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LOKI - Marvel Superhero TV Series

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Veech, Dec 14, 2020.

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    Marvel has done this before: in Daredevil, I don't think they ever called The Kingpin "The Kingpin." Instead, they called him by his real name, "Wilson Fisk." I'm not sure of the reason, but they might have called him "Kingpin" at the very end of the show when he went back to prison.

    It would make no sense for the main villain not to be Kang at this point. What's interesting to me is how Loki, WandaVision, Ant-Man, and Dr. Strange are all kind of going to intersect because of the Quantum Realm. The fan theory is that the Time Variance Authority exists outside of time, in the Quantum Realm.

    I'll say this for the show: they went into unexpected areas, it was unpredictable, and it wasn't boring... plus I could see they spent a ton of money on it. I can see it was not an easy show to shoot during Covid. They shot for the first 2-1/2 months of 2020, then had to shut down for six months (!!!), then resumed under very careful conditions in October. I think it's a pretty thoughtful, interesting show, even though I did kinda say "WTF?" with the final reveal.

    They're about to go into production on Season 2 of Loki, and the code-name for the production is "Architect." Coincidence?
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    More speculation: despite what we are told, the TVA does still allow alternate timelines to exist, which is why all of these strange variants of Loki exist when in reality they should have been pruned before birth. Keeping all branching timelines from happening would be impossible because they’re infinite. What the TVA’s purpose is is to prune any timeline that would eventually result in producing a Kang (other than the one that produces “He Who Remains”).

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