Lindsey Buckingham Sues Fleetwood Mac Over Dismissal from Band

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by IHeartRecordsAz, Oct 11, 2018.

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    I'd be interested if Buckingham in fact has any ownership in the group "Fleetwood Mac". More info would help determine the success or failure of such a lawsuit.

    Odds are he was voted out of the (LLC Partnership?) 4 to 1. Meaning he might out of luck!
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    Lindsey appeals to music geeks. They generally can only pack small halls.

    Stevie when she's with Fleetwood Mac ... she has the same trouble as Lindsey on her own ... appeals to lowest common denominator fans who want to twirl when she sings Gold Dust Woman.

    There are more lowest common denominator fans than music geeks.
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  4. Paul Gase

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    I wonder what's going through the minds of Neil Finn and Mike Campbell these days? I'm a big MC fan and it is a bit painful to see him associated with this sh** show just one year after the death of his musical soul mate. He had so many paths to choose from, especially as a successful songwriter and producer, that I just can't figure out the desire to latch onto this soulless money making sing the hits tour. Anyhow, it makes me sad to see him sign on to this negative energy circus.
  5. Darrin L.

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    Good point. Like it or not, Stevie has legendary status, because she knew how to market herself, and was able to create a persona. The general public knows her for who she is, but Lindsey is primarily known as the guy in Fleetwood Mac, which is why his solo career was an abject failure. Of course, it doesn't help that the guy has no personality.
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    I disagree. The band is also a business. He was one of the full partners of a band. There was an upcoming tour planned. They may have disagreed on the timing of when the tour would kick off and had their personality issues, but a swift dismissal based on, among other things, a smirk on stage and a comment before coming out to play at MusiCares, etc., with no real contact with him about ending this relationship, just Azoff talking in circles, I'm on his side. He has every right, and, more so, I agree with him doing it.

    I don't disagree with the split if that's how they felt and they wanted to do this tour without him, but they will end up paying him. It's just a matter of how much. It's better to come to an agreement now, rather than paying a fortune to attorneys over the next couple of years and airing lots of dirty laundry and still having to pay him millions after all that.
  7. aroney

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    It's the cost of the lifestyle - they want to fatten up the coffers, because after the touring ends the money goes quick.

    Fleetwood Mac is a brand - a company - folks are kiddin' themselves if you think they care about the fans. Uh, no.

    They want max ticket prices and max capacity. Need to make that 14-million guarantee.
  8. Tom Perry

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  9. aroney

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    No. Did you read the article?
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    Too bad.
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    To put at least some of this back and forth in relative perspective...
    I live in the Buffalo NY area. Lindsey is playing a small theater here in Nov. (well under 2000 capacity). FM is playing the downtown NHL Enormodome. In the end, Stevie sells more tickets.
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    The Don Felder case is a loose precedent here. Sorry if anyone noted this? - Same Azoff "you'r fired" phone call, same essential noncommunication with band members, same lawsuit over ownership of partnership.

    Big difference: LB has a much stronger case than DF ever did to his goodwill in contributing to the Band's image, etc.

    LB probably can't ask for $12-14 million because there is no way Live Nation ever would have paid $60 million for a de facto Buckingham McVie "Fleetwood Mac" tour. That's what an FM tour would have been de facto without Stevie. If Stevie would not have toured as Fleetwood Mac with LB, then he can't really expect that he would have gotten $12-14. He might have gotten $1-2? If that - I'm wondering if FM/Azoff offered to settle for $1-2 million and LB just said no? After lawyer fees, I wonder if he'll get much better than a $2 million settlement.

    Probably a lot of devil in the details. Looking forward to the "History of Fleetwood Mac" showtime doc. Hope it's as good as the History of the Eagles. I can see Mick Fleetwood in Joe Walsh mode - "It's about what's best for Fleetwood Mac" etc etc
  13. aroney

    aroney Who really gives a...?

    Hate to be such a cynic, but without any more big Tom Petty tours, Mike's lifestyle was going to take a BIG hit too.

    He could sit at home (produce/write/make an album?) and make a little cash, or go on the road and make serious cash.

    The road is where the $$$ is, that's it.
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    According to him, he has tried many times to contact the band members and none of then would answer his calls or emails. He says he hasn't spoken to any of them since the firing despite his efforts. So talking and being on good terms doesn't seem in the cards.
  15. SoundAdvice

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    If Lindsey were to swap places with Nicks, that version of Fleetwood Mac would sell more than Nick's solo touring.

    FM have been upgrading tickets at the shows so far and none of them have sold out.
  16. Paul Gase

    Paul Gase Everything is cheaper than it looks.

    Yes, I suppose much of what you say is right. Still, he just came off a huge tour and must have made a pretty penny to TP/HB. It strikes me as odd and a little off. Trying not to be cynical I suppose, but 2018 maybe isn't a good year for that.
  17. John Rhett Thomas

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    My guess is that after the giant dud of Time and the band playing Chili cook-offs with none of Christine, Stevie or Lindsey, that when they picked things back up for The Dance a brand new arrangement was made that had none of them as second-class band members.
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  18. Good for him. What took him so long?
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    Oh boy, here we go again...
  20. YMC4

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    i hope this recent mess fires up Lindsey even more (than usual ~), when i go see him tomorrow night in LA :agree:
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  21. I think he has a personality. It's not as well marketed as Stevie's but, well, it's quirky. I think he used the Mac to bankroll his solo work so he could experiment and try things he wanted to do. It is ironic because, for all intents and purposes, Buckingham was the architect of their sound. Yes, they had two other songwriters but Buckingham's brilliance as an arranger and his work as a producer (as well as working with McVie and Nicks on their arrangements), helped the band.
  22. Smackswell

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    Baile Atha Cliath
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    I read a rumour that after this tour Stevie Nicks was going to tour with The Heartbreakers. Stevie Nicks and The Heartbreakers, I suppose, playing Tom Petty's hits.
  24. SonyTek

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    Might not be far off the mark. She has mentioned in the past that she was angry about having to pose topless for the B/N cover. Maybe she blames Linds for that one too? There are variations of that photo I've seen that show more than the cover (note: not a LOT more, just a bit), so she might be angry that those got out.
  25. Former Lee Warmer

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    Probably over a $1/4 mil Per show.


    They don't care about Lindsey, or chemistry, or art...

    This a payday for all involved + a victory lap for Fleetwood & the McVies.
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