Limited Edition Beatles iPod

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  1. Ricardo Cosinaro

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    Any idea what these box sets might be going for? My wife bought me one in 2008 and I never even opened the iPod box, much less the CDs (which I already have in many formats and versions anyway). I'm trying to downsize and this is a LARGE box of goodies!

    Limited Edition Beatles iPod Is Not What We Expected
  2. Veech

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    First, let me say congratulations on having a very generous wife. Apparently only 2500 were made so you have a collectors item.

    There is one on ebay for GBP 1799 ($2340). There are 10 people "watching" which I guess means there is a bit of interest. I don't know how long it has been listed for sale. BEATLES IPOD LTD EDITION COLLECTORS BOX SET APPLE / BLOOMINGDALES NR MINT | eBay

    If you want to sell it I think you could start at $1600 - $1800. However it is an elite collectors items so it may take some time to sell. This is one that needs the right buyer to come along and that may take time.
  3. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Lalo didn't send you?

    If factory sealed, I would list it at $2500.00 (auction) and see what interest there is.
  4. MrEWhite

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    I don't think either of you are correct in this case, honestly. One full set has never sold on eBay and it'd probably have to be significantly lower to ever sell. One of the iPods by itself sold for around $100. So, since the rest of the set really isn't anything special minus the pick in the box, I'd list it around $500 to $750, and see where it goes from there. I might be wrong here, but I don't think there's enough interest in the item for it to sell around the price you two mention.
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  5. Ricardo Cosinaro

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    Thanks for all the viewpoints. I couldn't locate any for sale here in the U.S. but didn't think to check the U.K. eBay site. When I get the chance I'll put it up for sale on eBay and/or here in the Buy & Sell and see what happens. No great rush to sell, just trying to clear out the clutter!
  6. Bingo Bongo

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    Hopefully you'll find that sucker collector that has to have it all. :righton:
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  7. Ricardo Cosinaro

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    ...but - but- that's ME! :^)
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  8. Dave

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    :biglaugh: :righton:
  9. Bingo Bongo

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    Ha ha, I know what your sayin' that used to be too :shrug:

    Downsizing is great, feels good!
  10. kwadguy

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    I would definitely start high and drop over time. I doubt there are all that many of these still around sealed.

    Don't be swayed by the price of the iPod by itself...with The Beatles, it's all about the collectability of the package.

    The $1700 one listed on eBay is also open...and the iPod in that set has been opened and "tested" (uh huh).

    Someone said $2500, and that would be my recommendation as well. Start at $2500, provide a "Best Offer" button (but automatically reject offers less than $1000 to keep the time-wasters at bay) and see how it goes.

    If you get no bites, you can always relist at a lower price.

    Be sure to emphasize that the iPod is factory sealed, and that your wife got it for you from Bloomingdale's back in the day and that you can vouch for both for it being genuine and not a rewrap.

    There are both Beatles collectors and Apple/iPod collectors who would be interested in this...
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  11. Christian Hill

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  12. Jamesharvard52

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    Perfect one buddy

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