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Lynyrd Skynyrd-An Open Discussion

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Michael, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. koondoggy

    koondoggy Forum Resident

    New Jersey USA
    Only about half of the Fresno show is available (audio), no?
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  2. adam_777

    adam_777 Forum Resident

    Duncan BC, Canada
    I have the whole show put together from a couple sources...the only thing is Call Me The Breeze about half of it is spliced in from Asbury Park to make it not a jarring incomplete song. Other than that its all there.
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  3. koondoggy

    koondoggy Forum Resident

    New Jersey USA
    That's cool, was gonna get it from TTD but passed when I saw it was incomplete.
  4. I was lucky to have seen them at the old Cape Cod Coliseum in South Yarmouth, MA on one of their last tours. Great concert in a terrible venue. They were selling Boone's Farm Apple Wine at the concession stand and everyone, including myself was wrecked. Great times.
  5. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    It's a cool place. Definitely worth checking out if you're in Tacoma
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  6. Mojo7575

    Mojo7575 Forum Resident

    Loved them with the first listen to Sweet Home (producer Al Kooper was against including this song at first - go figure) and I especially enjoy their J.J. Cale covers (Breeze and Same Old Blues). They also liked the band Free and On The Hunt is their tribute to them - what a tragic turn of events and what could have been.
  7. K.K.VanMalmsteen

    K.K.VanMalmsteen These Go To Eleven

    Arizona, USA
    Can anybody tell me if there are any recordings of Swamp Music floating around besides the original version on Second Helping?
    I've been looking around and cant seem to find a demo, alternate take, or live performance by the original band anywhere.
  8. vinyldad62

    vinyldad62 Forum Resident

  9. jwoverho

    jwoverho Senior Member

    Mobile, AL USA
    One of the great American bands regardless of genre. Their three guitar attack was certainly not for show, and all three brought a unique style and sound to the group.

    Ronnie’s lyrics were what set them apart from most of the groups saddled with the Southern Rock moniker. He wasn’t afraid to touch on issues that many bands would never even think about addressing. A great frontman for a great band. I love how he preferred being barefoot onstage so he could be closer to the earth.
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  10. 4-2-7

    4-2-7 Forum Resident

    SF Peninsula
    Live at Knebworth ‘76 will be available on April 9 as a DVD/CD, Blu-ray/CD, two-LP/DVD or digital video pack. The Blu-ray set comes with a bonus full-length documentary, If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd. Originally released in 2018, the film chronicles the band’s entire career.

    So at my local record store I told him this was coming out and had him order it for me and the store. He knows I want records but asked me anyway, so looking I said get me the Vinyl + DVD and the CD + Blu-ray set, this will cover all bases:agree:

    BTW I also bought three new titles from them that are out now
    Lynyrd Skynyrd-Second Helping Live From Jacksonville At The Florida Theatre-Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds

    Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Leh-nrd Skin-nrd - Live From Jacksonville At The Florida Theatre-Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds

    Lynyrd Skynyrd-ICON-Vinyl Record|Acoustic Sounds

    Something else he said that was encouraging, "What's up with Skynyrd these days, they are selling a lot. I mentioned the movie about the crash might have to do with it. But it's good people are finding them today...
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  11. speedracer

    speedracer Forum Resident

    Agree - for Bullets for most seems you had to be there.
    Nice thread. Saw the Second Helping tour in 74 smoked. Headlining small indoor venue. Hog wild mayhem. Then the Bullets tour April 76. Different beast, this was lean and mean, all business, not the rockin party, this was predatory rip your skull rock, live sound vastly improved. Again small place, headlining. Bullets was more streamlined , clean, tight, punchy, real dark swamp sinister.
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  12. JonMcK

    JonMcK Forum Resident

    This is probably the best place to ask this.

    Whilst the CD reissues have done a reasonable job of rounding up stray tracks & b-sides. And Collectybles and Skynyrd's First: Complete Muscle Shoals have also helped, there are still studio tracks only available on compilations or out of print titles.

    So here's what I can see haven't appeared elsewhere.
    Box Set
    Free Bird (Quin Ivy Demo)
    Junkie (Quin Ivy Demo)
    He's Alive (Quin Ivy Demo)
    Was I Right Or Wrong (Mixed For Box Set, unsure if it's the same as the demo on the remastered CD)
    All I Can Do Is Write About It (Acoustic Version)
    Four Walls Of Raiford (Undubbed Demo)
    When You Got Good Friends [Overdubbed Version]
    Four Walls Of Raiford [Overdubbed Version]
    Truck Drivin' Man
    One In The Sun [Overdubbed Version]
    Skynyrds Innyrds
    Free Bird [Without Fade]
    Double Trouble [Alternate Version]
    Best Of The Rest
    I've Been Your Fool
    Gotta Go

    So is that everything in terms of studio tracks that didn't appear on the remastered CD's, Collectybles and Skynyrd's First: Complete Muscle Shoals?
    And can anyone help me out with lossless copies of the 2 Best Of The Rest tracks? Pointing me in the direction of an online source is fine.

    And in addition, all of the tracks from First...And Last appeared on First:Complete Muscle Shoals (in their original versions), however many of them were later overdubbed and the CD liner notes for First...And Last have no info at all. So which tracks were overdubbed? I know Comin' Home was as it's on the box set and detailed as such.

    Skynyrd's First...And Last
    "Down South Jukin'" (Gary Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant) - 2:12
    "Preacher's Daughter" (Rickey Medlocke, Van Zant) - 3:39
    "White Dove" (Medlocke) - 2:56
    "Was I Right or Wrong" (Rossington, Van Zant) - 5:21
    "Lend a Helpin' Hand" (Allen Collins, Rossington, Van Zant) - 4:24
    "Wino" (Collins, Medlocke, Van Zant) - 3:15
    "Comin' Home" (Collins, Van Zant) - 5:30
    "The Seasons" (Medlocke) - 4:09
    "Things Goin' On" (Original Version) (Rossington, Van Zant) - 5:10

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  13. Slick Willie

    Slick Willie Decisively Indecisive

    sweet VA.
    I haven't pulled that out in ages!
    A must have for any LS fanboy.
    Compliments the original albums nicely.
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  14. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    yes! got that one on street date! love it still...
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  15. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    Indeed...we needed a nice LS thread...all inclusive with excellent posts...thanks to all who contributed so far! : )
  16. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Rare Earth maven

    Eastern Iowa
    We had an awesome thread several years ago, by @Rose River Bear. It’s been a while. Time for a new one
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  17. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    yea, we always have a new thread on a popular band...It's happened to me quite often...between TV, Movies & Music....it's all relevant.
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  18. Rose River Bear

    Rose River Bear Senior Member

    That was a fun thread. One of my favorites. We even had a Gort making some fine posts along with all the others. :pleased:
  19. Rose River Bear

    Rose River Bear Senior Member

    I don't think there is. Maybe a bootleg but I am not aware of it. The studio version is the only recording of the song I have heard.
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  20. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    well revive it! that's cool... more LS fun to be had. : )
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  21. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Rare Earth maven

    Eastern Iowa
    Especially with the Knebworth set being released in 2 weeks
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  22. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    for sure!
  23. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Rare Earth maven

    Eastern Iowa
    It was the most fun I’ve ever had, here...along with Allman Brothers thread
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  24. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    so revive it if it means that much to you. : ) do it dude!
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  25. Myke

    Myke Listening

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