Lindsey Buckingham Sues Fleetwood Mac Over Dismissal from Band

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by IHeartRecordsAz, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. kwadguy

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    Take a band with differences. Add Irving Azhole. Mix well. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

    Ask Don Felder.

    But what happened is easy to understand.

    Stevie didn't want to go on tour with Lindsay.

    Lindsay thought he was immune to her tantrums, because he's unquestionably the artistic glue in the post '75 version of Fleetwood Mac. Good ol' Irv took them aside and pointed out that at this point Fleetwood Mac on tour with Stevie was worth big guarantee bucks. A new album from Fleetwood Mac--no matter how good--might be worth a million, tops, and maybe less.

    So if you follow the money, and Irv does nothing but, then you fire Lindsay, bring Stevie back in and go on tour for the guaranteed money. No one cares about the legacy or about a new album. At least, no one making a 10% managerial cut, plus not-insubstantial cuts from his relationships and stockholdings in various ticketing agencies and performance venues.

    So, it might be a dick move. But Irv relishes that, Stevie is up for it. John and Mick just want to get on with things, and Christine didn't like it at all, but she was out of town and doesn't have that much power anyway.
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  2. PacificOceanBlue

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    And look what happened after he left in ‘87? They became a theatre act with diminishing returns. Buckingham returned (with Stevie) for The Dance, and the band was resurrected.
  3. fer2

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    Just simply and plain Great.
    Congratulations on your thoughts. I agree 100 %.
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  4. Ryan Lux

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    Neil likes to follow his own path and not necessarily the most financially lucrative. I’m sure he’s having fun playing in a band that was the biggest in the world when he was growing up while setting himself up for 100% creative freedom the rest of his days.
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  5. PDK

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    I'm glad someone else noticed it. "I Got You" is such a great song....and so inappropriate for Fleetwood Mac.

    (cue the TUSK reply!)
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  6. PacificOceanBlue

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    Who can blame Neil? It is probably a fun creative outlet, plus he will earn millions.
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  7. Hawkfire269

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    Rooting for Lindsey in this one, but the whole sordid saga is depressing on several levels. Unfortunately for Buckingham, part of his well-earned "tortured genius" label is that he continually is, in fact, tortured.

    Full disclosure: Love love Neil Finn and will gamely see the "new" Fleetwood Mac next week. But latter day Stevie Nicks seems vindictive, petty, and domineering. Mick is consistent...follow the $$$.
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  8. Kassonica

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    Hopefully they'll retire soon :(
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  9. I don't plus he will be in front a bigger audience in the states than he has been for years.
  10. I'm also sure that LB is angry that they carried on without him. When they did before, it was when HE chose not to be part of the team. He had also just made a fine album with Christine (who, it sounds like, he might still be on good terms with--I want another album from them this time a REAL collaboration from beginning to end) but, with Stevie, even if they do love each other, they also hate each other. It's like family.
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  11. Fullbug

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    Stevie and the rest are correct: it is a better use of their time and energy to play shows that will make audiences happy (and make money for the band and management), than to make some half baked record that no one will buy and no one will enjoy. Their remaining fans want to see them play the hits, but no one on this planet is hungrily waiting the next Fleetwood Mac record.
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  12. ...and both aren't anonymous side men. Both of them have been in big selling bands in the past and both of them could possibly pull folks in that might skip a tour with nameless sidemen taking the role of LB.
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  13. segue

    segue Forum Resident

    Yep! This whole distasteful adventure seemingly has Irving's handiwork all over it. It is a blueprint he has used before.

    It is a little weird to hear Neil singing higher than Stevie is able to anymore!
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  14. I think it's more than that. LB wants them to have new music they play plus the original classics and I personally think he's right. I believe not being a legacy band will keep them "fresh" when together. Just my opinion but I think for the money, it might be the correct move but I disagree its a better use of their time and energy.
  15. craymcla

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    That depends on two things. One, if you believe him, and two, even if you do, when did he try to reach out. If it was after they had already decided to let him go, then it was a little late.

    Regarding the lawsuit, in the Rolling Stone article, it cited a California law that states he can't be dropped from the partnership without just cause. It seems to me that in the entertainment world, "The singer doesn't like you, and we like her better than you and we can play better as a band if you're not around" is pretty much a just cause.
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  16. Hawkfire269

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    Well, Billy Burnette and Rick Vito were available this year and Fleetwood Mac didn't exactly go back to them, did they? In fact, the remaining members make no mention of those two erstwhile members and essentially act like that never happened (Burnette was in the band for ~8 years, Vito 4+). So that was calculated to put established guys with not only massive talent but also fanbases of their own. Still, the arenas aren't coming close to selling out - take a look at ticketmaster and this tour is doing better than Smashing Pumpkins, I guess, but that's an extremely low bar. Expect some curtained-off upper deck or people reshuffled to much better seating. At this rate, I doubt they'll play more than a handful of ex-US dates, perhaps Australia/NZ where Finn's presence can fill arenas/stadiums.

    And then what? Stevie can go join somebody as a package tour and play midsize arenas/sheds on her own on the strength of her 1975-1983 output. But FM is likely finished - they are all getting up there (Christine can hardly play keys anymore) and the waning demand for this ersatz lineup doesn't suggest a future touring or recording - it isn't 1990 anymore.
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  17. MrGrumpy

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    Please review!
  18. jgkojak

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    I was disappointed that in the mid 90s, when Mick recruited the Time lineup, Peter Green was actually healthy and playing live shows - how cool would it have been to have Peter Green and Bob Welch tour with a mid 90s Mac... I'd pay to see that show.

    That said, Lindsey is an idiot to have stood his ground to solo tour vs the 12 million $ he would bring in otherwise. Really stupid.
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  19. segue

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    It's just not Fleetwood Mac without Dave Mason . . .
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  20. John Grimes

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    That will happen again. Just wait.
  21. PRW94

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    In fairness, they're rocking this song and they seem to be having fun with it. I don't know if you can see it in this video, but there's another Chicago clip where you can see Christine and she's practically boogieing at the keyboards.

    Say what you will, however this went down and however it ends up in court, they seem to be having fun.

    Which begs the question ... would they be having this fun with Lindsey at this point?

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  22. PRW94

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    I don't think so. These are old people now. They're running out of time to make new music, they're running out of time to do anything.
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  23. John Grimes

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    Like I said, just wait.
  24. PRW94

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    I'll keep this post bookmarked and will be back to either gloat or eat crow.

    I repeat, though ... the collective ages of the five members of the Rumours era band is 357. John doesn't look well and Christine can barely play the keyboards. The clock is ticking.

    IMO when John can't answer the bell is when Mick pulls the plug. Stevie and Lindsey are irrelevant there.
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  25. idreamofpikas

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    Is it weird I'm happy about this? Ideally he wins big and tthey all tour together to pay it off
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