Looks like HMV in the UK may survive after all...

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    You're not alone. Been out to the Blackpool & Preston stores in the last week and left both empty handed. Any 4K BluRays that might have been of interest were £25 each or higher. Nothing that I haven't already got on CD (in some cases many times over) and ditto on the few box sets they had in.

    I made a point of buying the last three Beatles super deluxe boxes from Blackpool HMV, but at this rate will they even be stocking the supposedly forthcoming Let It Be set even if they are still open?

    They are between a rock and a hard place now. Film wise they're competing with Amazon, iTunes and the streaming services. Musically they're competing with Amazon with physical and the streaming services otherwise. Charge enough to cover rents, staff etc and they can't get the sales. Slash prices and they might get some sales but enough?

    I'd miss them if they went but I'm not sure what question I can ask myself where the first answer would be 'HMV'. And I must have spent thousands with them since the late 80s.
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    Certainly, there are some recent releases that they haven't been getting in, which seems a bit odd. The Johnny Cash boxed set that came out today isn't in stock either - at the same time, my local store is moving, and one has to wonder why they would if they were not in good standing. In fact, it's my understanding from workers at my local store that just as lockdown came into place, HMV were back in the black.

    That said, the Weller album mentioned earlier seems to be avilable for pre-order at the moment and saying that it will be dispatched prior to release, and the regular CD version is cheaper than it is on Amazon!

    I think it is possible to read too much into the website stock levels though. The website is bloody awful, and there's always more stuff out of stock than in stock. Well, that's been the case for a couple of years, at least. What's more, if you look at the classical items on their website, for example, there's just 716 listed - which is a very small amount compared to what the larger stores must stock.

    Also, I've just been wading through the Amazon lists of universal products and seeing if HMV have any in stock. Rush's most recent release (May 20) is in stock on the website. Lady Gaga's album from the end of May is also in stock. The June 12 release by Norah Jones is in stock on the website on vinyl - that's EMI officially, but owned by Universal these days, I think. Likewise, UMC's re-release of Sinatra's Nice n Easy (5 June) is also available on the website. The film "Emma" is also in stock, and that's Universal and only released last Monday. They also have "Dolittle," released on the same day - although from what I can gather, anyone who bought it might regret it!

    Surely if there was a problem with Universal, it wouldn't be with some arms of the company and not others? Those blu rays only came out on Monday, and surely Universal would understand that HMV might have cash flow issues following the virus shutdown?
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    I went in my local HMV the other day, found a CD, which was priced £8.99, and took it to the till. The guy scanned it, and said "Oh, it's only £6.99." What else had they got on sale that was marked up higher than the actual price?

    Came across the same thing there once before lockdown.
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    I haven’t been to an HMV since they reopened as there isn’t one in central London. But this new practice of putting price stickers on the back of items surely can’t be sustainable in the age of COVID-19. It means everyone handles each item much more.
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  5. shanebrown

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    It must be some stores only. They aren't doing it in my local one.
  6. LivingForever

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    I’ve defended HMV for a long time, especially since I know some staff and they’re proper music buffs.

    But they’re not being treated that well, by the sounds of it, and this whole business of pricing up things so they are even more expensive than they were is idiotic.

    I try to use indie stores where possible, and this lockdown has seen some of them truly thrive as online businesses (especially Resident Music in Brighton), so I have to ask what HMV would give me that they can’t now?
  7. shanebrown

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    If there was any problem with suppliers, it appears to be over. The Haim album is now in stock on the website, with the CD the same price as Amazon, and the LP £2 more expensive. The album is from a Universal label (Polydor) and was released yesterday - so if there are problems with Universal, I very much doubt that this would suddenly be available overnight.
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