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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by LostArk, Sep 16, 2020 at 9:47 PM.

  1. LostArk

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    New York
    Looking for a 4+ socket power distributor made in the USA using all USA parts. I've seen some nice hospital grade ones on eBay for <$50 in the past, kicking myself for not picking one up. Not interested in power conditioning or surge protection, just need more outlets. Trying to spend less than $100. Thanks!
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  2. jeffmackwood

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    Well Tripp-Lite is based in the USA, but I suspect that not all of its products are "made in the USA using all USA parts." You could always pick a product from this list and then contact them to see if it meets your criteria.

    You might want to try the same thing with Belkin.

    Good luck. Let us know if you find anything.

  3. bdfin

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    Washington State
    I use the 6 outlet Tripp lite white boxes that are about 60 bucks. Not pretty, but I've had no issues in a few years and power is quiet.
  4. Acapella48

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    Elk Grove, CA.
    APC in addition to making UPS, Surge protectors, etc. makes power strips. Based in Rhode Island. Can't say their products are 100% all USA parts but you can buy one of their power strips for less than $20

    Power Strip - APC USA
  5. If you get desperate look for a used Furman from when they were made in the US.
  6. MRL_Audio

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    or a Tice unit.
  7. BIGGER Dave

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    I don’t think they manufacture in RI anymore. I drive by the main building in West Kingston RI when I visit my GF and there are never any cars in the parking lot. Perhaps the main building is just Research & Design and everyone is working from home? But if that’s the case, where is manufacturing happening? Not at the RI building, that I’m pretty sure of.
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  8. Acapella48

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    Elk Grove, CA.
    "Based in Rhode Island" doesn't imply they manufacture any products just that that's their headquarters. They make good products. Chances are you walk into any computer server room or data center and you will see their UPS's installed.
  9. timind

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    Westfield, IN USA
    Check ebay listings for Wiremold outlets. You'll probably have to settle for a used outlet strip if you want USA made, but if you want affordable USA made, used will be it.
  10. BIGGER Dave

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    LOL! Yes, I worked for 33 years for one of the top cable television companies in the US, and was an IT manager for my last 25 years there. I am very familiar with the server room. I can’t speak for other server rooms, but we stopped using small individual UPS units (like APC) decades ago and installed large scale external UPS devices that powered the entire MTC (Master Telecommunications Center).
  11. Acapella48

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    Elk Grove, CA.
    Yeah, just depends on the facility. Lot more choices than APC now than back in the day. As far as the OP's usage need, I wouldn't get hung up on whether its All US manufactured. I worked in IT for 32 years as well.

    When it comes to consumer electronics, audio equipment, computers, the auto industry, etc., there is no guarantee that a product is going to be 100% manufactured from parts made in the U.S.

    We no longer live in that world. All you have to do is look at the appliances around your home, the smartphone you use, etc. That goes for the microprocessor-based control systems in auto engines too!

    It may say "Made in the USA" and built and assembled by American workers in factories here - but the parts, that's a different story.

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