Looking for new home for A&M Holzer console

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    We are currently looking for sponsors for a donation. Please PM me.

    Price: Free
    Shipping: Free
    Seller: AllMediaCapital
    Condition: Functional, internally restored
    Location: Las Vegas
    Setup: Free studio setup

    The A&M console that was used in Studio A from 1967 to 1976. We are recently putting the console up for lease. Attempting to find a new space before we sell it for parts. The console can only be donated to someone on paper that has a studio that is older than 2 years, and makes income from the music industry directly.

    Free shipping. New power supply that costs $50 per month to run. New wiring. Upgraded VU meter lights. Regreased buttons and knobs. Extra parts. Leasing through AllMediaCapital.

    Currently located in Las Vegas for viewing. Thanks for looking!

    Image of console: 00-K0-K-2n2w8-Z7cu79-0y-Q0p6-1200x900 hosted at ImgBB

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