Looking for UK CD Retailers (that ship to the US)

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    It seems like eBay & Amazon are now charging Sales tax to items bought thru them, which is fine, but they are also doing it for CD's bought from the UK.

    Now, I am fine paying sales tax at my local businesses, as the tax money goes to my City & State, but I have no idea who gets the Sales Tax that they collect on overseas sales.

    Anyway, I have bought CD's directly from BURNING SHED and they have great prices, low shipping charges and (surprise) don't charge sales tax. The only problem is they have a limited selection.

    So I was hoping people here could recommend some UK Music shops that ship (REASONABLY) to the US?

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    A few years back many States put in place marketplace facilitator rules which required sellers to charge sales tax regardless of where they were located. It's why you are seeing it added to transactions from outside the US.

    Not sure what they charge shipping wise but you could check out eil.com

    I've bought from Vinyl Tap in the past, though through their eBay store. But they have a website they sell from as well Vinyl Tap - Rare Vinyl Records
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    Just a quick heads up, I just bought some CD's from the UK *Burning Shed) and paid via Payapl,

    PayPal's conversion rate: 1 USD = 0.78682 GBP

    I got one single CD, a double CD and a triple CD for $36 (including tracked shipping)


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