Local estate auction with some serious McIntosh gear...bargain?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Dan C, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Dan C

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    It closes in a few hours. This is apparently late-90s era McIntosh but the integrated and power amp seem to go for pretty good bucks used still.

    Caring Transitions Online Auctions

    Surprised they didn't split this up instead of grouping it. I've lived here over 20 years and have never, I mean NEVER seen anything remotely approaching this caliber of quality when it comes to electronics and HiFi. Whoever they were, they were serious movie buffs (lots of posters, movie scripts, etc also in the auction).

    If this goes for where it's at right now, around two grand, someone who knows what he's doing can make some money here. Or have a killer stereo. My wife said "hell no" so I'm not in. :laugh:

    However, there is a 5.1 KEF set that I'm watching and if any of you bid I'm going to find you stab you. :tsk:;)

    dan c
  2. BIGGER Dave

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    I have that same McIntosh power amp (MC7270). I bought it locally off Craigslist a couple years ago from an older gentleman for $1,200. He was upgrading to a newer McIntosh amp and just wanted a little more than what his Mc dealer would give him in trade. I’m guessing they offered him around $1K. Anyway, from what I’ve seen them selling for on eBay, I’d say I did pretty good!
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  3. Dan C

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    It closed at $4,050. Decent deal but no bargain.

    I got the KEF 5.1 system for $50. They listed at $1,300 new a decade ago. This will be a significant upgrade over our budget 5.1 setup we’re using now!

    dan c
  4. Michael

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    Good for you! I'm glad you won it!
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  5. Chris DeVoe

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    I've priced electronics for a local estate sale dealer. We aim for a slightly lower price than eBay, with the understanding that on the second or third day you can bargain down if it's still there.

    The reason I was there is I knew what all the stuff was, and what bits went with what other bits.
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  6. Dan C

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    So the other day I went to pick up the KEF 5.1 speakers I won. $1,300 retail when new for $50, near mint condition. Lucked out there.

    Turns out the estate belonged to one of the partners in our local movie theater chain, Movie Palaces. I'd met him several times over the years, a very nice man and rather quirky.
    Never married, no kids. He died suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago. Very sad.

    My boss worked for him years ago and said every Tuesday he'd go down to our local CD shop and buy a copy of every new release. They'd order in at least one new release every week just for him.

    Most of them he never opened, he just liked collecting. Friends would come and pick out interesting ones and listen or rip them.

    That explained the boxes upon boxes of CDs and DVDs that were in his house. For whatever reason the auction company didn't bother to list the CDs, Hundreds of them. They had "pickers tables" out, selling CDs and DVDs for a buck each. No one was interested, none were selling. They'll likely be donated to the library or a thrift store.

    He had LPs too, and those were in the pickers pile as well. Unfortunately they'd been well warmed over by the time I got there, but I managed to get 10 very nice mint classical LPs, and one minty Living Stereo Henry Mancini LP.

    I was told the guy who won the McIntosh gear had already sold it all and was going to ship it out. He likely made a decent profit on it.

    dan c
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