Luxman L-509x

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Wintermute, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. Razakoz

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    It still wouldn't really bother me though. I absolutely hate needing to send stuff back for minor cosmetic issues, just seems like a lot of waste and potential for stuff to break in shipping.
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  2. tlowe

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    Yes, shipping is really PITA in some places, not to mention you still have to pack it back into the box and bring it to a drop-off point if you are not using a pick up service. Nevertheless, if it is from a local store, I would definitely return it for an exchange.
  3. LostArk

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    New York
    I don't let any problem slide, no matter how minor, on gear I can buy on Amazon—so of course likewise for expensive boutique gear. If anything gets past QC, the company needs to know and correct it, otherwise maybe the next person will have the defect, or the company will become more lax with QC in general. Also, if someone else gets a pristine unit and I don't, they got more for their money, which will show at resale. Why would anyone just accept that? I think it's odd when people proclaim they tolerate defects as if it's a virtue, and/or snicker at stringent folk. If someone is willing to accept defects and less for their money because they don't want to deal with it, that's their choice. But it's certainly no less justified or correct to return merchandise and/or vocally complain if mfg. or dealer service is sub-par.
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  4. Razakoz

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    The problem is the costs of returns over minor issues are passed on to the other consumers. If everyone returned everything that had a slight cosmetic defect goods would cost more for everyone, and it would be borderline impossible to get anything built because (insert part here) has a slight blemish or paint issue. There are things that I obviously wouldn't let slide(like if my luxman had a big scratch on it or came with a dent in the metal), but the vent holes seeming a little rough is something that I never would have even thought to check.

    I work in manufacturing, and realize that perfection is usually an unrealistic expectation. If I rejected every part that had any slight issue I'd hardly get anything built and we'd need to raise prices
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  5. tlowe

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    ...but if you understand the "craziness" of the Japanese perfectionist ideology, then you would know why...:laugh: You simply cant compare apples to oranges here. Have you seen how Japanese corporations designed and packed their perhaps $0.10 manufacturing cost snack? I wouldnt be surprised if they spend $0.90 on R&D for this snack, it is all about products presentation. No other country is as good as the Japanese on this. Perhaps the Korean and Chinese, who are strongly influenced by the Japanese ideology on marketing, are getting close behind within this decade.
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  6. Mintsauce

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    North Wales
    It’s a £8500 amp! Any defect, especially one as noticeable as that will take off hundreds if not a thousand plus of it’s resale value. You’ve got more money than sense if that’s not an issue to you.
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  7. oktapod

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    To be fair, if it's just the top panel then presumably a new panel could be fitted? My 590AX-II has what look to be removable grilles.
  8. Rolltide

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    Vallejo, CA
    Noticeable is the key word there. The reason that story made me laugh is I'm pretty sure if I put my camera on max zoom and held it an inch away from the grill, I have that "problem" too, or something similar. But from any reasonable amount of scrutiny it looks fine.
  9. Thunderball66

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    Toney, AL
    I have a new 509X. The grills look ok to me. If I zoom in on my camera, the finish is a little rough but I'd never see it without the zoom.

    I also have some new Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers. I'm afraid these are not a good match with the 509. They get real shrill real quick with a blast of trumpets. Just about every thing else is fine.
  10. Douglas Lam

    Douglas Lam Forum Resident


    Mine was an unfortunate one off defect. Other than the roughness, mine was showing white colours on the sidewalls in quite a lot of holes and could be seen at a distance. The dealer saw it in person (without using a camera) and he agreed it was a defect.
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  11. Douglas Lam

    Douglas Lam Forum Resident

    Sure you can raise prices to ensure quality, but if someone else can do it better while maintaining prices, then eventually it comes down to the survival of the fittest. Good luck.
  12. Plinko

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    I find it unfortunate that there is no information on the design of the phono stage…either from Luxman or the myriad of lazy professional reviews on this device.
  13. oktapod

    oktapod Forum Resident

    I can't give much more about the in-built phono stage other than to compare it to other phono stages I've known. It seems better than the standalone Dynavector P75 stages, and better than the one I had in my Mytek Brooklyn DAC, but I daresay it won't be as good as a £2k+ phono stage. But more than good enough for my modest-ish needs (Rega Planar 8 with Apheta 2 M/C). It's also very quiet and images beautifully and with a lovely precision and easiness about the sound, but good speed and dynamics. Can't really think how much better a stage would need to be; at this level, it strikes me that it's the vinyl that's the weak link, not the reproduction system.
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  14. Boyder

    Boyder Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to make a few comments and give you my humble opinion on the Luxman L 509X
    I bought mine about a year and a half ago, about a year after it was released. At that time I had Mcintosh 452 amplifier and C2500 preamp, with
    B & W 803D2 which I had for about five years and was never really happy with the combination.
    So started looking to replace the Macintosh equipment.
    I had Luxman in my younger years and always love their sound. So began my research to replace my front end. Read all the reviews I could and there was a local dealer that carried Luxman. I was able to listen to it driving some big magico speakers.
    What’s important to me in these forums is to give the reader the best information, from my own experience listening to the Luxman or any product that he or she may be interested in. This hobby can get expensive and it can be fun, lots of fun. but that fun can turn to disappointment really quickly when someone spends their hard earned money or doesn’t buy the product he wanted to buy because of negative comments made by someone who probably has never heard or even seen that product in person.
    This is not a negative comment about the Mcintosh equipment I had. It just wasn’t to my liking the synergy was not there with the B & W speakers.
    The Luxman L509X with the B & W is a sublime combination In My Opinion.
    When it comes to music, it’s not my place to comment on anything I’ve never heard or felt.
    Recently I wanted to see what all the hype was about so I bought a pair of Klipsch RP 600 MB speakers, hooked up to the right amplification it is absolutely amazing what sound you can get for $500
    And there’s plenty other brands out there that will give you the same enjoyment, for roughly the same price.
    Enjoy the music, enjoyed the hobby.
    My best advice, let your own ears do your buying.
  15. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow...

    I got mine a week or so ago. I love it.
    The MM phono stage is dead quiet. I won't comment on SQ since that is personal and subjective. My inherent cartridge noise is 6 mV.

    When fully warmed up at 100% volume < 7 mV at the speaker. My MA6300 and CA Solo were also very quiet at 10-11 mV.
    SN is -68.6 vs. -73 dB, noticeable in between tracks ata decent volume.

    Build quality is outstanding.

    I am listening to a lot more music.
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  16. Nero

    Nero Forum Resident

    I have a l505UX which has more or les the same phono stage as the L509X.
    When I vas using a MM pu (2M Black) my Lejonklou phono stage had much better bass response.
    Now I got a MC pu (rega apheta2) and I love the sound. Very neutral. Plays what’s on the record. A set and forget stage.
    Tinkers will newer be satisfied with it because it has no adjustments. So your cart must fit its spec.
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  17. Douglas Lam

    Douglas Lam Forum Resident

    Congrats on the L-509x!

    Interesting that my dealer did pair the L-509x with a pair of Magico A3s. On paper it is supposed to be great speakers because of the super rigid cabinet and the beryllium tweeter. But I didn't really enjoy the sound.

    Was wondering what did you think about the L-509x with the Magicos?
  18. Daedalus

    Daedalus I haven't heard it all.....

    On our trip to Japan in 2019 we were impressed by the attention to detail with regard to everything.
  19. Boyder

    Boyder Well-Known Member

    Well, it’s not fair for me to comment on the magico’s because I’m not a huge fan of the beryllium tweeter.
    It’s not a criticism of the speaker, it’s my hearing. Magico builds some of the best speakers in the world.
    There are many speakers in the $12000.00 range (Canadian) I chose B&W 803D2
    That said I do not like any of the newer versions of B&W 800series D3
    I have not heard the newest 800 D4 so can’t comment.
    B&W older 800 series are some of the best sounding speakers on today’s used market.
    I know that doesn’t really answer your question, but I will say, I loved the mid range and low frequency of the Magico A3
    I also like the Harbeth with the L509x
    One more thing I chose the Luxman over Accuphase. Didn’t really hear a difference in the sound. Loved the looked of the Luxman
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  20. RPM

    RPM Forum Resident

    Easter Island
    Which Accuphase model you compared with the 509x?
  21. terzinator

    terzinator boots lost in transit

    Read your thread on your decision-making. Very entertaining, and of course I'm now thinking about a new integrated.


    How warm does it run? My Parasound HINT6 is Class AB, and it gets warm, but not overly so. I'm limited as far as where I can have gear (a closet), so I'm curious how hot it gets. (Seems a shame to keep this beauty behind closed doors, but we do what we can.)
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  22. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow...

    Very warm.
    At idle it uses 150 W.

  23. terzinator

    terzinator boots lost in transit

    Idle, meaning fully on but no music?

    Is there a standby mode that drops that to a trickle? (Or maybe you don't keep it in standby...)
  24. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow...

    That is idle
    150 W, no music. The first 6 W is class A
    You can turn it 'off', actually stand-by, 0.5 W

    it only gets a little warmer when playing, maybe 130 F.
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  25. terzinator

    terzinator boots lost in transit

    Cool. Been looking at the Hegel H390/590, too, as I hear great things about their amps. Aesthetically I like that sleek, understated look.

    But Luxmans have their own following, and I love that look, too.

    Listening in a shop is fairly easy where I live, but it can't be equivalent to one's own room and speakers and gear.

    Sounds like you made a great choice. :righton:
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