Lindemann Limetree Bridge II (Question)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by April Snow, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. April Snow

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    I have purchased the Lindemann Limetree Bridge II and loving it.

    I just have a couple of questions please:

    (1) Is it best to turn this off when not in use or should it be left on 24/7?
    I am in the habit that when I go to work I turn most things off as I am in Sunny Queensland Australia (summer storms). I have contacted Lindemann but had no reply and their manual has no recommendation.

    (2) Also for anyone that has this themselves - this is a question regarding the Lindemann App itself.

    When viewing files from a USB they are showing up as folders instead of album artwork on the left had side of the display but the full artwork does display on the right hand side once selected and playing. All artwork is correctly embedded. (I have checked this on a friend's Aurelic G.2 and they display fine there too)

    I would like the album covers to display when browsing my collection on the Hard Drive instead of seeing the "folders" but cannot find a setting to change to view that way?

    I am using an Apple iPad and Apple iPhone for the app.

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