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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Sep 1, 2016.

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    Will play, after work...


    It's not jazz... But, if I like it, other jazz fans/friends might enjoy it too :righton:
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    Yogi Berra once hosted a baking show on television.

    Though it was popular, no one ever actually ate the stuff he made.
  3. Berthold

    Berthold "When you swing....swing some more!" -- Th. Monk

    Lars Gullin With Chet Baker

  4. Jackie P

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    Dub Lane

    one step beyond / jackie mcLean (Blue Note) CD

    Alto Saxophone – Jackie McLean / Bass – Eddie Khan / Drums – Tony Williams
    Trombone – Grachan Moncur III / Vibraphone – Bobby Hutcherson

    Originally recorded on April 30, 1963 at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

    2008 RVG 24-bit remaster CD includes 1 alternate take of 'Saturday And Sunday'.

    A tremendous album. One step beyond indeed!
  5. Berthold

    Berthold "When you swing....swing some more!" -- Th. Monk

    Lars Gullin: Silhouette

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    Yesterday, after listening to most of James Brandon Lewis's Intakt album, Code of Being, on YouTube, I went to Intakt's Bandcamp page to buy the digital download. That put other recent Intakt titles in front of me and I ended up also picking up Celebration by Irène Schweizer and Hamid Drake, and Sounding Point by Mark Feldman, which I just finished:

    WP: Mark Feldman - Sounding Point [Intakt cd 354] FLAC
    Released earlier this year (2021) with Mark Feldman: violin.

    All tracks are by Feldman, except "As We Are" by Sylvie Courvoisier, and "Peace Warriors" by Ornette Coleman. Three tracks use overdubbing to allow Feldman to accompany himself; the rest are solo violin. The title track, in particular, is exquisitely beautiful. So much so that I'm listening to it again as I type this. I predict this track will be on heavy rotation here for a while, but the whole album is good.
  7. Six String

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    NP Uri Caine Trio Live At The Village Vanguard (Winter&Winter)
    Has anyone ever made a bad album at the V.V.?
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    Liguria, Italy
    Agreed with you. I think that McLean BN albums are all brilliant and creative.
    I have four of them: One Step Beyond; Destination Out; Let Freedom Ring; Bluesnik.
    I also like much the album featuring Ornette Coleman as sideman playing trumpet in an unconventional way.
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  9. GnuHigh

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    Montréal, QC
    Muriel Grossman - Union


    with Radomir Milojkovic on guitar, Llorenç Barceló on organ, Uros Stamenkovic on drums

    Another wonderful album from the terrific Muriel Grossman. Beautiful sounding spritual jazz.

    Muriel Grossmann
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  10. Siegmund

    Siegmund Vinyl Sceptic

    Britain, Europe

    Kenny Wheeler et al - Angel Song

    Coltrane - ALS Live in Seattle

    Soft Machine - Live in Europe.
  11. Robitjazz

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    Liguria, Italy
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  12. Robitjazz

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    Liguria, Italy
    I don’t know her.
    A good suggestion of listening to me.
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  13. GnuHigh

    GnuHigh Forum Resident

    Montréal, QC
    If you like this album, you're in for a treat, because all of her albums are this good!
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  14. almost unison

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    Ha! I think the older New Orleans clarinetist first came to my attention when I ran into his records while looking for the younger Chicago trombonist. For years I did not listen to any music by the older musician and almost thought of him as the 'wrong George Lewis'. However, even if the music of the Chicago AACM/Braxton associate is still closer to my tastes, I am glad that I no longer consider the older man to be the 'wrong' one.

    Of course, this is as good a reason as any to play some George Lewis again!

    NP: Muhal Richard Abrams - SoundDance (2CD, Pi, 2011)

    The first CD is an Abrams/Fred Anderson duet that I heartily recommend. I am now, however, listening to the second CD, an Abrams/George Lewis duet. Most of the duo and small group Abrams recordings that I am familiar with are from the 70s. So even if my favorite Abrams' releases are his mid and large ensemble Black Saint releases from the eighties and early nineties, it's great to have some later day Abrams in an intimate setting as well. Lewis contributes both his trombone playing and the electronics from his laptop. It is a joy to hear how these combined trombone and electronics efforts create new and quite unique textural contexts for Abrams' ever adventurous piano.

  15. bresna

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    York, Maine
    Your post was discussing a compilation of mostly R&B songs by Benson where you said, "Ok this is mostly jazz even though the song highlighted is R&B". My post said, "If you want a compilation of the jazzier Columbia songs of George Benson, find a copy of The Essence Of George Benson". I just thought maybe you would like a recommendation for a compilation of the Jazz instrumentals from Benson's two Columbia LPs. That is all.
  16. Sorcerer

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    Schlippenbach Trio Compression: Live at Total Music Meeting 2002 (a/l/l)
    Normally, I don't care for digital compression. :D
  17. Crawdad

    Crawdad Detroit Rock Citizen

    Here's a tracklist of the 2xCD set. I'd say it's mostly jazz.

    Rock Candy (Live) (With Brother Jack McDuff) 6:10
    Shadow Dancers 4:44
    Clockwise 4:26
    Willow Weep For Me 7:47
    A Foggy Day 2:39
    The Borgia Stick 3:07
    Paraphernalia (With Miles Davis) 12:36
    Sugar (With Stanley Turrentine) 10:04
    So What 9:17
    Ode To A Kudu (Alternate Take) 4:39
    California Dreamin' 7:19
    White Rabbit 6:55
    Body Talk 8:20
    Take Five 7:07
    Summertime (Live) (From "Porgy And Bess") 6:03
    Breezin' 5:20
    This Masquerade 8:02
    On Broadway (Live) 10:08
    Give Me The Night 4:59
    Hip Skip (With Tony Williams) 8:05
    Gotham City (With Dexter Gordon) 9:19

    Now if I shared this you would have been more than justified in your comment.

  18. Roger Thornhill

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    Ilford, Essex, UK
    Onwards with the Gil Evans biog. In 1983 Gil began to play Sweet Basil, a jazz club on NYC's Seventh Avenue South, on a Monday night. This seems to have continued almost up to Gil's death. Monday nights at Sweet Basil produced a number of albums. This is from August 1984.

    There's some decent soloing on this - esp. from Chris Hunter and George Adams - notable Hunter on Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" and Adams on "Orange was the Colour etc" - and of course Adams played on the original that was on Changes Two.

    Alto Saxophone – Chris Hunter
    Bass – Mark Egan
    Drums – Adam Nussbaum
    Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic] – Gil Evans
    Guitar – Hiram Bullock
    Percussion – Mino Cinelu
    Synthesizer – Pete Levin
    Tenor Saxophone – George Adams
    Trombone – Tom Malone
    Trumpet – Hannibal Marvin Peterson, Lew Soloff, Miles Evans, Shunzo Ohno
    Tuba, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – Howard Johnson

  19. Crawdad

    Crawdad Detroit Rock Citizen

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    Data storage: '5D' method could hold equivalent of 10,000 Blu-Ray discs | New Scientist

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    Germany, Aachen


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    Cecil Taylor European Orchestra Alms / Tiergarten (Spree) (FMP)
    CD 2.
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  24. lemonade kid

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    The probability that you could have all the music ever recorded on something that fits in your shirt pocket will be very unlikely to increase the awareness of the rich history of music among the general population.

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