Loud Albums You Wish You Could Like

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Runicen, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Runicen

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    I tried to find another thread on this topic, but the search function failed me, so here we go...

    Today's listening included a rip of Samael's Above, which was an album meant to hearken back to their early, black metal days. Frankly, it's so loud and compressed in its mastering that it borders on white noise. I finally turned it down enough that, while the overall listening level is below my usual, it's almost listenable. Frankly, there's something hiding in here that could be a good album, if only I could hear the damned thing!

    So, who else has examples of albums they either begrudgingly like or want to like if only the sonics weren't so butchered? Any happy endings of remixes or later releases correcting the problem (I can dream)?
  2. Tristero

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    Sleater-Kinney's The Woods. The music is good but the sonics are unbearable, squashed and distorted to ridiculous extremes. Maybe it was an artistic choice on their part but I can't say that it was a good one--and I don't consider myself to be an audiophile purist.
  3. thxphotog

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    Los Angeles, CA
    Chili Peppers' I'm With You

    If you ever sit & think to yourself; "You know....I'd really like a headache right now, but I don't know the most effective way to get one short of hitting myself in the head with a hammer." Well I'm With You is the solution. Grab a pair of ear-buds and let 'er rip!
  4. c-eling

    c-eling Somehow I See There Are Ships In Her Eyes...

    Killing Joke-Absolute Dissent, 2010 -probably my worst offender :realmad:
  5. mbrownp1

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  6. Raf

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    Toronto, Ontario
    Flying Lotus' discography. He makes some of the most interesting electronic music out there right now, but I can hardly hear it through all the pumping artifacts caused by unbelievable amounts of compression.

    This is a good example:

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  7. thematinggame

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    last album by Scottish band Trashcan Sinatras , for those of you who do not know them , they sound a bit like early Aztec Camera /Lilac Time. The songs on their latest album are great as always and this time they also included instruments such as oboe and a string section , why they even bothered to do so, however, is beyond me when all the details and subtleties are buried in one big mush of brickwalled sound - the whole album is totally unlistenable and claustrophobic (average DR range is 6)
  8. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    I actually enjoy Oasis' What's the Story Morning Glory... but I enjoy it much less than I should because it is so loud. There are some really well crafted pop songs on that album... that give me a headache.
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  9. Runicen

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    I recently discovered the "joy" of their modern sonics via the three disc best of comp that I have. "Love Like Blood" was painful...
  10. Octowen

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    This could have applied to Rush's "Vapor Trails" several years ago, but it's thankfully been remixed and now sounds great.
  11. c-eling

    c-eling Somehow I See There Are Ships In Her Eyes...

    As much as I wanted it, I just couldn't pull the trigger.
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  12. thematinggame

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    this and their debut were the first albums where I noticed loudness and brickwalling , I got rid of the cd because it gave me a headache and bought the vinyl album which sounds a little better, but not much
  13. Duke Fame

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    Tampa, FL
    The only one I have that I really can't listen to, but is easily fixable by getting a different mastering (I just haven't done it yet), is the 1997 reissue of The Stooges "Raw Power". Most of the newer stuff I listen to like The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes are mastered pretty loud, but I can deal with those.
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  14. MrEWhite

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    United States
    Metallica’s Death Magnetic :(
  15. Vaughan

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    Well, I recently passed up on buying a Steve Earle album because the mastering on CD is trash - that'll be the first album by him I've missed (been following since Copperhead Road was first released).

    Robert Plant's last album has some incredible songs on it, I think it may even be his best solo work - sadly spoiled.
  16. Runicen

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    I'm kind of regretting that I did. After hearing it on a good system, it was really awful.
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  18. General:

    Avoided buying ceedees; enjoy the music:
    Album list - Dynamic Range Database
    Madeleine mixed in.
    Good to see an improvement in digital w/the 2013 24/96 download!
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  19. The Hud

    The Hud Tougher Than Leather

    Essential Run-D.M.C.

    By far the loudest CDs I own, plus the single edits of Rock Box, King Of Rock and Walk This Way makes this by far the worst Run-D.M.C. compilation on the market.
  20. Rodney Toady

    Rodney Toady Waste of cyberspace

    Curiously enough, if an album is loud to begin with, I usually can more or less live with that; it's the compression on albums that weren't loud originally which is hard to take, not to say objectionable.
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  21. General:

    "Led Zeppelin"
    OG ceedees for me. Didn't even care for the very cool IMO '93 "Box Set 2" ceedees [Sterling Sound]. Can 'handle' the '90 "S/T" box [Sterling Sound]. 2014 reissues/remasters were OK; just always returned to the Ye Olde 80's CD's.
    Album list - Dynamic Range Database
  22. Front 242 Addict

    Front 242 Addict "I'll drink the moonlight from your hands"

    Tel Aviv ,Israel
    I have 3 cds from the Fantastic electro-industrial band Calva Y nada
    ( they sing in German and Spanish)
    2 of the cds ( from 1993 and 1994) are very compressed and very loud ,some of the tracks
    have DR 5 and 6 , even 2 tracks have dr 4 , it's really a shame becouse the music is very fascinating and creative , they also combined experimental music and Dramatic rhythm taken from the Spanish music.

    If there were other cds versions for these titles with higher DR and less louder then I would buy them but unfortunately there are none.... so due to lack of better options I listen to these cds and trying
    just to enjoy from the music as much as possible..... although sometimes that's might be a bit painful ( I can't listen to the tracks with the DR 4

    I have lots of industrial and electro industrial cds with nice DR with much less compression
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  23. +
    Scary an Adele ceedee can have more 'crunch' than an "Industrial" release!!!

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  24. Preston

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    KCMO Metro USA
    Every Paul Weller CD I have is terribly compressed. I bought some vinyl re-issues to see if they would be less crushed and they obviously used the CD masters to cut the vinyl.

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