DCC Archive Live albums... Best and worst.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ian, Nov 1, 2001.

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  1. Randy W

    Randy W Original Member

    Grateful Dead - Without a Net
    Neil Young - Unplugged
    Joni Mitchell - Miles of Aisles
    Little Feat - Waitng for Columbus
    Miles Davis - Jazz at the Plaza
    Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby

    Peter Frampton - Frampton comes Alive
  2. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    The recent Japanese CD remaster finally does the release justice!

  3. GIG

    GIG New Member

    Here's a favorite of mine;

    Elvis Costello - Live at the El Mocambo

    Learned the entire concert with a garage band I was playing with - never performed it in front of a audience but there was always a pool of sweat by the time we got to Pump it Up....
  4. wes

    wes Senior Member

    Frank Sinatra Live in 57
    Cheap Trick Live at Budakon
    The Who Live at Leads
    Bob Dylan live 1966

    Worst: Well, I can't think of any right now.
  5. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    My picks:

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More For / from the Road. Probably the vinyl release.... have not heard the special edition remaster part IXXVI (how many times can you release A album!?!)

    How about someone obscure: Murray McLaughlin: Only the Silence Remains. I'll bet no one even remembers him!
  6. Ian

    Ian Active Member Thread Starter

    Milford, Maine
    Thought of more Heheheh...


    Ani DiFranco - Living In Clip
    Talk about your energetic performances
    Santana - Lotus
    At the beginning of his jazz/fusion period.


    Sting - Bring On The Night
    I know he wanted to reinvent himself, but did he have to take it out on Police fans?
    Grateful Dead - Europe '72
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Live Dead and Skull And Roses held my attention more ably.
  7. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    Most of the good live albums have already been listed. Isn't it funny that all the great Stones discs are bootlegs. For a good one check out "Garden State 78" on vinyl. This show smokes! I've heard cd versions (Out on Bail) but the vinyl is the way to go.
    The CD uses noise compression and takes all the life out of this great SB.
    Camarillo, I agree with you on Springsteen's "Saint, Incident, Main Point Shuffle". This is probably me favorite all time live recorded show! Other Springsteen title(shows) that are fantastic in performance and sound are: OH BOY-Charleston 1978 and a great Born in the USA title is SUGARLAND-Lincoln Neb. 1984.
    I wasn't a big fan of the 2000 reunion shows but have to agree "Live in NY" is Great!
    He was really on that night at MSG. Can't wait for the DVD.

  8. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Hey, did anyone mention the Complete Village Vanguard by the John Coltrane Quartet? I've got that and the Miles Davis Quintet: Live at the Plugged Nickel. Absolutely essential jazz. Trane fans should also check out "Discovery! Live at the Five Spot" with the famed quartet headed by Thelonious Monk. The stand alone CD isn't pitch-corrected, but it is on the 4 CD Thelonious Monk: Complete Blue Note Recordings.

    Someone mentioned Waltz for Debby; the companion piece, Sunday At The Village Vanguard, is just as good. So is the recent two-CD RVG remaster of Sonny Rollins at the Village Vanguard (I can't wait to visit that place).

    While I'm at it, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, Live at Carnegie Hall (recorded on December 1947) and at Massey Hall are essential for all Bird fanatics out there. I love just about anything with Bird, as you can gather from my username.
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  9. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Oh, and for a less-than-stellar live album, check out "Having Fum With Elvis On Stage." The All-Music Guide has a nice entry on this. Apparently, in 1974, Col. Tom Parker wanted to find a new item to sell to fans at Elvis concerts. He wanted an album, but one that he would own outright.

    "Presley's contract with RCA Victor made it inescapably clear that they owned the rights to all his music (and that the Colonel would have to pay to use it), but Parker discovered a loophole — there was nothing to stop him from selling an album of Elvis simply talking. So some nameless soul took 37 minutes of between-song patter from a number of Presley's live shows, spliced them together, and the results were packaged as Having Fun With Elvis on Stage. Under ideal circumstances, an Elvis spoken word album might have been interesting...However, the vast majority of this consists of jokes that aren't all that funny... And the material has been tossed together without anything resembling rhyme or reason; if one had any reason at all to believe that Col. Parker put more than an afternoon into assembling this album, one might suspect he was aiming for a purposefully dada-esque approach, but apathy and ineptitude seems to be the only realistic explanations for this record's haphazard structure. Some have called Having Fun With Elvis on Stage thoroughly unlistenable, but actually it's worse than that; hearing it is like witnessing an auto wreck that somehow plowed into a carnival freak show, leaving onlookers at once too horrified and too baffled to turn away..."

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  10. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al Senior Member

    Long Island, NY
    Surprised someone else remembers Garden State '78 - and the vinyl to boot! Good concert.

    Jagger: "What's with all these Singapore fans?" Then SLAM into Sweet Little Sixteen...
  11. Ian

    Ian Active Member Thread Starter

    Milford, Maine
    That album is listed at the #1 worst Rock and Roll album of all time in "The Worst Rock n' Roll Records Of All Time" By Jimmy Guterman and Owen O'Donnell. Find a copy of this one if you can.

    By the way, Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" Made #2 worst. :p
  12. BIG ED

    BIG ED Forum Resident

    My fave: The Litter live tracks on Arf! Arf! "Distortions" ceedee:
    Live at Chicago's The Electric Theatre [8/18/68]
    14 Here I Go Again 2:37
    15 The Egyptian 2:52
    16 (Under The Screaming Double) Eagle 3:01
    17 Confessions (Of A Traveler Through Time) 2:23
    18 Blues One 4:03
    19 She's Not There 7:53
    20 Pegasus 3:19
    includes my favorite 60's 'Freaky Jam' ever & recordED professional by the film "Medium Cool" production techs w/o crowd noise no less!!

    Worst: The Yardbirds "Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page" Epic (failure) LP original messed up mastering w/clinking glasses!
  13. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Senior Member

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Worst ever probably has to be The Village People Live & Sleazy, which seems to be a recording of a show in which they mime to prerecorded tracks, including a segment where there's nothing but a basic drum beat for a few minutes, perhaps while they were executing some dance moves.
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  14. ponkine

    ponkine Senior Member

    Villarrica, Chile
    I don't know why Prog recordings are often ignored on all those so-called "Best" lists

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer 'Pictures At An Exhibition' is one of the finest ever live albums

    Camel 'A Live Record' is another gem that is never put on those "Best" lists
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  15. ress4279

    ress4279 Forum Resident

    Allman Bros. Mountain Jam on Eat a Peach

    Ange Tome VI

    The Band Rock of Ages

    Doors Absolutely Live


    Fairport Convention Live at The LA Troubadour

    Focus Live at The Rainbow

    Frampton Comes Alive

    Who Live at Leeds

    Peter Gabriel Plays Live

    Genesis Live

    Dave Mason Headkeeper

    Van Morrison Live at The Grand Opera House Belfast

    PFM Live In The USA

    Procol Harum Live w/ The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

    Sweet Smoke

    Johnny Winter And Live

    Wishbone Ash Live Dates

    Neil Young Live Rust & Weld

    Floyd Ummagumma

    Super Session Kooper, Bloomfield, Stills (live in the studio)

    Moby Grape Grape Jam (live in the studio)

    Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles

    Little Feet Waiting For Columbus

    Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young 4 Way Street

    Gentle Giant Playing The Fool


    Yes Shows

    Got Live If you Want It

    MC5 Kick Out The Jams
  16. Mooger

    Mooger Well-Known Member

    Newnan, Georgia
    I just died a little inside.
  17. zen

    zen Senior Member

    Hum, let me guess, not a Yes fan.
  18. ress4279

    ress4279 Forum Resident

    I get the "power to the people" message, and it is a great representation of the times done as well as anyone can I suppose. I find the playing/singing pretty unlistenable. I've had multiple copies, from gold label to later reissues.
  19. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    UFO - Strangers In The Night
    Wishbone Ash - Live Dates 1 & 2
    The Rolling Stones - Brussels Affair
    Robin Trower - Robin Trower Live
    The Yardbirds Five Live Yardbirds
    Frank Zappa - Roxy & Elsewhere
    King Crimson - USA
    Ten Years After - Live At Fillmore East 1970
    Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails
    Jefferson Airplane - Sweeping Up The Spotlight/Live At Fillmore East
    Santana - Live At The Fillmore

    Rod Stewart & the Faces - Coast To Coast: Overture & Beginners
    Jimi Hendrix - Isle Of Wight
    The Rolling Stones - Still Life
    King Crimson - Earthbound

    I tried to pick things that weren't already mentioned.
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  20. ress4279

    ress4279 Forum Resident

    Actually a huge fan of their early output. I turned people on to the Yes Album when it first came out. I have great sounding vinyl of everything up to CTTE and 90125, Drama on CD, and Fly From Here (vinyl) sounds great in synthesized surround.
  21. garymc

    garymc Forum Resident

    Florida, USA
    For the singer songwriter crowd:

    Townes Van Zandt, Live at the Old Quarter
    Guy Clark, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Together at the Bluebird Cafe
    Joe Ely, Live at Liberty Lunch
    Blaze Foley, Live at the Austin Outhouse
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  22. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    Free - Live
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  23. ruben lopez

    ruben lopez Nunc Est Bibendum

    Barcelona Spain
    The worst is the 13th floor elevators LIVE.

    It is outtakes with fake dubbed applause.

    For a good one try LIVE IN CALIFORNIA.
  24. Kill Uncle Meat

    Kill Uncle Meat Forum Resident

    Ramones - It's Alive

    I think it's one of the best, off course...
  25. ruben lopez

    ruben lopez Nunc Est Bibendum

    Barcelona Spain
    Well...if you don't get it you don't get it.:tiphat:
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