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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ian, Nov 1, 2001.

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  1. RhodyDave125

    RhodyDave125 Streetwalkin' Cheetah

    I'm just curious why you listed "Bursting Out" among the worst. I've listened to that album countless times and think it's really good. Genuinely interested about what you find so bad about it.
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  2. The Hud

    The Hud Go Chiefs!

    I looked at your profile, and noticed you have a turntable. I am guessing you listen to Bursting Out on vinyl, which may be why we have different opinions on the album. On CD it sounds like crap, at least the 2 CD remaster that I have. It has been many years since I last listened to it, so maybe I should give it another chance.
  3. RhodyDave125

    RhodyDave125 Streetwalkin' Cheetah

    That's probably not helping. Vinyl is the way to go;


    Well for some reason I can't get a picture to work...:help:
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  4. John Buchanan

    John Buchanan I'm just a headphone kind of fellow. Stax Sigma

    Bursting Out never sounded great on vinyl or CD. Where's the bass and bass drum? Why do the cymbals sound so screechy? The performances are great, but I have ditched mine for the Live in Berne CD/DVD from the deluxe Heavy Horses, which sounds slightly better.
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  5. Todd W.

    Todd W. It's a Puggle

    Hot Tuna - Double Dose
    Pat Travers - Live Go For What You Know
    Nirvana - Unplugged, KISS Unplugged, Clapton Unplugged, Alice in Chains Unplugged
    Jefferson Airplane - Bless It's Pointed Head
    Kansas - Two For The Show
    Johnny Winter - Second Winter
    Muddy Mississippi Waters - Live
    Allman Brothers - A&R Studio
    Grateful Dead -Reckoning
    Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
    Billy Joel - Songs From the Attic
    Hendrix - Live at the Fillmore East
    Derek and the Dominoes -Live at the Fillmore
    Neil Young - Cellar Door and Massey Hall
    Grand Funk - Caught in the Act
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  6. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    My faves:

    Rolling Stones - Brussels Affair
    Beach Boys - In Concert (1973)
    Kinks - One For The Road
    Jackson Browne - Running on Empty
    Warren Zevon - Stand In The Fire
    Billy Joel - Songs In The Attic
    Grateful Dead - Cornell 5/8/77
  7. Jaco944

    Jaco944 Forum Resident

    All of the good were on my list but I didn’t see this one.
  8. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Follower of Hi-Fi

    New Mexico USA
    Europe '72, my favorite (mostly) live album, does these between-track fadeouts, as well as leaving out any crowd noise apart from whatever faint cheering the vocal mikes pick up. I love it.

    The cardinal sin of live albums is actually loud, jacked-up hysterical crowd noise (sometimes using canned crowd tape not even from the actual show), followed by pretending that the truncated edited transitions between songs are faithful documents of what happened at the concert.
  9. Ghost of Ziggy

    Ghost of Ziggy Forum Resident

    Worst Queen- Live Magic (too much audience sing alongs)

    Best will always be Ya Ya’s.
  10. RhodyDave125

    RhodyDave125 Streetwalkin' Cheetah

    Here's the pic I wanted to post:
  11. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Certified dinosaur, who likes physical product

    I love live albums ... I don't really know why, but if I like a band I probably have a live album of theirs.
    Stones - Still Life - I know it's a less popular one,but I always loved it.
    Kinks - One For The Road - I know it has overdubs, but it is a fantastic album, with a great set of songs on it.
    Iron Maiden - just about all of them are great, I prefer the dvds/blurays
    Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert - the guy is so into it, it is hard not to be there with him.
    Bruce Springsteen - that live box was great imho
    Elvis Presley - Closing Night - One of the most bizarre live albums ever. Elvis is so past wanting to be there, he is joking around and rattling people's cages ... it is incredibly interesting to me and I find it very entertaining. Apparently he fired Parker after the show ... sadly he hired him back.

    I could go on and on, but I love live albums, I reckon they are great
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