Let It Be/Get Back 50th Anniversary Releases! (Content and Sound Quality Discussion Only)!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bruce Burgess, Jul 16, 2020.

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    I was quite taken aback by the "Grain" brigade. The film is over 50 years old. Most of it laying untouched in metal film cannisters probably not under ideal condition. So, the amazing Peter Jackson is brought in and transforms these film parts that, to my eyes, is beyond incredible, and people squawk! Clear, fresh-faced, exciting. Gone is the ULTRA grain seen in every theatrical print, TV airing, Laser disc and of course bootleg prints any of us have ever seen. The murky, dark quality is now gone. I want to see the lads looking as they did back in 1969... not captured in a 35mm blowup from 16mm way either. Did Jackson go further than SOME here desire? Perhaps. But I'd rather see this image than worry that Billy's jacket looks like suede and not a wooly fabric from decades past. Who's to say the grain itself doesn't alter the actual image? Oh well... the vast majority of fans, old and new will marvel at the quality of this production.... they won't be counting the hairs on John's fur coat or wondering if the Apple carpeting is shag, mohair or a friggin' mat. Ron
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    Indeed, it would be similar to visual noise reduction, minimizing tape hiss.

    Visual “pitch correction“ would be the equivalent of balancing erratic handheld camera movements.
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    The Don't Let Me Down Remix is REALLY beautiful. Best version of the song by far.
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    Not sure about Clapton but as for Wood, the LIB/GB sessions happened after Big Valerie thumped him
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    Can’t wait! About 10 hours to go….
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    I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some tasteful restraint when applying the DNR, it's shot on 16mm film from the 60s but that doesn't mean you have to scrub it as hard as seen on the youtube trailer. I've screwed around with Neat Video enough to know what's possible. I have however watched the 6-minute preview on Disney+ though and it does look a bit more restrained so there is some hope for it yet.
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    The reaction to the reaction is becoming a bit much. “Bashing”? Seriously?
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    Correct, to where the hiss was actually overwhelming any potential enjoyment of the song. I've watched Let It Be on all manner of media - TV, VHS, laser-disc version copied to a DVD, some other "remastered" version I downloaded of a BBC broadcast via a USB stick. I don't need to watch another "vintage" version in 2021, thank you very much. Bring on the new version and print!
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  10. Sean Roper

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    A book, deluxe set and 6 hour film. I am jumping for joy and choosing not pick apart still caps of a moving images, obsessing about a few missteps in the audio set or book transcription imperfections. Never in my long life did I ever believe I’d see this (much less the last 3 deluxe editions). This is a new golden age of Beatles releases IMO. Dreams came true.
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    The cropping isn't that bad here. I'm OK with the cropping to accommodate 16:9 unless they are losing important information. The Wings Over America Blu Ray from a few years back was terrible - closer shots of Paul at the expense of his bass guitar playing. To this day, the reason I still have the laser disc.

    I do hope that the sound is not fiddled with too much, and with the exception of perhaps Lennon's botched solo on the rooftop "Get Back", I hope they resist the urge to "fix" the musical performances.

    But, the reason I am happy to see this release is to finally show that, despite the tensions, the group was still cooperating. The original Let it Be has those very brief images of Lennon at Twickenham that have caused people over the years to conclude that John wasn't interested in the Beatles at that point, or John wasn't supportive of Paul, or John was exhausted/out of it, or John was whacked out on heroin, etc. etc. But, those of us who listened to or watched bootlegged footage knew this wasn't the case. I hope that they include the segment where they are listening to the playback of "Get Back" and John excitedly suggests releasing it as a single with "Get Back Part II" as a B-side. George Martin asks "You mean an instrumental on the B-side?", and John says "yeah, just us and Billy jamming". George Harrison agrees, saying it would be a great single, and turns to Paul and asks "What was our last single?" to which Paul replies "Hey Jude!". I have that in grainy black and white footage on a bootleg; I would LOVE to see it in color, with as little grain as may "reasonably prudent under the circumstances."
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    If it has the slightest hairline dangling on any given frame, they did a lousy job remastering it. If it’s clean and near flawless, it’s too clean. Yeesh!!:doh:
  13. CoryS

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    It's being held for the Past Masters SDE.
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    Yeah the doc footage is 50 years old, 50, even cleaned up surely grain is allowed or whatever, I’m sure Peter Jackson understands more and how to make it look it’s best quality possible than members on here.

    And re the Glyn John’s get back, I read Glyn oversaw the Get Back album himself when he remastered it, that’s good enough for me for that to re the different versions . Hope delivery arrives tomorrow for the weekend!
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    I've been assuming that they would not do that on this particular project, but that may not be a safe assumption.

    Here's another vote for moving the film discussion here to the correct thread.
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    Ordered for tomorrow by 10 pm from Amazon!

    *Don't Let Me Down opening riff*
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    As someone who collects film on UHD, blu-rays and, seldomly these days, DVD, this appears a classic modern example of boosting the green/blue hue that's been all over some reissues for the last decade.
  18. MiKE_42

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    I was delighted to see the new trailer! A little worried the dialogue wasn`t always
    going with the pictures (?) - but hopefully, even if true, won`t be the case with the finished Doc!
    We`ll have to wait and see if the DNR in the finished film is to the same level as what it appears to be on the YouTube footage - I must say my first thought upon seeing it was "wow this looks like my Magical Mystery Tour Blu-ray!" Not that the DNR bothered me on that version of MMT, but I know some ppl were bugged by it, at the time.
    Anyhoo - Roll on Nov 25! :) I`m sure it`ll have been worth the wait!
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  19. Ken Wood

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    They are rewriting history already - John was never that well shaven! I gonna boycot the whole thing.
    Honestly, as underwhelmed I am by the new box (and this is not entirely Apple`s fault), as exited I am for the 6-hour-film!
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    I think some of you are missing my point by taking my "auto-tune" comment too literally or too technically. It was meant as a simple analogy.

    Some folks can hear and are sensitive to the artifacts resulting by the use of auto-tune. Similarly, some folks can see and are sensitive to the artifacts resulting from "digital scrubbing" or whatever was used. The trailer doesn't bother me by the way it looks but I do see how it doesn't look entirely natural. No big deal. We have a box set coming tomorrow and a 3-part movie coming in about a month so let's enjoy them.
  21. joeislive

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    Cool! I hope she pops up in the film… Something in the way she moves y’know
  22. dsdu

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    If you think the complaining is bad here now, wait 50 years.The 100th anniversary of Get Back will be in smell-o-vision.
  23. CraigBic

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    Auto-Tune probably wasn't the best analogy as DNR is probably more similar to removing tape hiss from a track in that it's removing artifacts that originate from the recording media. Much like DNR for video, the technology has come a long way but I'm sure there are still those who would prefer the noise just be left in there. Though even in this case I think there is a substantial difference between Audio and Video and what is acceptable to people.
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    Smell-O-Vision may be the only way to locate George’s digestive biscuits. ;)
  25. Ron Frievalt

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    I will be watching (and smelling) that from a different perspective.
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