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  1. jamesc

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    Dallas, TX
    I lived in the Los Angeles area in the early nineties and have fond memories of Friday nights at Aron's Records, the various record stores on Melrose and the various Tower Records. I didn't buy much at Bleecker Bob's but it was always an entertaining place to visit. Sounds like most of those are gone now but I'm going to visit LA soon and was hoping to get some suggestions for places to check out. I'm happy to hear that Rockaway is still there and I've been wanting to check out Amoeba. Any other stand outs?
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  2. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    Freak Beat on Ventura but of course
  3. caupina

    caupina Forum Resident

    Santiago, Chile
    Soundsation by LAX..,very nice place and fair prices...it's no Amoeba but it's worth checking out. Here's the address :8701 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
  4. I333I

    I333I Forum Resident

    There is Soundsations near the airport. I would recommend solely on their used cd prices. But please :shh:

    Record Surplus on Sawtelle.
    A few in the Silver Lake/Echo Park area, but I've never checked them out.

    Sadly, Amoebas records prices have skyrocketed. I haven't been to Rockaway in a few years, but I would check them out again if I were you.
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  5. tremspeed

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Record Surplus is IN the Sawtelle/West LA area (on Santa Monica Blvd) but not ON Sawtelle, not to be confused with Touch Vinyl actually on Sawtelle.

    Amoeba is worth a trip because it's one of biggest record stores in the country. It's not cheap, and their used vinyl is really picked over but it's still worth a visit.
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  6. Cake

    Cake Forum Resident

    Reseda, CA, USA
    CD Trader in Tarzana, CA has a great selection of rare used cd and Lps.

    Check 'em out!
  7. TeacFan

    TeacFan Forum Resident In Memoriam

    Arcadia, Ca.

    2395 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
    Sorta near Dodger Stadium - East side of town -Silverlake area - Hipster Haven :hide:
  8. thesisinbold

    thesisinbold Forum Resident

    Camarillo, Ca, USA
    I wouldn't even bother with Amoeba. There's just too much crap. Sure, there's good stuff to be found, but how many HOURS do you want to spend there? I'd go to Rockaway. Every used record at Rockaway is in great condition. Every one I've looked at is NM and priced very fairly. I love that place.

    My favorite store is Fingerprints, which is in Long Beach. That's worth a visit too.
  9. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    In addition to other suggestions, Atomic Records in Burbank.
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  10. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    The website www.recordshops.org purports to list and map every record store in the world. It's been an excellent resources for my travels.
  11. Cornfed Hick

    Cornfed Hick Forum Resident

    I've been to most of the places listed here and my favorite is CD Trader, on Ventura Blvd. in Tarzana. It has a good selection and a separate section for new and used audiophile digital releases (Audio Fidelity, MoFi, SACDs, DVD-As and Blurays) on a table at the back of the store; there is also a marked bin for MoFi vinyl. I've found some good deals there. Go earlier in the day, and enjoy brunch at CiCi's Cafe two doors down in the same strip mall -- it's the best breakfast spot I have found in SoCal, by a wide margin. But, be sure to put your name on the wait list at CiCi's before browsing at CD Trader.

    I also like Freakbeat, which seems to have the best prices on used CDs, and the owner/staff are friendlier and more knowledgeable than at CD Trader. But their selection is sometimes picked over, as the patrons tend to be more knowledgeable too.
  12. JerolW

    JerolW Senior Member

    Music Plus - Hermosa Beach

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  13. Pennywise

    Pennywise Forum Resident

    The Sewers
    I like Atomic Records in Burbank, because they don't price a $6 Aerosmith album at $20. :)

    Avoid Record Parlor, and High Fidelity.
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  14. pdenny

    pdenny 21-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Recipient

    Hawthorne CA
  15. JerolW

    JerolW Senior Member

    It was in the '80's.
    I assume it's gone.

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  16. MilMascaras

    MilMascaras Musicologist

    Los Angeles, CA
    I use to be the Manager at "The Wherehouse" in that area, and the one in Venice, and in Manhattan Beach, too.
    Yes, I recommend going there, also.. (if you have a time machine…) [smiley face]
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  17. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Rhino in Claremont is fantastic, no affiliation with the record company.
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  18. With Amoeba, the hours are part of the fun. I spent 3.5 hours there one day, used about $220, and loved every minute of it.
  19. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Amoeba is picked over and sells bootlegs. Avoid, anything you can find there you can get online in better condition. Downtown LA is a sesspool, it's a disgusting third world and a traffic nightmare. But if you live in LA you already know this.
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  20. Beamish13

    Beamish13 Forum Resident

    Record Surplus has great stuff, although I think they overcharge a bit. Not the friendliest staff,either

    Touch Vinyl is great for brand new titles and little else. Better customer service, though, and next to two EXCELLENT used book stores and the incredible Cinefile Video
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  21. zphage

    zphage genre fluid

  22. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    Record Surplus used to be fantastic, and the staff was nice, too.

    But that was in the good old days, when they were on Pico, and two stories. Those were the days.

    The new location...not as interesting.
  23. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident In Memoriam

    mill valley CA USA
    What was the name of the store in LA where everything was kept behind the counter in giant shelving and if they let you back there you stood on ladders to read the spines? I was there in the mid nineties. I think it may have had a white exterior but can't remember.
  24. abbeyrdsteve

    abbeyrdsteve Forum Resident

    Over the rainbow
    My favorite places to visit when I'm in the L.A. area are Rockaway and Atomic. Amoeba's OK, but the others are better. Rockaway is my favorite.
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  25. Sean

    Sean Senior Member

    There's the Glass House Record Store in Pomona, as per my picture (until I change it).

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