Looks like HMV in the UK may survive after all...

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Sound of the Suburbs, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Eric_Generic

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    Yes, this is just daft. The number of impulse purchases I've made because the price has caught my eye....I say impulse, but if it's something that's been on my radar and I was waiting for a reason to pull the trigger.

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  2. Vaughan

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    CD still outsells Vinyl by magnitudes. Vinyl buyers still buy over the Internet. Why do you think these markets are any different? I've yet to be convinced any music chain is going to be able to sustain itself on only Vinyl sales. It always surprises me when someone writes off CD's based on a decline, when it's still the biggest selling physical medium.

    Still, if they decide to go the vinyl only route then they simply won't get any of my money. I've bought 220 or so CD's thus far this year, so I'd say I'm a pretty big buyer in personal terms. If they can't even pull in someone like myself, what chance have they got? None.

    Further, if vinyl only is their choice, they can go out of business tomorrow for all I care. They should concentrate on selling MUSIC, and not buying into a specific format, imo. It's their job to entice us to be customers, Something they're patently failing on.

    Understand - I'd love it if there was a good music store near me, and HMV are close, but they're simply not catering to anything I want. I have no reason to buy from there, even setting price aside. It's a weird model they've got going on. However, if they went out of business tomorrow, I'd likely not notice.
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  3. carlwm

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    Exactly! :righton:
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    Norfolk, UK
    What you are suggesting is that HMV have more space given over to vinyl than CDs, which is nonsense given how many CDs you have on display in the same space as vinyl. They are planning, apparently, to stock more back catalogue CDs in the future rather than just greatest hits albums, but changes can't be made overnight and changes take time. Their biggest problem, I think, is that they don't have the funds (presumably) to advertise. If they did, no doubt they would be able to publicise just how low their prices often are compared to online retailers. But most people seem to be judging them on how they were 5 years ago rather than what they are doing now.
  5. Vaughan

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    I'd guess a lot of people have been to the stores in the past and found them lacking. What they need is action, not good intentions. I have no issue with them selling Vinyl. In fact, I'd actively encourage them to do so. I'm simply saying it's of no interest to me. While my own personal taste isn't worth anything, I do think it's worth consdiering that people like myself are buying a lot of music, so you'd think we'd be somewhere onn the spectrum of their target audience.

    It's also worth remembering, the HMV I desire isn't some pie in the sky, it's simply a return to who they once were. They actively moved away from being a music store, largely while clutching at straws.

    Still, you're correct, more space is given over to CD's. So instead of having a lot of Vinyl, they have a lot of rubbish chart CD's and Greatest Hits packages. Yah!
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    Still much prefer Fopp over HMV. I always go out of my way to visit Fopp, but seldom for HMV.
  7. DML71

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    Wish I had the choice of either!
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