Lindsey Buckingham Sues Fleetwood Mac Over Dismissal from Band

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  1. I agree. What have they [the 5 fireflies] really done together since 1987? A couple new songs on The Dance; Say You Will album, Live In Boston DVD, 4 song digital EP (all sans Christine.)
    Last year's Buckingham/McVie album without Stevie (she has various excuses for this.) Nicks isn't what she used to be, but she still draws a crowd and $$$$. Might as well have called the
    tour "An Evening with Stevie Nicks & Friends."
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    In recent years, it seems easier than ever for older artists to hit #1 on the albums chart, if only for the week that the record comes out, and some of them even go Gold or Platinum, still. If Fleetwood Mac could really put some time and effort into a new album, and come up with at least one or two catchy songs, it could sell just from their established brand and all of its advantages. Of course they don't need to take the trouble in order to make truckloads of money from touring for a few months, but kudos to LB for hoping that there still might have been more to being in the band than just touring as a live jukebox.
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    I love Neil Finn, but I'm not gonna shell out $140 to watch him play covers with a nostalgia act -- unless he'd worked out a deal where he and Tim did a 90-minute opening set.

    On the upside, in the videos I've seen, Neil's mic is turned up way louder than Stevie and Christine, which can only help at this point.
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    Law and Order... ;)

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    To use the cliche, you can lead a horse to water but can't make him or her drink.

    If the will's not there, what is going to be accomplished by forcing the issue?

    Honestly, I have zero problem with these boomer acts doing jukebox tours. Zero. It is what it is. They're scratching the itch to make music, they're entertaining the people who want to see them.

    I guarantee you ... and again I'm on record as really, really, really hoping they'll make some new music ... when they play it in concert, it's bathroom break time. I have no illusions there. People come to a Fleetwood Mac show to hear Rhiannon, Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Don't Stop, Gold Dust Woman and Landslide. (And Gypsy if they could ever play it well live.) Again, it is what it is.
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    You notice that too? Stevie's voice has dropped so low she sounds like Lucille Ball.
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    Stevie sounds terrible.
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    I'll give another example ... McCartney has this great new album. You think the people who buy tickets to see him really want to hear that? They want to hear I Saw Her Standing There and Hey Jude.
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  9. Sixpence

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    I have seen a couple of articles online that refer to November 2019 as the time period.

    Here is one: Fleetwood Mac explain why Lindsey Buckingham was fired
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  10. Hokeyboy

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    It'll be an easy settlement. Someone get Buckingham a cookie cake.
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    On the other hand, he has a #1 album, which has an Appreciation Thread (v2.0!) on this board that currently runs 73 pages, and another thread running 55 pages that's just about the album's chart position. There seems to be some interest in the new stuff. Meanwhile, I suppose he feels some fulfillment from pushing himself creatively, hopefully enjoys the process of writing and recording something new, and if he's come up with even one fresh song that some of his fans might enjoy in the middle of all his hits in concert, more power to him. That's great for him and the fans, really.

    Stevie evidently doesn't see the point of trying anything new, anymore, and if she's really lost her voice, I guess that's understandable. But I think Lindsey's attitude as an artist is more laudable.
  12. PRW94

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    I concede that. But again, the folks who are ponying up large to see Macca in concert ... not the ones who buy his post 1970 albums but the ones who buy the tickets to see him live, the boomers who have the disposable income to do that ... what do you think the majority of them REALLY want to hear? I Don't Know or Paperback Writer?
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  13. I think the bands (and McCartney) make it for themselves to give themselves something new to play and look forward to. Stevie doesn’t want to be creative in the studio, that’s fine. There have been times before where she hasn’t contributed much for various personal reasons but if she has a dynamite song, if it were me, I would want it out there.
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    What about Go Your Own Way? Or The Chain? Or Oh Diane? Or Tusk? Or Big Love?

    Lindsey Buckingham wrote (or co-wrote) a lot of their hits
  15. O Don Piano

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    Is there video or audio evidence of this? Just curious.
  16. Sounds more like Stevie's running the show. Or so she thinks. Mick knows she still equals $$$$.
  17. Darrin L.

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    Well...that is wholly inaccurate, since he only wrote two top ten Billboard hits. The majority of the hits we're written by Christine and Stevie.
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  18. SoundAdvice

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    Stevie insisted in 3 year gaps between FM tours for demand to build up. More than enough time for her to spend a week in the studio to lay down 4 songs, then let Buckingham tinker away when she does a solo tour. Walmart would pay crazy money for a classic album.

    This is fans 6th(?) time to hear the hits since they reunited 20 years ago. I'm more interested in the deeper cuts that pop up.

    Highway/Dance Tonight/Temporary Secretary(easily the biggest smile on my face that night) were standout memories of the 3 Macca gigs I've seen. I'd do horrible things to hear a Macca rarities tour.
  19. Holerbot6000

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    Yup and she knows it too. Stevie is sounding very mercenary these days. As Lindsey explained in the article, he can practically giftwrap these things so that all she has to do is come in and sing, and don't tell me a new album of original material featuring the Rumors lineup wouldn't sell. Or maybe, just maybe, you do it for the fans.
  20. SoundAdvice

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    Fans have given them a billion dollars since 1997. Is a full album with all 5 too hard to reciprocate?
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    Somewhere, Bob Welch is laughing.
  22. the pope ondine

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    yeah this is a bummer, so many ways this could've been prevented, im guessing neil/mike don't amount to buckinghams cut so they make more from the tour and have more power.....probably a lot more to the story but he is right in that this is a sad way to go out
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  23. Former Lee Warmer

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    Neil Finn is getting paid a LOT more money to tour FM than he would be getting paid in any of his other projects, great as he is...

    Let's be honest, this tour is all about the money, from head to toe.
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  24. SoundAdvice

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    Mike/Neil/LB settlement will be more than the $12mil they would have otherwise paid him. Band members and promoters decided to proceed anyways.
  25. angelo73

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    heh ! .. that's gotta hurt :
    ".. we'll pay you to not be on stage with us .."

    Somewhere up there in Rock and Roll heaven Bob Welch is having a good laugh for sure
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