Lindsey Buckingham - Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham (3 CD set) and 2018 tour dates

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    Lindsey's been steadily throwing shade at Fleetwood Mac on his new Twitter feed:

    Go Insane” is the title track from my second album. This song deals with the challenges of success, and with the difficulties in working and creating alongside an ex lover with whom there’s been no opportunity for closure.

    “Soul Drifter”, another song from Out Of The Cradle, is different look at transition and evolution. In having moved away from Fleetwood Mac, I’d felt that it was a choice that was out of my hands, a survival move that was necessary in order to move forward.

    Don’t Look Down”, the opening track from Out Of The Cradle, is a song that always resonates with me. In 1987 I’d taken leave of Fleetwood Mac because the members’ behavior had become antithetical to clarity and creativity.

    “Trouble” is the first single from my first solo album, Law And Order. I may not have begun doing solo projects at all, but the members of Fleetwood Mac had adopted a reactionary stance in the wake of Tusk, the wildly experimental follow up to Rumours that was largely my doing. With the band’s politic being prohibitive, solo albums became the only option for exploring the left side of my palette.

    [on "That's How We Do It in L.A."] In the couple of years following the Tusk album, I think I felt a certain disillusionment, not only with the politics of FM, but with the music business in Los Angeles, and this was a reflection of those feelings. Still, as the song says of LA, “it’s the only place”!

    I’m also very proud of the Tango album; the band was then at their personal worst, but as producer I felt we still prevailed in staking out new creative turf, and managed to shed the reactionary mindset that had existed around Mirage.

    I tried to get Fleetwood Mac to hold off doing dates until I’d completed my tour, but they couldn’t resist riding on my coattails.
    [He's joking.]

    None of this is anything he hasn't said many times before, of course.
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    except, we've been hearing this exact same story from the camp of some of the other 4 since Feb. just not officially. so it's really the truth.

    and if the truth is on band's side, why does their story keep changing?
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    you mean like Buckingham McVie recordings that Nicks was not present for? all love and creativity?
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    I'm not saying the truth is on the band's side.

    Honestly, if I had to bet my very life on it I'd say the truth is somewhere in the middle. It generally is.
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    I guarantee you, Ms. Nicks has probably given as good as she's gotten over these 40 years of toxicity.

    I was told by someone on a Fleetwood Mac message board that I had ... HAD, mind you ... to be a Lindsey or Stevie person to be a Fleetwood Mac fan.

    No I don't. That's how I can look at this objectively and dispassionately.

    Stevie wanted Lindsey out of the band. Mick knows who puts the most lowest common denominator / non music geek asses in the seats.

    It's that simple and they ought to have the guts to own it.

    I'm liking what the new incarnation is doing right now. I like Neil Finn, IMO he's every bit the talent Lindsey is.

    In my heart of hearts would I like Lindsey to be there. Yes. But it's over, everyone needs to move on. His solo work will have to rise or fall on its merits without the FM spotlight, and IMO if there's no new music from the band after this tour, I think they're done with, they won't get this level of attention again.
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    Another question I have is if Buckingham is still being paid for the current FM tour. John/Mick probably own the name and split money with core members, but this tour and it's members were under contract long before the Oct 2018 start date and LB departure. Might also explain why he hasn't directly criticized the tour itself.
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    Don't know. I know Mike Campbell has points in the thing now, I figure Neil Finn does too.
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    I thought that I read somewhere that "Time Bomb Town" from the Back to the Future OST was to be included? Shame that it's not - it's a great song!
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    It is included. Just not available to stream.
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    I remember Lindsey has stated he was in analysis for many years pre marriage and he had to learn to step away from toxic behavior. It sure sounds like he's the 'sober' one and one or more are the 'drunks' that are behaving in unhealthy ways.
    He's always said that his solo career is his balance against Mac ('the big machine versus the small machine'). It will take some adjusting o just "one career" now, I think.

    I'm sure he can be totally self involved. Having a studio in the house must make him incredibly prone to um, 'mental self stimulation' for lack of a better word. We are lucky to have him playing live.
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    It's on the second disc of the 3 CD set.
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    Bummer. Was hoping for a vinyl release. thanks
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    It's on the deluxe vinyl. $100 at Amazon right now.
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    How about sharing our L.B. favorites? Here's my Top Ten:

    01) Trouble
    02) Go Insane (Studio Version)
    03) I Want You
    04) Did You Miss Me
    05) In My World
    06) Love Runs Deeper
    07) Time Bomb Town
    08) Soul Drifter
    09) Don't Look Down
    10) That's The Way That Love Goes

    Bubbling Under:
    -- Johnny Stew
    -- Great Day
    -- Slow Dancing
    -- I Am Waiting
    -- It Was I
    -- Countdown
    -- In Our Own Time
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    Oddly enough, I'm listening to that song as I type this. :)
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    in the end, i'm a lindsey guy, through and through, but...

    to reference 43 years of the band having found a way to rise above the pettiness/drama/whatever seems to leave out that he DID quit the band for, like, 10 years of his own accord, etc.

    i'm still on his side of the ring (too "art vs. commerce" for me to be anywhere else), but let's keep our perspective as best we can lol!

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    Cool insights. Does he tweet which songs were inspired by the time he kicked her on stage in front of the band or slapped her and pushed over the hood of a car?
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    Lindsey has carried FM since 1975. It’s a shame he hasn’t gotten more recognition for his solo work, which has been uniformly stronger than any FM album made after Tusk.
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    Watch the 2003 documentary where he's trying to force a double album and plays grammar police with Stevie's lyrics.
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    I'm gonna [partially] take issue with this.

    He had issue with them after Tusk after he was basically blamed for them not following up Rumours with Rumours II and instead following his muse and I guess making his part of the album (nearly half I guess) pretty uncommercial. Though in my opinion, though a bit of it was maybe not well suited for mass radio consumption ("The Ledge", "That's Enough For Me") a lot of it was along the lines of the soft pop/rock people wanted (or expected) from Fleetwood Mac ("Save Me A Place", "That's All For Everyone", "Walk A Thin Line"), but perhaps just with some odd production choices. Now I'm sure there were issues before and during the recording of Mirage, as Lindsey himself seems to feel not much of an affinity for it as it's kind of a "by numbers" album (though it has some great tunes: "Gypsy", "Hold Me", "Eyes of the World").

    But as an earlier poster pointed out, he is very proud of Tango In The Night (and rightly so!) and transitioned away from a planned solo album to make it, so if this is a guy who didn't wanna be in Fleetwood Mac, why did he work so hard on making that album? He also did something similar for Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will album where he again put a prospective solo album on hold to make an album with the band. And since around maybe 2011 or 2012 at least, Lindsey had been pushing for the Mac to get back in the studio and do new material. He somewhat succeeded by at least getting a bit of new Mac material out, the 2013 Extended Play EP. Now it was obvious even at this time that Stevie really didn't wanna have much of anything to do with him, new material wise, as the only composition of hers recorded and released on the EP was apparently "Without You" (and that may have been considered for a Buckingham Nicks reissue which of course never materialized). Even since then Lindsey had been pushing to do new stuff with the band. Obviously, the Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album is a Fleetwood Mac album in all but name, because it features the four of the five then-current members who wanted to work together at that time. Stevie on the other hand was the one who had no time for it. Lindsey wanted it to happen.

    So in conclusion, I think it's fair to say that Lindsey wanted, as he probably nearly always has since he joined, to keep Fleetwood Mac a current, vibrant group rather than nostalgists.
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    Why did he quit after it was released?

    I'm not saying he's hated every minute of being in Fleetwood Mac (every other minute maybe), but it's always been pretty clear from his comments that he regards it as a compromise between what he would really like to be doing and what others expect of him.
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