Lothar & the Hand People - This Is It, Machines OOP See For Miles 1991 CD compilation

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    Another rare CD that I own is up for "buy it now" on eBay at a great price. This OOP 1991 See For Miles CD compilation compiles tracks from this outfits two Capitol albums. The sound on this CD is very good IMO with a nice warmth to the sound for you synth lovers. If you like Moog music, Theremin, Tape music mixed with demented/humorous R&R than this CD is for you. The only omission is the track, "Paul In Love" from the first album (Presenting). Had that been included, this would be the ultimate 1 CD compilation for this band. The first album (Presenting) is also available still very cheap online and it contains the bands first 3 singles which are more pop oriented but still very good plus two other tracks unavailable elsewhere as well as "Paul In Love." All Lothar & the Hand People CDs are currently OOP and have been for some time except for the first album (Presenting) on Micro Werks records which is still available. The 2CD 2003 Acadia complete Capitol recordings is long OOP as well but if you own this See For Miles CD, and the first album (Presenting), then you own the best material released by this band. This See For Miles CD has been OOP for a long time and sometimes is expensive on the used market. I got my used copy back in 1998 for $10 plus shipping and I thought that was a great deal. Besides the great music you also get a very good essay from music critic Brian Hogg for the liner notes within:

    Lothar & the Hand People "This is It, Machines" See for Miles UK press 1991 NM 5014661007532 | eBay
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