Looks like they're gonna re-do ROBOCOP again...

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by keefer1970, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Deadline reports that there's a new RoboCop movie in the works, to be directed by Neill ("District 9") Blomkamp.

    Apparently it'll be based on a sequel script that the writers of the original film drafted years ago, but which ended up on the shelf.

    The article doesn't specify whether this film will feature the "old school" RoboCop or the new-look 2014 version, but if it's connected to the earlier film(s) I imagine they'll go with the original look. I hope so anyway!

    Neill Blomkamp To Direct New ‘RoboCop’ For MGM; Justin Rhodes Rewriting Sequel Script By Creators Ed Neumeier & Michael Miner
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    Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a better film happening.
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    Sounds like they're not re-doing it, but adding a sequel. I think that makes more sense than a re-do.
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    I guess, though the 2014 film was such a dud that it feels more sensible for the Blomkamp version to do a "Superman Returns" and pretend it doesn't exist!
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  5. The Hermit

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    I'm guessing this is the 'Corporate Wars' script that Neumeier and Miner wrote back in the day - which Orion correctly said was "unfilmable" when presented with it and rightly fired the two writers when they refused to overhaul the entire story - if this is what is being made by Blomkamp, it's essentially a soft reboot they're going for now; set in the same - but radically changed - world as the 1987 film but taking place 25 years later.

    Here's the sole draft of that script written in 1988, although Miner and Neumeier wrote a new draft of it recently before Blomkamp came aboard the project;


    I like Blomkamp, but even he seemingly doesn't realize what others have also failed to do since the classic original film; the whole emotional core of that character came from the poignant reawakening of Murphy's soul and memories within a new artificial shell after his gruesome mortal death... that character arc came to a natural conclusion at the end of the film ("good shooting son, what's your name?"), the fact that literally no-one, including the original writers, has come up with any other remotely interesting new spin in the 31 years since then says a lot...

    Blomkamp should be directing a new Judge Dredd big-screen adaptation, with Miner/Neumeier writing it... I'd definitely buy THAT for a dollar!!!

    As for this? Nah, count me out; another pointless installment in Hollywood's recent continuing "everything old is new again" saga...
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  6. Jim B.

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    I like Blomkamp as well, although he's had a few misses of late, but I would have liked his Alien sequels to have happened more so than Robocop which I feel is a pretty limited idea and Verhoeven really nailed it as a satire on American culture and it seems silly when you strip that away and just do it as an action film, like Starship Troopers. But I guess there is a big chunk of the US audience that isn't even aware those films are satires at all.
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    Maybe they should just call it-Re Do Cop.
  8. Holy Diver

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  9. Michael

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    yes, I'd watch that...I liked the remake.
  10. Rachael Bee

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    If it's twice as good as it's predecessor, it'll still suck donkey butt.
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    Question will be how many Donkey Butts correspond to Rotten Tomatoes aka Grainger County anti theater missiles?
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    me too
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  13. Michael

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  14. Michael

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    IYO...: )
  15. Michael

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    or maybe ...don't-watch-it....LOL.
  16. Michael

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    there's always a better film happening somewhere! : )
  17. The first movie definitely had a satirical edge that attacked so many different targets (corporate greed, capitalism, extreme violence in action movies that appealed to younger audiences, etc.), and I think a lot of its endurance is due to Paul Verhoeven coming from outside the bubble of a country whose natives are often described as lacking the ability to detect irony. While a remake or sequel by Neill Blomkamp with input from Ed Neumeier does seem somewhat appealing, I'm worried there's a trend at the moment of Hollywood blockbusters (and television, for that matter) leaning a little too heavily on '80s nostalgia rather than having anything new to say. Why not just cater to fans of mindless testosterone-fueled affairs by finally casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role of RoboCop, as was originally the plan? I have all the time in the world for such staples as the Terminators, Aliens or Predators, but the initial RoboCop seemed above all that in a way I just didn't understand as a young teenager when - like most of a similar age - I tried getting a copy on VHS long before I really should have been watching this...
  18. The Hud

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    I can't remember if I ever saw RoboCop 2 or 3. I haven't seen the remake yet.

    I love the original. I would be happy with another quality RoboCop movie, myself.
  19. Michael

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    2 & 3 are just OK, and cheap in a 3 movie box...$14.99 at Amazon...but it doesn't included the Robo 1 DC which is in superior quality.
    but if you are so inclined Shout has 2 & 3 for their usual HIGHER priced Ripoff...

    RoboCop Trilogy Blu-ray

    RoboCop Blu-ray
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    Robocop 2 was most violent movies I seen in 90's
    I really like it but nothing beats the first one..
    I read some script I use hang out in pony toy store in down town la back in 90's
    laughing.. It might make a good movie this script..
  21. The Hud

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    2 is more violent than the first one?
  22. Rick Bartlett

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    more CGI garbage on the way.
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    It wasn't the Corporate Wars script that was dismissed as "unfilmable" by Orion -- it was Frank Miller's first submission, when Tim Hunter was directing.

    The Corporate Wars script was rejected -- and the writers dismissed -- because of their refusal to integrate Lewis, OCP, the Old Man, etc.

    The version of Corporate Wars that we have is obviously problematic in a lot of ways, though. The corporate intrigue makes very little sense, it's obviously a thinly-veiled Judge Dredd script (which Neumeier was apparently working on before RoboCop, hence why they were able to come up with this one so fast), RoboCop is barely in it, the dialogue is crummy, etc. But all of those things would have been punched up on a rewrite, and there are a lot of memorable ideas and scenes in it.

    As there must have been, since Neumeier reused a lot of vignettes a few years later for his Starship Troopers script (not to mention the '94 Robo TV pilot). And a shocking number of Corporate Wars ideas made their way into Robocop 2 and RoboCop 3. (3 is practically a low-budget kids' version of Corporate Wars!)
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    I remember being disappointed in Robocop 2. I loved the original, I thought it was one of the best films of the 80s and still resonates. If this acts as a more palatable sequel to the original, I would check it out.

    Does anyone remember the short-lived Robocop TV series? That was actually decent, better than Robocop 2.

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