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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by lemonade kid, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Brit here. This is in my top ten albums of all time. Over the years, I have played it to many people who have been amazed by it and got their own copies. We are blessed to have this record.
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    ‘Val Doonican Rocks, But Gently’ is also higher in the chart but doesn’t make it a better album ;)
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    I wish that I had seen that gig!
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    In1969, Arthur said (in the documentary) that he thought "forever Changes" was sh#t. After he was released from prison and just before incarceration) , he realized and he was totally blown away by the love for FC. So he started touring, playing again, realizing the importance and wonder of Forever Changes.

    It seems like he was completely surprised and very touched by the fans who still loved and remembered him, Love, and Forever Changes.
    It's so wonderful we have the live show on DVD from those magical gigs in England.

    I think it is kinda like Nick Drake. Both Arthur & Nick were so far ahead of their times. It took decades for the masses to catch up, and realize what they were missing! Magic.

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    Bear in mind Forever Changes made number 24 in the UK on first release
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    That's a pretty good charting, and says it was far better known in the UK than here. Several persons who became prominent figures in the UK (former mayor of London, members of Parliament) say it changed their lives. Hard pressed to find many prominent figures in the US to say that. (see: Love Story documentary on DVD)
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    Early day motion 1369 - ARTHUR LEE, LOVE AND FOREVER CHANGES

    • Session: 2001-02
    • Date tabled: 22.05.2002
    • Primary sponsor: Bradley, Peter
    • Sponsors:
      That this House pays tribute to the legendary Arthur Lee, also known as Arthurly, frontman and inspiration of Love, the world's greatest rock band and creators of Forever Changes, the greatest album of all time; notes that following his release from jail he is currently touring Europe; and urges honourable and especially Right honourable Members to consider the potential benefit to their constituents if they were, with the indulgence of their whips, to lighten up and tune in to one of his forthcoming British gigs.
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  10. lemonade kid

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  11. lemonade kid

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    Re: 24/96 stereo mix - remastered by Botnick DVD

    I've never heard Kenny & Michael like this before. Some of Kenny's bass lines (that are somewhat and often mostly buried in previous masters) is completely mind blowing and amazing here. I am hearing subtle bass lines and riffs by Kenny that only confirm he was absolutely one of the finest rock bassists of his day... and today!

    And Michael is absolutely one of the top 10 rock drummers of his day. Subtle, clean, restrained, and such creative fills that are now revealed in their glory on the DVD included in the 50th box!

    Loving this to death! The (Botnick) newly remastered DVD and vinyl are supremely perfect...finally!! I no longer even mind that the old master tapes are lost forever..this'll do nicely, thank you!


    Botnick’s stereo remaster of the original album makes its vinyl debut on the LP included with this set. It was cut from high resolution digital audio by celebrated audio engineer Bernie Grundman. The DVD that accompanies the anniversary collection includes a 24/96 stereo mix of the album version of the original album remastered by Botnick. Also featured is “Your Mind And We Belong Together,” a rare promotional video directed by Elektra producer Mark Abramson that was originally released in 1968. -Avaxhome
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    Received #07440 today. :D

    Listening to the DVD right now. Sounds fantastic. At some points it's so different to what I expect it's almost like a remix. Can't wait to spin the LP tonight.
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  13. lemonade kid

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    True. I hear Kenny like never before. Passages that were previously buried. What an amazing talent.
    Michael's drumming is so clear on the DVD--some of his fills in the fade outs are something I've never heard if the fades are longer here.....truly the best ever, and I already said the vinyl mastering is the best ever.
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  14. dkmonroe

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    The acoustic guitars also sound incredibly real and present as well. I dunno how Botnick did it.
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  15. tedhead

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    Space City
    Another reason it was big is the same reason college friends of mine in the 90's were into the Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Syd Barrett, and the 13th Floor Elevators. These bands didn't get played on classic rock radio and had more of an impact on the punk/post-punk/new wave/alternative rock scene. Love was covered by bands like indie bands such as Yo La Tengo and The Ramones, or influenced bands like The Butthole Surfers who also had more of an affinity for them. This also included the bands that would fit on the "Nuggets" compilations that influenced punk rock so much. In the 90s, bands looked at the sixties as either giving birth to the jam band scene a la The Grateful Dead, or the pysch-garage scene for indie rockers.

    Love and the other bands I mentioned had more of a darker edge, and the LA scene was seen as edgier than the mellow groovy (impression at least) San Francisco scene. The Buffalo Springfield fit that as well since they had Neil Young (worshiped by every punk rock friend of mine) and to some extent Frank Zappa due to his cynicism. So it was a combination of stripped down style of the music as well as the attitude. Stories of Arthur being a tough guy with street attitude gave him more of a "punk rock" persona as well. Of course nothing is pure: many people I knew of the psych garage punk scene were time Deadheads at one point in their lives (I've always been a fan), but they never moved onto bands such as Phish or the other bands who had long extended mellow happy roots rock jams.
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    Down South
    LK -
    I love LoVE ... longtime lurker, first time posting.
    Wanted to thank you for this thread. The super cool connection, and sharing notes and communication from Michael! I have a few CD versions of Forever Changes, certainly one of my desert island albums.

    Simple question ? I imagine I need to buy this 50th set ? Duh.
    So many different opinions, I have been stalling.
  17. albertop

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    Or get the digital download labelled: "2015 Remaster" in 24/192
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    Baton Rouge, LA
    Anyone know if John Haney (rec engineer) has ever discussed his work on Forever Changes? Happy to be corrected is but Haney recorded as much of the LP as Botnick right? With Bruce not at Western who was the producer of record there? Haney?
  19. dkmonroe

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    I f you really love this album, grab this set while you can. ImportCDs has a good price for it. I've immersed myself in it for the last 24 hours and it's really exceptional. The Botnick remaster is just beautiful. Yes, you'll get that remaster in the digital download also but in this set you basically get everything - the album, the alternate mix, the mono mix, the singles, etc, and a beautiful package. A very worthy anniversary package.
  20. George P

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    Man, I had talked myself out of this and now you make me want it. And amazon Prime delivers this tomorrow. And I'm on vacation.
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  21. Bob J

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    Taking a wild guess here, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  22. thejammy

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    Is the 2015 Botnick HD file (Pono?) the same as the file that comes on the DVD in this set?
  23. VU Master

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    Really interesting and unique album that I enjoy from time to time.

    The song titles are strange. Am I correct in thinking that none of the song lyrics on this album actually include the words in their titles? Why - has the reason ever been revealed? Or is it just another mystery of this famous record?
  24. BeauZooka

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    And More Again has those words in the song. And Bummer in the Summer - off the top of my head.
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  25. Moray

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    Glasgow, UK
    Old Man too. Alone Again would have too if Arthur hadn't added the 'or' to Bryan's song title.

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