold separately as a DVD or Blu-ray. It might just be shown on some video streaming service, or it may be included as a bonus disc when the Peter Jackson film is sold on DVD/Blu-ray. Or maybe they would include the original film in a super-deluxe version of the Audio box. OR????

    It also might be too confusing to have all 3 of these things hitting the market in such a short span of time:
    1. A 5oth Anniversary Audio Box
    2. The Peter Jackson film
    3. The original Let It Be film
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  14. J Alesait

    J Alesait Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Buenos Aires
    Are the Nagra tapes legally owned by Apple? Or do they have to ask Lindsay-Hogg permission to use them?
    And do they have all the original tapes?
    In any case, I suppose they already have someone listening to the whole thing in order to pick the best moments...
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  15. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    This could be the most interesting set, because there is so much to look at here.

    cd1 Remixed album
    cd2 outtakes and demos
    cd3 Rooftop Concert + outtakes
    bluray1 5.1 mix, new stereo mix, plus extra tracks
    bluray2 original movie + Peter Jackson movie

    Although there are probably ten discs worth of material that could be released it would seem based on previous releases that that just isn't going to happen.
    They haven't been releasing the original mixes, so I don't see the original getting a Guernsey, but it would be nice to have a flat transfer on the bluray.
    I really don't see Let It Be Naked getting in there. I think that will probably remain a side album.

    To me the really interesting thing is how are they going to approach the album itself. Will they go with the Spector versions and make them nice, will they go for something a little different that takes in the idea of the Spector mixes, but creates something completely new. Will they do something partway between the Spector and Naked albums?
    I'm not sure if they will or not, but I have included the movie, as it seems to be part of the whole deal with this album. Will they go with Jackson's movie that is in the processes, I believe, and will they include the original. Based on the albums themselves, they may just put the new one on here, or they may just leave it out altogether.
    This is going to be interesting.

    I gather we have a year to go until it is released, so I am guessing this is going to be 5000 pages
  16. boggs

    boggs Multichannel Machiavellian

    My biggest wish of the LIB sessions would be cobbled together versions of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and ALL THINGS MUST PASS. I don't care if it's 'frankensteined' or not. Just give me the best versions of these rehearsals as possible.
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  17. A well respected man

    A well respected man Some Mother's Son

    Madrid, Spain
    I don't see ...Naked as a remix of Let It Be, I see it as a different album altogether, taken from the same sessions, of course, but it features different takes, track order, etc. A different version of the same album if you will.

    That's why I think the contents of the Deluxe could be something like this:

    CD 1: Let It Be 2020 remix (of course, it would be a remix of the Spector version; it's the original album whose 50th anniversary is being celebrated after all. So Giles should resist temptation to mix out the Spector overdubs. They are part of the original album and they should be present in the new mix, although Giles could decide to lower their level, which would probably be the right call).

    CD 2: Let It Be... Naked 2020 remaster (this could be the chance to correct some of the blunders of the original release, specially the no noise applied. Maybe a remix is needed for that, I don't know. But the general idea is so good, the track list is spot on, the inclusion of Don't Let Me Down is necessary... I really hope this version keeps existing).

    CD 3: Twickenham Sessions (I wouldn't separate the sessions CDs into demos, versions, takes, chat... I think they should keep the same approach as the previous box sets, presenting the sessions in chronological order, alternating demos, outtakes, etc. That is more organic IMO). Now, given this chronological approach, the different recording sites seem to offer a good template.

    CD 4: Apple Sessions 1

    CD 5: Apple Sessions 2

    Blu-ray: Hi-res stereo of LIB remix and LIBN remaster, 5.1 of both versions, Dolby Atmos of both versions.

    Same as Arnie, I think all the audiovisual material (new Peter Jackson film, original film, complete rooftop concert, extras) will be released separately.
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  18. LarsO

    LarsO Forum Resident

    How long did the entire rooftop concert last? It could be cool to have the audio of that one included from start to finish (possibly remixed but not edited).
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  19. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    About 42 minutes.
  20. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    I think "Twickenham Rehearsals" will get its own CD in the LIB50 box. And that CD will have about 3o minutes of content on it. Including snippets and jams, I would guess 10-15 tracks.

    I think "Studio Sessions" will be two discs and more filled out, and then "Rooftop Show" will be its own disc as well: the full rooftop concert in order, remixed with only minor editing.

    CD1 - LIB 2020 mix
    CD2 - Twickenham Rehearsals
    CD3 - Apple Sessions
    CD4 - Apple Sessions + You Know My Name and "Hums Wild" version of ATU
    CD5 - Rooftop
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  21. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    It would be nice to have the complete footage on the bluray also
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  22. JoshM

    JoshM Forum Resident

    I want an edited together full band take of “All Things Must Pass.”
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  23. pokemaniacjunk

    pokemaniacjunk Forum Resident

    south paris maine
    they should include the Ringo song Picasso
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  24. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    The Rooftop concert should totally be a spotlighted, standalone release the way the Esher demos should have been. But at the very least there is no excuse not to include all of it
  25. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    [​IMG] ;)

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