Lindsey Buckingham Sues Fleetwood Mac Over Dismissal from Band

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by IHeartRecordsAz, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Fleetwood Mac remains the pettiest and most childish band in history, easily surpassing even Journey.

  2. Just a question: Did anyone else read the 22 page complaint [+ attachments]? Just curious.

    This is going to be a mess. Another "He said, they said" case.

    Did Lindsey hear "Collusion"?
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    or Fleetwood Mac without Peter Green.
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    "Wrongful dismissal" 'suits are the funnest.
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    It's not that funny is it?
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    Maybe they just don't want to be in the studio with Lindsey anymore. He can be pretty overbearing can't he?

    But they're in their seventies now, right? What's wrong with maybe not wanting to be a "creative force" anymore. Recording new music, particularly with Fleetwood Mac, can be pretty stressful. After forty-three years, maybe it's just not worth the trouble anymore, especially if one of the band is a megalomanic. They don't owe it to the rest of the world to continue creating new music, do they? Why do so many here think that after a half a century of work, a musician can't rest on his/her laurels, reap the benefits of their labors, and simply tour and play to people happy to see them without being accused of some kind of cash grab? Why can't they be allowed that?
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    Band members are in their 70's, and they're starting this s*** again. Some times you just think there's no hope, you know?
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    Or maybe they are just tired of having to deal with Lindsey. Why does everything have to be some kind of cash grab just because you disagree with their decision? It's so ridiculously cynical.
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    From the BBC yesterday:

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    I'm surprised Live Nation were on the verge of announcing a major multi-hundred million dollar tour without contracts in place. I've heard of some other major acts having stuff plotted out 2-3 years in advance.
  12. Plus, if I were him I'd find it interesting on its own to do an arena tour with a classic rock band. Opportunities like that don't come along every day.
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    Probably travelling with his wife with lots of days off and nice hotels.
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    It is a little known story about how Mick Fleetwood had used a ruse to nail former Fleetwood Mac manager Clifford Davis who claimed to own the rights to the Fleetwood Mac name.

    This all happened in the early seventies before Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks would join the band. Fleetwood Mac was in an impasse, the band was having legal trouble with Davis and basically had no leg to stand on. So Mick Fleetwood came up with a plan, he approached several hot shot London Studio Musicians to form a new incarnation of the band.
    This is Elmer Gantry, one of the musicians nabbed by Fleetwood to be in the band. The fact that Gantry looks a lot like Bob Welch was also a factor here.

    And so the rehearsals begin and a tour is planned Fleetwood had been there but had drummer Craig Collinge stand in when he took a leave of absence because of troubles in his marriage

    But as soon as the tour is about to start and the first concert is booked Fleetwood is a no-show. Calls to Fleetwood go unanswered and Davis and the Promoter are in panic. that show had been booked and paid for, what to do?

    The band took the stage, introduced themselves as Fleetwood Mac and played the show, only to find themselves sued by Fleetwood after the show was done. Fleetwood's ruse had worked, he got Clifford Davis to give up the rights to the name "Fleetwood Mac" the thing was settled out of court and the rest is history: Fleetwood Mac would have a resurgence with the Buckingham-Nicks line up and would become one of the biggest bands on the planet.

    But for Gantry, guitarist Kirby Gregory and the others things weren't that rosy, when arriving back in England they found to their horror that Fleetwood's stunt has tarnished their reputation forever, nobody wanted to hire "frauds"

    Eventually it resulted in a very angry song in which the "Fake Fleetwood Mac" demanded a clarification from Fleetwood.

    But it took them 35 years in 2011 when they finally got to read the court papers in which Fleetwood admitted that he was the mastermind behind that ruse. But by then the damage had long since been done. Even now Mick Fleetwood still denies having any involvement with "New Fleetwood Mac" even though under oath he admitted to it.

    BBC Radio 2 - Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s, Elmer Gantry and Kirby Gregory

    The story about the second Fleetwood Mac.
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    I read that Buckingham wanted to delay the tour for 15-months, not three months. It would be funny if all this fuss was based on a typo... I mean, the "9" is right next to the "8" and all that. There's a big difference between 2019 and 2018 at their collective ages.
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    I think he did. Check Mark Lewisohn's book (Tune in), I recall something went on behind the scenes for years after they sacked him. I might be wrong but i remember reading something that i'd never known about before this.
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    It's competent but not great by any standard. "Having fun with it" means to me you are expounding on a musical piece in the moment. Mimicking a musical piece with Stevie's bleatings sprinkled over the top comes across to me as creatively lazy.

    I appreciate your focus on their well-being but it's not really an argument. If it were, I don't agree with it. Stevie must feel quite accomplished and powerful. (She really needed this for her sensitive ego) The additional perceived "fun"factor you are referencing seems more projection by the viewer than anything I've seen. "Ellen" wasn't fun for most anyone watching or listening. The band didn't seem extra happy...and the music...was disappointing to many. As a musician I would've been embarrassed.

    I am a lifelong fan and have seen most of the new YOUTUBE clips as well. I gave it a chance. I don't relish saying I am not impressed. That disappointment is more so due to the consistently lackluster performances of McVie, Nicks, Campbell and Finn than it is to the absence of Buckingham.

    I know you're passionate opinion. You've championed them from the beginning and I have contributed and participated in the other thread you've lead as you may recall. If you see/feel some exceptional value to this presentation...enjoy the show!
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    Nothing wrong with that.

    BUT it is quite the arrogant move taking that stance when 4 of the other band members cooperate on a project over several years (Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are both on the Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album) and you, as the 5th member, don't even want to add some bleeping so it can be released as a proper Fleetwood Mac album. I am sure that both Lindsey and Christine happily would have slapped the FM name on the album even at the very last moment before release if Stevie had just contributed a tiny bit.

    It is a good album, better than anything FM has released since Tango In The Night back in 1987. Would have been a great final album for the band IMO - and would of course have gotten lots more attention and sales if it was released under the FM banner.
  19. I thought he'd sued when Anthology came out, and that's what shook out the multimillion-dollar royalty payments.
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    I think Lindsey is walking a thin line here. Out on the ledge.
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    Don't think he's short of cash. Might have been an error if his thinking that he could do both tours and they would wait for him.

    He had been pushing them to record an album and the powers that be weren't interested. Kudos to him for not wanting to just be a legacy touring act.
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    It seems clear that she just didn't want to be in the studio with L.
    Will all those chiffon soccer mom fans stop liking the band now that the couples drama actually turned really nasty?
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    Glad I have the original Buckingham Nicks vinyl, and a great bootleg with additional live tracks...when they were young and sweet.
    I also have Fleetwood Mac vinyl before Lindsey & Stevie were out of diapers...when Fleetwood Mac were young and sweet.

    The early days of Fleetwood Mac with Lindsey & Stevie, and various members...:hugs:...& :hugs:...then :wantsome:...:buttkick:
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    I'll open this up for discussion. Lindsey, and others here, pointed out that when he left the band in the 80's, they floundered and when he came back in the 90's they took off again, and seems to take credit for that. But judging from the quality of the songs and the diminishing chart success, didn't Lindsey just abandon a sinking ship that was going down with or without him? And when they regrouped in the 90's, wasn't it more like "Fleetwood Mac is back!" than "Oh thank God Lindsey flew in to save the day"? So wasn't he a bit of the rat that left when times were bad, but rejoined when, after the Clinton inauguration performance, renewed success looked certain?

    He dumped them just weeks before a tour in the 80's, but can't take it when they dump him in 2018?
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    The initial "reporting" on this fact was very vague...and it was a crucial fact to get right. It stretched common sense that Lindsey would want to delay a Fleetwood Mac tour for almost two years; if that had been the case, his dismissal would have been more easily understood. But it's obvious now the big, massive, unforgivable delay he asked for was three months so he could get his solo stuff in gear.

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