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  1. onm3rcur7

    onm3rcur7 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Perth, Scotland

    Can you all list all the record stores that you know, chains or local (but based in the United Kingdom please), where you can order online.
  2. HotblackDesiato

    HotblackDesiato Forum Resident

    Rock Box in Camberley I've used for about ten years and they've been great, especially when I was living in Oz. Cheaper to buy from them than the ridiculous Oz prices.

    I use them or Badlands in Cheltenham, who I've had no problem with either.

    I'm in Worcester.

    No record shops, bar a couple of second hand places, in town.

    Not even HMV anymore.
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  3. Dr Wu

    Dr Wu Member

    I have always had a good experience with Juno, competitive prices, fast delivery & well packaged.
  4. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Beatdown in Newcastle is a great shop that do online orders.
  5. nwpsys

    nwpsys Forum Resident

    I use Burning Shed for all my Prog (and beyond) needs and have done for years. Delivery charges not the cheapest but their packaging is super-tough.
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  6. stillrockin

    stillrockin Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    What Records are very efficient and competitive on pricing for vinyl records and cd box sets
  7. stillrockin

    stillrockin Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    I really do want to support independent retailers either directly or via an ebay shop if necessary. I have had two poor experiences with Chalkys where items were listed as in stock and then after a couple of weeks I was advised item out of stock and not able to be supplied. It is fine advertising a competitive price but you have to be able to deliver. I have now had an out of stock notification from Badlands on an order of a brand new release requiring me to try to find an alternative source. It is no wonder purchasers stick to the corporate giants.
  8. stillrockin

    stillrockin Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    I am writing to endorse the previous post concerning a positive experience with Junos. I just used them for the first time and they were fast and decently packaged.

    There are good online sellers for new items on ebay uk such as lovemusicglasgow, mm3478 and a1tradinguk1. I have used all of these sellers successfully.
  9. normanr

    normanr Forum Resident

    London, UK
    I have used

    Resident Music - Brighton
    Union Music - Lewes
    Rough Trade - London
    Assai - Edinburgh
    Badlands - Cheltenham
    Off the Beaten Tracks - Louth
    Soul Brother - London

    And probably others I’ve forgotten. Widened my horizons during the pandemic, basically just used Google to find shops and then looked online to see if they would send by post. Anyway Resident in Brighton would be my top recommendation for a bricks-and-mortar shop that also sells online.

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