DCC Archive Live albums... Best and worst.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ian, Nov 1, 2001.

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  1. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    I think the problem is that Dio left. Oh, wait, ooops...nevermind.
  2. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Ed, what's the "complete" part? Has this been reissued? Do tell.
  3. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    ...and what of Disc 2? :p
  4. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    We may be talking about two different things. I'm not really commenting on the sound qualities of Winterland. At the time I bought it, it was my first real exposure to Hendrix live and so it holds a special place for me. I wound up buying the "deluxe" edition with the +3 CD and T shirt later on.

    BTW, I believe *all* the Winterland stuff (6 sets) is floating around on bootlegs.

    Winterland contract

    They need to do an official release of Hendrix @ Royal Albert Hall.

    I didn't order a WN from you, but if you sent one, my thanks. :o
  5. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    This one is just not for me Luke. EC was not at his best IMHO. I've heard him play better elsewhere and I always thought this recording was recorded not so good. Sorry.-ED
  6. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member

    Some unconventional choices...^_^ I largely agree with what everyone else has said before, although I've never disliked Got Live (sure, it's primative, but enjoyable).


    Likes: Association Live (everyone rags on this disc...I love it. The guys are personable, some excellent versions of some songs)

    Bowie, Santa Monica '72 (is occasionally official)

    Radiohead "I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings" (not their best, but I love 'em live)

    Most of the Zappa live albums*

    Rolling Stones Rock 'n Roll Circus (yes, the mix sucks, and ABKCO's bizarre-yet-characteristic decision to not issue ANY outtakes or attempt to do a remix hurts it somewhat, but dammit, I love these versions...quintessential live Sympathy, for me)

    Notable dislikes:

    Get Yer Ya Yas out (I dunno...never hit me. Prefer R&R Circus and the Leeds bootlegs)

    Zappa's Does Humor?, Stage 3 and 4 (Frank, the '84 band was not. Your. Strong. Point. Horrid renditions, crappy in-jokes...FatIke, etc.)

    (I'm not particularly fond of Fillmore and Broadway the Hardway either, but I enjoy 'em more)

    Any live Ed Sullivan CD that doesn't involve the Beatles...I have this "The Sullivan Years: 60's rock" thing which is notable for the fact that almost everyone sings live to the studio backing track (Grass Roots, Raiders--if they're not just miming the entire thing--and the freakin' Turtles, who could do better) *EXCEPT* for the Association, who do the noble thing as usual..^_^

    Captain Beefheart Live at My Father's Place. Just officially released by Rhino Handmade, I dunno...everyone sounds very, very uninspired. The Captain was going from playing a weirdo to actually *being* a weirdo by that point, and it shows.

  7. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    That's interesting. Judging from the boot, I'd say it was recorded quite well. Perhaps the original 6 song LP wasn't mixed very well, but... Typical Glyn Johns sound. Plenty hissy, but...
  8. Matt

    Matt New Member

    The Saint, The Incident, and the Main Point Shuffle from February of 1975 is one of the great Springsteen concerts of all-time. His entire Darkness tour is amazing, too. I've got three concerts from that tour: Live at the Roxy, Summertime Bruce (live from Cleveland), and Passaic Night.
  9. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    One other Rainbow Concert note - the band played Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad at both the early and late shows, and it really rocks. Why neither version was released on the remix/remaster is beyond me...
  10. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    Hi Patrick, I got this as a Verve Japanese import last year. It may be listed as Volume 2: Smokin' At The Half Note, but the spine says The Complete Smokin' At The Half Note. Go figure. It has 9 tracks total. Also, there is a 2 CD set available domestically under Wes Montgomery called Impressions: The Verve Jazz Sides with the second CD being the same thing as the Japanese import.
    Happy Listening ! ED

  11. Larry Naramore

    Larry Naramore Bonafied Knucklehead

    Sun Valley, Calif.
    Best - Otis Redding "Live In Europe"

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  12. Mike

    Mike New Member

    New Jersey

    Charles Brown - One More For The Road
    James Brown - Say It Live & Loud
    Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East
    Bob Marley - Live
    Todd Rundgren - Back To The Bars
    Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes
    Sting - Bring On The Night
    Thin Lizzy - Peel Sessions
    UFO - Strangers In The Night
    Albert King - live version of "I'll Be Doggone" from the otherwise studio cd "I'll Play The Blues For You". Albert comes out of one of his most ripping solos ever and announces, "Hold on wait a minute! Now lookee here! You know I'm getting old and I get tired easy, you know what I mean. Now my bunions is hurtin' now, but I'm gonna use my heel for a little while."

  13. Evan

    Evan Senior Member

    Petal, MS

    Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Star Club Hamburg

    Muddy Waters - At Newport 1960

    Can't think of any bad right now.
  14. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    Forgot about that Jerry Lee Lewis Live album. Great!


    The fake "Chuck Berry Live" LP :mad:
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  15. Cousin It

    Cousin It Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Yeah!! Forgot the Killer myself.I should've remembered!! I love that album,he's the only
    guy that can sound that arrogant and I love it,thank the Germans for bothering to put a few of mikes and a tape machine in his direction and just let the Killer go.
    One of my fave live recordings is a bootleg of Queen opening for Mott The Hoople in late'73 I'm listening to it right now,it's the start where they are a playing a ferocious version of "Father To Son",it's a shame that Queen have never released a live album with decent sound quality,my old cassette tape copy of Live Killers has more grunt than the remastered CD.Boy,would I love a 73-74 era live Queen CD official release as the first 2 albums are my faves.
    With The Police live CD I remember reading an interview with Sting at the time and as I recall they wanted to include a 1981 Australian tour show which he remembered as being very good but couldn't find the tapes.
  16. CM Wolff

    CM Wolff Senior Member

    My favorites:

    Bruce Springsteen - Live in New York City
    Van Morrison - A Night in San Francisco
    Dylan - Live 1966
    James Brown - Say It Live and Loud
    James Brown - Live at the Apollo Volume II (the new Deluxe Edition)
    BB King - Live at the Regal (better yet, the How Blue Can You Get? Collection)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Carnegie Hall
    Bob Marley - Live!
    The Clash - From Here to Eternity
    Elvis Presley - That's The Way It Is
    Elvis Presley - 1968 Comeback Special (with the extra material on the Memories reissue)
    Johnny Cash - latest reissue of full San Quentin
    The Waterboys - Live Adventures of the Waterboys
    Neil Young - Weld
  17. Doug Hess Jr.

    Doug Hess Jr. Senior Member

    Belpre, Ohio
    Worked at a radio station in the late 80s/early 90s and taped the Eric Clapton 24 nights concert with the 4 piece band: keyboardist Greg Phillinganes, bassist Nathan East, and drummer Steve Ferrone. The 2 CD set is the best of the various nights at the Royal Albert Hall with the band varying from 4 to 9. The whole 4 piece show is in my opinion is the best live show I've ever heard.
  18. Craig

    Craig (unspecified) Staff

    North of Seattle
    Graham Parker/Live At Marble Arch
    -first as a vinyl promo and bootleg, now available on two different U.K. compliations
    -high energy like J.Geils Full House (different style of music of course)
    Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters/Blues Guitar Virtuoso Live In Europe
    Joe Ely/Live Shots
    Robert Gordon w/Danny Gatton/The Humbler
    Bob Seger/Live Bullet
  19. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Patrick M
    The gold cd of Hendrix: Live At Winterland is obviously not everything, all three nights, as there are only 11 songs on my disc along with 1 1/2 min. of prologue/epilogue. It's not totaly bad except you could do ear damage with the volume turned up.
    Nope I didn't send ya WN, wrong Patrick oops
  20. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    That CD, IIRC, is a hodge-podge of different performances from different sets on different days. I'm pretty sure there is a boot floating around with the whole thing. I might have it on mp3 somewhere. *gasp* mp3! :eek:
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  21. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Do you know if this is OOP? That's how it is listed on ebay. I never got a copy.

    Some of his stuff is listed at $20 - $35 on half.com as well.
  22. Mike

    Mike New Member

    New Jersey
    I'm pretty sure that's a scam. I looked into Danny Gatton stuff a year or two ago and found that his mom controls the catalog and sells his cd's mail order. It's not likely she would let the music fall out of print.


    Here you go:

    NRG records - Norma R Gatton - enjoy!

    And let me also add that I was living in Wash. DC. in the 80's and a friend of mine says: you have to come see this guitar player. He brings me to this small club and that is the first time I saw or even heard of Danny Gatton. What a shock! He was awesome!


    [ November 02, 2001: Message edited by: Mike ]
  23. Metralla

    Metralla Joined Jan 13, 2002

    San Jose, CA
    Lots of good stuff already mentioned of course, but let me add:

    "Absolutely Live" - The Doors. Old but gold. Nice commentary from Jim on people who just won't shut up at concerts - the famous "give the singer some" line.

    "Acoustic Live in Newcastle" - Sting. This mini-cd has superb, natural sound. The last one on eBay went for GBP65.

    "Live Limited Edition" - Sara McLachlan, on Nettwerk. Only 5000 copies made. Much better sonics than Mirrorball. Her voice has never sounded so seductive and intimate - beautiful version of "Lost".

    "Spyboy" - Emmylou Harris. A wonderful record, killer bass in last song, "The Maker". Also for a more country feel, "Last Date" from the early '80s is now on CD. A lot of fun.

    "The Believer" - Remember Shakti. Johnny Mac and Zakir Hussein, with U. Shrinivas on mandolin. Doesn't get much better than this.

    "Live at Blues Alley" - Eva Cassidy. A voice made in heaven.

  24. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    Thanks Mike!
  25. Favorite live albums: The Band,"Rock Of Ages"(expanded edition w.Dylan encore tracks),"The Last Waltz". Also Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band,"Live In N.Y.C.".
    By the way, the DVD-Video of the HBO concert comes out next Tuesday, Nov.6th. It'll include both a Dolby Digital 5.1 channel mix and a 24-bit LPCM stereo track for audiophiles, along with previously unreleased bonus songs left of the TV special. This oughta be a killer 2-disc set! :D
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