Lindsey Buckingham - Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham (3 CD set) and 2018 tour dates

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    According to him, the band members were in a bad place and he felt going on tour would only make it worse. So he decided to step away.
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    I know why he quit ... I'm saying, I don't think you can use Tango as proof he was 100% committed to the band considering he left after it was finished. He did throw himself into it (as nobody else was going to do it and he can't do things any other way), but he was still participating somewhat reluctantly. From Tusk onward I think he was always of two minds about being in Fleetwood Mac, though in recent years he did seem to have accepted the situation more.
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    Stevie and the rest of the band lost a lot of their fortunes to drugs. Stevie cops to this on an Oprah interview and other places. to continue their lives as wealthy rockstars they have to tour, cause Stevie is right, ain't no money in making records. I get the feeling that Lindsey got out of the drug thing in time to be sure that he had money left and that he could pursue music in the way he wanted. So we have one guy who does not need the money, and 4 who I'm guessing does. Fair reason for FM to fire him? I don't know, but it makes me really sad. That lineup is one of my fav bands of all time. Saw Lindsey Tuesday in SF and reported that it was a bit of a subdued performance. As I reflect back I think I know why now, the lawsuit was already in the works. I'm a bigger fan of Lindsey than Stevie, though Bella Donna is still my favorite solo Mac record. I'm more in Lindsey's camp on this one.
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    I think Christine is probably sitting on a giant pile of money. She came back to the band because she was bored, or so she says.
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  6. Lindsey sues the band. Now what?
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    You mean the part where Stevie puts her lyrics for "Thrown Down" on the same level of Bob Dylan? How dare Lindsey calmly and rationally question the the shifting tense in the lyric.

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    I sympathize with both here. Seems like a perfectly reasonable conversation between close collaborators, and of course Stevie has final say on her own lyrics. But I'm in Lindsey's camp with my own songwriting ~ once aware, I'd have to rework the lyrics one way or the other, even if in a better way (to Stevie's point) to support the beautiful line I didn't wanna touch. That is, assuming the verses actually did relate in the way Lindsey's observing. (Maybe the first half was a story she's now applying to "you" in the 2nd half.) Aesthetics & emotion can transcend grammar in song, as in poetry, but I want both if I can, unless I were being deliberately abstract.
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    This is my favorite part of that documentary. It really shows how Lindsey had to handle her with care.
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    I don't mean to be impolite here, but imo Fleetwood Mac at this point in time is severely diminished without Lindsey Buckingham. It's always been complicated as has been well documented across the decades, and I have great respect for all of them. But Lindsey is the guy who has constantly tried to evolve and seems to have been the driving creative force in the band over his years with them. I'm sorry to say that imo Stevie is stuck in a time warp and I'll just leave it at that. Fleetwood and the two McVie's are terrific and total pros.

    I was lucky enough to catch one of the Buckingham McVie gigs last year and it was terrific and the audience loved it. Looking forward to seeing Lindsey on his current tour next week. But I won't be going to see this current version of the Mac. I saw them without LB once, back on the Tango In The Night tour. It was fine, nothing wrong with it, but there was no magic. I left the arena depressed. So, been there, done that.

    And besides, it ain't over til it's over. In other words, the guess here is that in the not too distant future another truce will be brokered and LB will appear again with the Mac. But if not, that'll be fine with me too as I'm always pleased to hear any new music and attend any live gig I can from Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac needs him a lot more than he needs them.
  11. Chris C

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    My wife and I are seeing Lindsey in November (can't wait!), but my problem with F.M. without him, but with Neil Finn, is that I also love Crowded House and Neil Finn (solo) and I really don't want Neil in Lindsey's shoes, just because. I believe that F.M. and Lindsey both need to move on from each other, as it's clearly time, but Neil as the new lead male singer, just isn't where I want them to go.
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    Dylan would have consistently sung about“him” or “you.”
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    This is exactly how I think. Ultimately you go with what sounds better (and she's right, that's a much more mellifluous turn of phrase than if you alter the pronoun). But you can take the lyric back to the drawing board to try to make everything cohesive. She just didn't want to be faced with that. Looked like her pride got her. It would have been easier to say, " might be right about that. Let me take a second look." But that's not how many people function, and Lindsey sure looks like he knows that about her.
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    Back to the 3CD compilation a second..

    I'm disappointed by these ommissions:

    Great Day
    That's How We Do It In LA
    To Try For The Sun
    Flying Down Juniper
    Under The Skin (Studio)
  15. Squealy

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    I was surprised by that clip actually, I didn’t think Lindsey made those kinds of editorial suggestions about her lyrics. Certainly her earlier songs show no signs of being rigorously examined ... “Gypsy” does the same kind of flipping around between first and third person.
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    Well, Tangled Up in Blue is all over the place with "I" and "He"...
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  17. Lou Ming

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  18. Merrick

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    “Tangled Up In Blue” is about multiple different characters, some of which Dylan sings as, and some he sings about.
  19. 7MusicFan6

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    The clip does not surprise me at all, nor do I think they are even that cross. Didn't Lindsey say years ago that it was easier to arrange Christine's songs than Stevie's, because Stevie had strict rules about not changing this that or the other thing?
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    Sadly, I'm starting to believe that his firing has way more to do with money for these guys than bad blood. Irving Azoff may have made the phone call to make him believe that Stevie wanted him out, but I'm not so sure... Mick is practically broke again from another divorce, and the rest of them do live a very lavish lifestyle. I'm not implying that Lindsey lives in a one room shack, but he is smart with his money. He does some house flipping, his wife works, etc. The way i understand it, is that he is the wealthiest of all of them; so it makes this situation all the more amazing. If this is really true, and Lindsey was fired so that Mick, Stevie and the rest could get a bigger cut makes my skin crawl. The fact is he made them wealthy to begin with.
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    Agreed on "Juniper" -- love that song! I was disappointed by these omissions:

    -- It Was I
    -- Great Day
    -- The Right Place To Fade
    -- That's The Way That Love Goes
    -- In My World
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  22. THAT'S the crime in all of this. FM would have never had its incredible success without Lindsey, and I'm positive he deserves a good-size larger plurality of the credit for that success, more than any other individual member of the group. (Note: I did say "bigger plurality", not 'majority'.)

    People can suggest that Stevie is what puts more buts in the seats (and perhaps that's true). But absent Lindsey for those dozen years (1975-87) , they would have NEVER even had the fan-base (and raft-load of hits) to attract even half the crowds this compromised version of FM can now 'command'.

    I've said it before, but seeing FM in concert has never been of any sort of big interest to me (I'll be 50 next year, so I've had a good 30 years where I could have seen them at least once -- but never have). But I'm chompin' at the bit to hear Lindsey solo in a few weeks here in DC.
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    Just want to say no matter what the tension between them is, what a totally interesting and enlightening view into the creative process that clip is. Even though it's only a couple minutes long it's just a joy to watch.
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    Is "Sleeping Around The Corner" on CD2 the 2011 version that was an iTunes bonus track on "Seeds We Sow", or is it the 2017 version from the Buckingham/McVie album? The time seems to suggest the latter, but listening to a clip online, I don't hear Christine at all. Then again, her vocals were mixed pretty low on some of those tracks.
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  25. Christobal

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    I don't think I've ever heard the bonus version from iTunes, but to ME, it sounds exactly like the B/M version, which seemed odd when I was first hearing it. I never really heard McVie on the B/M version either.
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