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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dogilv, May 15, 2018.

  1. dogilv

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    A couple of new (to me) Ry Cooder discoveries makes me wonder how much else is out there that he had his beautiful hands on.

    “Willin” on the first Little Feat album. All these years thinking this was Lowell George… kind of weird.

    “Jamming With Edward” Ry w Nicki Hopkins and the Stones Rhythm section w Mick singing. If you’re a Ry fan you’ll like it. Otherwise, its kind of raw.

    John Hiatt’s “Bring The Family”. Great album and wonderful guitar work by Ry. A gem.
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  2. JozefK

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  3. IbMePdErRoIoAmL

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    Here's an easy one... Captain Beefheart's Safe As Milk.
  4. davebush

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    St. Catharines, ON
    Jon Hassell's "Fascinoma"
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  5. Jerry

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    New England
  6. alchemy

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    Sterling, VA
    Nancy Sinatra - Hook & Ladder has some nice Ry Cooder mandolin playing on it,
  7. bobc

    bobc Bluesman

    Here are a few albums with Ry featuring:

    Bobby King & Terry Evans Live and Let Live
    Terry Evans Puttin' It Down
    Terry Evans Blues For Thought
    Buena Vista Social Club

    Ibrahim Ferrer Buenos Hermanos
    Streets Of Fire
    soundtrack (just on Hold That Snake)
    Rising Sons (with Taj Mahal)
    Little Village
    Mambo Sinuendo
    (with Manuel Galban)

    Although I'm a huge fan of Ry and just buy anything with his name somewhere on it, I really like him best when he lets some good singers do the vocals and he just concentrates on guitar.

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  8. Phil Tate

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    South Shields
    Ry is on Juliette Commagere's solo album Queens Die Proudly. She's the singer who has supported Ry live and appears on several of his recent albums, notably "El UFO Cayó" on Chavez Ravine. She performed that song during her set when she supported Ry and Nick Lowe at Sage Gateshead a few years ago.

    He might be on her other albums, but that's the only one I've got. It's very good, too. Her voice is gorgeous.
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  9. gkella

    gkella Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Ry's work on...
    Arlo Guthrie's Hobo's Lullaby
    Peter Case's Blue Guitar........he is only on one song but a great album.
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  10. Bring on the Family is basically a Little Villiage Album.
  11. Opening track Any Old Time on Maria Muldaur
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  12. DPC

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    Mando on RS "Love In Vain"
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  13. phillyal1

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    philadelphia, pa.
    Just checked the Al Wilson albums I have -- not on any. Was this 45 only ?
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  14. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    Phil Ochs "Greatest Hits"
  15. mrcond

    mrcond Forum Resident

    Vernon, CT
    He is the guitarist playing Ralph Macchio’s parts in the movie “Crossroads”.
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  16. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    He's on the track Shenandoah from Bill Frisell's Good Dog Happy Man, just the one track but so good.
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  17. verhfrank

    verhfrank Well-Known Member

    He also plays on Mavis Staples 'We'll Never Turn Back'.
    Great record!
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  18. john hp

    john hp Forum Resident

    Warwickshire, UK
    'Let's Burn Down the Cornfield' by Randy Newman
  19. stefane

    stefane Forum Resident

    Marc Benno - Hard Road

    Ry Cooder is playing bottleneck on this track from Marc Benno's self-titled 1970 debut album.
    He is featured on another track on this album: "Teach It to the Children".

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  20. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
    Arlo toured around then with ry in the band. Would have loved to see that.
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  21. BiffJackson

    BiffJackson Forum Resident

    Northampton, MA
    With John Lee Hooker, on Best of Friends.

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  22. BiffJackson

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    Northampton, MA
    With Ronu Majumdar, from the album Hollow Bamboo. A beautiful, beautiful recording.

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  23. BiffJackson

    BiffJackson Forum Resident

    Northampton, MA
    Ry Cooder and the Chieftains.

  24. BiffJackson

    BiffJackson Forum Resident

    Northampton, MA
    I could play this game all day long.
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  25. Lilainjil

    Lilainjil Forum Resident

    On Gordon Lightfoot's Sit Down Young Stranger

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