Let It Be Boxed Set Surround Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gonfishn, Oct 13, 2021.

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    I have always been a HUGE fan of the surround sound format when it brings a quality of sound not found on the original mix. I have been critical somewhat of "Sgt Pepper" but thought the other 2 releases added to the regular mix everyone knew. In my opinion this mix is the BEST THUS FAR. I am blown away at the channel separation and the things heard now that before the surround mix never knew they were there. Also the bass and drums really come alive. Wait till you here the difference. Its like a completely different album. Giles and company are really getting there Sh-- together with each release. I have not had a chance to check the new regular mix yet but will tomorrow and also the extra's but if your a surround sound person as I am this IS A MUST OWN BLU RAY.
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    I don't want to go O/T on the first post, but this is the first set where I am interested in the surround disc.
    Without derailing the thread can someone point me to another thread for some equipment suggestions to play this back on.
    Low or lower cost systems as mine was stolen years ago, and I never replaced it.
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    thanks so much for the review and info on the surround mix. maybe less instruments helps spread things out more and of course he has to be learning more about surround mixes as he goes. again, thanks.
  4. gonfishn

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    Sony UBP-X800 plays all surround decoding such as DTS, in 5.1 and DOLBY ATMOS in 7.1 it also plays SACD and SACD Multichannel. You just need a decent receiver that allows you to play all the same. Hope this helps.
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    You should try out Apple Music. The Atmos mix of Pepper is a big improvement over the 5.1 mix IMO.

    Also, Apple Music has had Atmos mixes of two Let It Be songs for some time now. They’re enjoyable for what they are IMO, but not as noteworthy as you find them. I think the new Atmos mix of Pepper is better than the two LIB songs I’ve heard (my Bluray is still shipping). But honestly that shouldn’t be surprising given the nature of the recordings.

    And honestly, I think the Atmos mix of Abbey Road is better too (as well as the 5.1 mixes of AR and the White Album). Maybe I’ll change my view once I hear the whole thing.

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