Luther: The Fallen Sun movie on Netflix (March 10, 2023)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by wayneklein, Mar 10, 2023.

  1. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    Excellent follow up to a tepid 5th season for “Luther”. Reportedly there will be a second one though no time frame on this right now.

    well done and excellent.
  2. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    Any other Luther fans here? Chime in!
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  3. Chazro

    Chazro Forum Resident

    West Palm Bch, Fl.
    I'll be watching over the weekend. Is Ruth Wilson in this?
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  4. wolfram

    wolfram Slave to the rhythm

    Berlin, Germany
    I watched it yesterday and enjoyed it, though I found much of it over the top. The bad guy was just too evil for my taste. And I didn't believe for a second, that he would last longer than two seconds in a fight with Luther.

    The ending reminded me of "Marcella". I suppose they will declare him dead now, so they can use him for secret special operations. Looks like Elba will become some kind of Bond now after all.

    What I found outright strange was that the rescue team arrived with divers already dressed in full gear, so Luther could get pulled from the water in time. How could they have known?

    What annoyed me was the scene at the beginning where Luther promises the mother, that he would find her son (after she pressured him). Why do detective in films keep doing that, when they can't possibly know if they can keep that promise? Of course, she later blamed him for it, which annoyed me even more.
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  5. wolfram

    wolfram Slave to the rhythm

    Berlin, Germany
    No. The character of Alice Morgan isn't even mentioned.
  6. four sticks

    four sticks Senior Member

    I finished watching the Luther series earlier this week so I'll definitely check this out.
  7. jwstl

    jwstl Forum Resident

    St. Louis
    I was going to skip this because the critic reviews aren’t good but if the forum says otherwise…
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  8. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Forum Resident

    Davis, CA
    I wanted to like it since I enjoyed the series, but most of it was simply too ridiculous.
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  9. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    Season 5 was a pile of crap, a huge disappointment.

    Glad to hear that this doesn't repeat that mistake.
  10. MrSka57

    MrSka57 Forum Resident

    Syracuse, New York
    If you like crime thrillers you could do a lot worse.
  11. jlocke08

    jlocke08 Forum Resident

    Luther is fantastic. new film downloaded and ready for my flight tomorrow.
  12. It was okay, ridiculous in parts.
    Won't linger long in the memory.
  13. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    I’m surprised. It’s well made and is inspired at times. Sure there are some unbelievable elements but you suspend your disbelief and you take your chances.
  14. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    see my comments in your spoiler:
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  15. Chazro

    Chazro Forum Resident

    West Palm Bch, Fl.
    It was good, but it almost seemed like a version of Luther-lite!;) The original series was much more hard-core, and for me, Luther worked best when it was a 2-man show, I miss Alice! Woulda made my night to see Ruth Wilson waiting for him in that car!;)
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  16. JCRW

    JCRW Forum Resident

    I will check this out when I have the availability, but nothing will really top the first TV season of Luther.
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  17. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    I actually was glad Alice wasn’t around for this season. I just never believed that relationship as it progressed.
  18. Pavol Stromcek

    Pavol Stromcek Senior Member

    SF Bay Area
    Watched it earlier this week. It was mildly entertaining, but I sort of forgot how schlocky and over the top this show (and now film) can be. I still watch because Idris Elba does a great job with the character, but for me the most interesting stuff from the series was the plot involving Alice Morgan.
  19. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    Really? I found her character more over-the-top and annoying the longer she was on.
  20. daglesj

    daglesj Forum Resident

    Norfolk, UK
    The last BBC series was weak. This is in my list to watch.

    It always amazed me that his superiors could never grasp that his job/mission was to hunt down the 'monsters', not humans as such.
  21. omikron

    omikron Avid contributor to Paul McCartney's bank account

    Lexington, KY
    That scene where John is talking to Corrine about who she has met recently at about the 1:10 mark ...

    ... It speaks volumes to Idris' acting chops.

    This is the most human, vulnerable and emotionally sincere moment I think I've seen from Luther.

    Idris played to a character in the show. Of course he was amazing and the character was amazingly complex.

    But I think Idris took it to a next level here. He went from impressive to absolutely top tier with this performance.
  22. knob twirler

    knob twirler Senior Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Luther was only slightly realistic when it began. Now, he’s unkillable like Bond - it’s like Daniel Craig dour but also Roger Moore era cartoonish.
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  23. Yovra

    Yovra Collector of Beatles Threads

    Compared to the first two Luther series this was a trainwreck of a movie. There were hints of the horrors of the orginals, but Serkis power-actes his way through a movie where
    he went from a serial-blackmailer to a Bond-villian complete with headquarters and a Secret Society.
    By that time I had stopped caring about any plot at all. It lasted at least half an hour too long.

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