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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Sep 1, 2016.

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    One more before I go, this time on my new Taboo Mk III amp for headphones and speakers, this time via the Peachtree Audio bookshelf speakers I got "spousal approval" to have upstairs. Nice sound!

  2. Six String

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    I've been away with work and look what we have here, a living, breathing jazz thread. Love the idea.

    I'll have to go back and read more posts but big thumbs up Lon! Well played.
  3. Mark B.

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    Concord, NC
    I've probably said this in other jazz related threads, but my introduction to jazz was very similar. Miles, Coltrane, and the other "usual" icons, then moving on to related acts such as RTF and Weather Report. While in college (mid-80s), I also enjoyed listening to a Sunday night "light jazz" program that played on one of the local Top 40 stations. Through that show, I was introduced to Pat Metheny, Bob James, George Winston, etc. I do wish I were more knowledgeable about jazz. I'm totally a rock guy, but there are lots and lots of jazz artists I've discovered who I really like, and I try to keep some jazz in my listening rotation every week. Looking forward to following this thread.
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  4. Six String

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    That looks like two good nights of music. Wish I lived close enough to take advantage. Makes me want to jump on a plane. Your point is taken on your comments on Ehrlich. I think I saw the same tour with Andrew Hill when they played San Francisco. It was a great night of music. Marty Ehlrich is indeed a master at his instruments. I love his bass clarinet playing in particular.
    A friend saw Andrew and Joe Henderson play as a duo twice. Once they played strictly avant garde and cleared the room at Sacramento State Uni and the second time they played only ballads, I think that was in Berkeley or San Francisco.
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  5. Six String

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    I have a reissue that I think is from Rhino. It's definitely a U.S. pressing with a bluish green label with the dome and Capitol at 12 o'clock. If the online stores don't have it, you might be able to get it used on Discogs. I'm happy with the sound and the cover.
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  6. Starwanderer

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    Valencia, Spain
    Thanks for this thread, Lonson. I think it's a great idea :righton:

    I'm not an expert on jazz. Well, I'm not an expert on anything ;), but I really like listening to jazz (and many other types of music). It's difficult for me to try and put into words what I feel when I listen to jazz. As I said, I'm no expert and I really like the contributions of many members that post in the jazz thread.
    I really envy some of you when you are able to "explain" the compositions, the tone of the players... I'm afraid I can't do that. I just let myself go.

    I think I've already mentioned that I started listening to jazz thanks to my uncle. Well, I really started my interest in music thanks to him ;) He made me lots of CD-Rs of jazz albums and I'm really thankful to him to have opened my mind and my heart to this wonderful music.

    Like most of you, I started listening to the so-called classics, and then, I tried more difficult stuff, such as Coltrane's Impulse! years and other musicians. I must confess it's sometimes hard to listen to that kind of music, especially the saxophone. I'm getting used to it, but there are times I think there's no need to blow the instrument as if there were no tomorrow! :angel: Seriously, like a member in the jazz thread said, the more you listen to and are exposed to jazz, the more you get it.

    I admit I just post the title of the album, the players and a photo of the cover, but as I said above, I'm hardly an expert and don't want to speak nonsense ;)

    Anyway, I don't think most people in that thread want to show off their collections or pose as intellectuals. I really like that thread because it reminds me of albums I have and may have not heard lately and also present me with lots of new stuff that might be interesting.

    I hope I didn't bore anyone :angel:
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  7. cyclistsb

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    I've recently been acquiring some Jazz titles that are newer and offer some great recordings. I can easily recommend anything from this label Mack Avenue Records - The Road To Great Music » and in particular Christian McBride and Julian Lage recent reelases on LP and on DSD (Christian can be found on Downloads NOW! » is DSD format) Lots of other artist on that site as well, but not all Jazz. These recordings have great "in the room" presence and a bottom end that make my stereo subwoofers well worth the price I paid for them.
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  8. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    WP Clare Fischer - Jazz Song (Revelation)

    NP Hank Jones - Groovin' High (Muse) WLP mono pressing recorded at Rudy's.

    This is a quintet recording with brother Thad on cornet and Charlie Rouse on tenor and Mickey Roker and Sam Jones on drums and bass respectively. For some reason there is a picture of all three Jones brothers together but Elvin's not on the album! This is my first spin and so far so good. The program is primarily standards including three by Monk.
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  9. Yes, a lot of it is on Milestone. Look out for Black Narcissus, Black Is The Colour, and In Pursuit Of Blackness from Henderson. As for Tyner, his early 70's work like Assante (a Blue Note), Trident, Atlantis and Sama Layuca may well appeal. Henderson gets downright funky on a lot this stuff. Tyner is more restrained but just as interesting. Both of them made great music after they left Blue Note.
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  10. Six String

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    Although I've heard of these different strings, I know very little about them and how they influence the sound. I will say that I love Dave Holland's live sound in particular and Charlie Haden's are two that really stand out for me in terms of sound and style. Richard Davis, George Mraz and Scott LaFaro are also favorites. I'm less a fan of the Ray Brown style though I still enjoy his playing. I like to hear some wood in the tone and not simply a pure bass note every time. Steve Swallow is one of the premier electric bass players and Eberhard Weber has a very distinctive sound though not sure how he does it. The other thing I like is bass players who do a nice balance keeping time but still very melodic. Charlie Haden and Dave Holland are masters of this imo. I could listen to them play all night.
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  11. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Both good records BUT the Myra Melford record (CD if you will) is an all-time recording. Ehrlich has a bass clarinet solo on this one that will Archtop your eyes out.
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  12. Starwanderer

    Starwanderer Senior Member

    Valencia, Spain
    Myra Medford is one of my favourite musicians. If anyone is interested, "Jump" is a very good album to start the journey ;)
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  13. Bobby Buckshot

    Bobby Buckshot Heavy on the grease please

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    Awesome, awesome, awesome thread idea! Thanks for starting it - jazz fans here at the forum needed it! :edthumbs:

    Have been listening to Bud Powell lately, from CDs bought on in the classifieds of this forum and from the OP. Recently was digging on The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol 5 - The Scene Changes. As I'm new to jazz, I'm finding artists like Bud and Duke Pearson to be great 'entry-level' artists for me. This is not to say that they're basic or formulaic or in any way degrade their talents and abilities. My reasoning has to do with the fact that I can understand them and can follow their playing. It's like they're showing me a path and teaching me what this music means. For instance, Bud's Duid Deed was blowing my mind Tuesday night. I can completely understand what he's doing and where he's going and why he's going there. It was awesome. Great feeling as well.

    Then last night there was Duke Pearson's Los Ojos Alegres and The Moana Surf from The Phantom. Same thing with the Bud track even though these compositions were a little more intricate than Bud's. Sure these are old tunes by classic artists, but to me they're fresh and pretty inspiring.

    I sure hope this thread thrives!
  14. Bobby Buckshot

    Bobby Buckshot Heavy on the grease please

    Southeastern US
    Have you ever stumbled upon the jazz reviews section over at Los Altos Hills' radio station KFJC's site? Check this out:

    Jazz | KFJC On-Line Reviews »

    Some very interesting and new stuff there. Are you familiar with Powerhouse Sound? Their Oslo/Chicago:Breaks album really peaked my interest.
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  15. Bobby Buckshot

    Bobby Buckshot Heavy on the grease please

    Southeastern US
    @Jacline if you're still active on these boards you might dig this thread!
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  16. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Alive in the House of Saints is a trio - same core piano-bass-drums trio as Even the Sounds Shine without the horns. Fantastic melding of swinging/charging momentum with Myra's incredible rolling improvisations. Not your father's piano trio. Fact is that this sort of stuff should have spread to a wider audience but the thought was at that time (mid to late 90's) was this was too outside, etc. by many who would NEVER listen to a hatART recording just because it isn't down the middle, in the pocket stuff.

    This stuff explodes in and out and all around. With today's ears, this music is very accessible if one drops the expectations of what jazz should be.
  17. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    NP Ahmad Jamal (Argo) silver mono label.

    It's been a while since I played some of Jamal's ouevre. Time to fix that.
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  18. Are you familiar with Pat Martino? Check out East on Prestige records from 1968 and Live! from 1970 on Muse records.

  19. Bobby Buckshot

    Bobby Buckshot Heavy on the grease please

    Southeastern US
    @crispi are you familiar with Duke Pearson? If you haven't already, you may like his The Phantom ('68) or It Could Only Happen With You ('70). On the latter Duke's playing some electric piano, but for the most part they're acoustic. For me at least, they both have a unique, ahead of their own time sound and feel.
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  20. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Now the first show I'm going to attend this month. Cornelia Street Cafe on 8/24. Lucian Ban has added a more straight rhythm team than his tuba ensemble to his newer band that now includes Abraham Burton on tenor saxophone, John Hebert on bass & Eric McPherson on drums. The reason I'm going is Mat Maneri will be on viola so we will have the mad improvisor playing within a pseudo straightish context which could be fascinating. I've seen he tuba band numerous times which was Lucian with Bob Stewart on tuba, Tony Malaby on tenor/soprano saxophones, Mat on viola, with various drummers including Billy Mintz, Gerald Cleaver, Billy Hart or Randy Peterson. Peterson was the guy last time and the group almost imploded as the great drummer was *almost* too extreme and intense. I loved it but I almost lost my head due to the Randy Peterson effect!!

    More on my other upcoming show(s) later!!
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  21. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    Great thread Lon! Thanks for starting it.

    Always looking for new jazz. Currently I'm going through a Horace Tapscott phase. Just can't get enough of all of his stuff. Listening to this now, and have been for the last few days. Really resonating. Love it when players have been around as long as he has still produce important, vital, great sounding music.

  22. mpayan

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    Its great to know that he is well enjoyed by many here :thumbsup:
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  23. mpayan

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    Thanks! You guys are the best. Saved me some cash. I had deer eyes looking at the Mosaic set.

    Any other recommended titles as far as this artist?
  24. Crispy Rob

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    Oakland, CA
    Lonson's Cannonball recommendation is seconded here. Also, early 70's Grant Green would fit the bill well, and Freddie Hubbard's Straight Life.
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  25. Erik Tracy

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    Great topic and a thread I'll be checking out regularly as well.

    I'm at that stage with jazz where it is like first getting into wine - I know what I like, but not sure I can articulate what that means.

    As some may know I am a big fan of San Diego's (KSDS 88.3fm) and listen regularly. One show that I am really getting into is their Saturday morning "Jazz Explorations" with Ken Poston.

    If you find it hard to pick up a book and read about jazz, then let Ken take you on a curated 'tour' of jazz - his shows are quite good.

    You can listen on-line live, or if you sign in to the Jazz88 Speak Easy, you can listen to the archived shows.
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