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  1. supernaut

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    I agree that 3 CD set really wasn't good enough but I think the super deluxe sounds fantastic (IMHO of course) it's so great to be able to hear all three shows - Deep Purple were amazing live at that time
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  2. Few bands ever managed the level of
    intensity that Blackmore, Glover, Paice,
    Lord, and Gillan brought to the stage
    and they rode atop the very first wave ..
    .. a perfect ten-story crest , captured.
  3. John Buchanan

    John Buchanan I'm just a headphone kind of fellow. Stax Sigma

    Get hold of the Warners US original - it's very close to the wonderful DCC version and only US$ 3.99 new. The pictured 2CD set doesn't sound too good and is crossfaded.
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  4. hi_watt

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    San Diego, CA
    Man, it is goosebump city when Smoke On The Water is about to start.
    I only own the Japanese pressing with Porky in the deadwax. Sounds mean to me! Pure rock and roll power.
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  5. kanakaris

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    When i play this album , i just have to listen to Rainbow's On Stage too....
  6. jmpatrick

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    Detroit, MI
    I "discovered" Deep Purple through Rainbow, and more specifically through the Onstage album. When I was young I was drawn to Rainbow's album covers while browsing the record stores. Somehow I just knew the music was great. When I spotted Onstage in a cutout rack at (of all places) a drugstore in a small town in western Michigan I finally bought it. By the time Kill The King had finished playing I was all in. In those days I listened to a lot of Styx and Foreigner. Onstage changed everything. I picked up all the Rainbow albums and eventually started dabbling in Deep Purple. By comparison, DP seemed like "punk rock" to my ears. It was explosive, unpolished (in a good way), and a bit out of control. While Rainbow was a band that I could play with the volume bumped up a little without offending Mom, Deep Purple was only listened to in the basement (or better yet with headphones). The screams! The thrashing of the guitars! Made In Japan was the album that taught me what improvising was. Most bands I listened to in those days for the most part recorded tightly-arranged records that followed rather familiar formulas. Deep Purple showed me how the other half lived. They were like a freight train heading down a mountain. You sensed that when they got moving it was going to end beautifully, or they were going to crash and burn (no pun). On their off nights they seemed bored and unrehearsed, but at their best they were the very best ever.
  7. andy749

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    I saw Deep Purple live in the summer of '71. I rushed out and bought MIJ as soon as it came out. I liked it but it didn't totally capture what I experienced. I guess it's one of those "you had to be there" things. Blackmore's guitar seemed a bit buried in the mix kind of, or like he was holding back a bit. He was incredile the night I saw them in Miami. It was almost like "the Ritchie Blackmore Show". I heard parts of the Long Beach 1971 thing and it actually sounded a bit more like it to me.
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  8. danielbravo

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    Caracas. DC
    An absolute Classic !

    I heard it for the first time being a child on a cassette at a friend's house, the first song I heard was "Strange Kind Of Woman", I had never heard someone sing like Ian Gillan. Since then I'm a fan of the band.

    It's a great album and I still wonder why not the best live album? Basically it is the best live rock album.
    It was recorded without the intention of making it a masterpiece, it simply picked up the sound of a band at its best and in the right place. Martin Birch did an impeccable recording job.
    Deep Purple MK II has an impressive discography but with this album will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.

    This is a great collection as alternative to the original album...

    and still the old US Warner CD sounds fantastic !
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  9. danielbravo

    danielbravo Senior Member

    Caracas. DC
    Excellent reading It cost me a little despite my glasses reading it calmly. The same I have saved it to review it again later.
    Much of the Deep Purple´s sound during those years rests on the shoulders of Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore. The amplification of Jon's Hammond through the saturated Marshall ended up being a brand name for Deep purple. Many times the focus is on Blackmore (which is not difficult after all) but Jon Lord covers a spectrum that Blackmore can not by itself.
    In a way, the same thing happens with the Roger Glover bass, which translates into a very solid but saturated sound at the same time, if you put this together with the powerful swing of Ian Paice, then you have the perfect rhythm section for a Rock concert.
    The legend of "the noisiest band in the world" was no nonsense after all, so recording Deep Purple in concert was not easy. Martin Birch undoubtedly has all the merit on these tapes.
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  10. Mowgli

    Mowgli Runs with scissors

    Decent set. I think I bought it at Newbury Comics about 1M years ago
    Good DVD from MIJ era
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  11. Sear

    Sear Forum Resident

    Tarragona (Spain)
    Their best album to me.
    A landmark recording in hard rock-heavy metal history.
    Awesome jazz-like improvisations too (except that drum solo)
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  12. Veech

    Veech Space In Sounds

    Los Angeles, CA
    Which happens to be exactly when Paice comes in with the bass drum, a double-punch of wicked.
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  13. rancher

    rancher Unmade Bed

    Dead on, thanks ... love Paice but I'm not a big drum solo fan overall, MiJ is 5 stars besides that, though
  14. rancher

    rancher Unmade Bed

  15. Vinylfindco

    Vinylfindco The Pressing Matters

    I haven't heard this album in like 40 years. A few years ago I picked up the Simply Vinyl reissue and never actually listened to it. Playing Side 4 now and wow, it's all coming back to me what a scorching performance this is. I don't know how the sound compares to other issues you are discussing.
  16. danielbravo

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    Caracas. DC
    Nice copy you have here...
    I have the Japanese deluxe edition released in 2012, the Obi is almost identical to this one.

    Edit: it seems to me that this is the version with a single Cd of the last remaster. Right ?
  17. Alf.

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    I think it's vastly overrated......the tedious Mule drum solo; Jon Lord's god-awful, redundant, 'extemporizing' on Space Truckin'. It's the sort of showboating, doodling & noodling, musical cul-de-sac that eventually birthed a counter reaction in punk.
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  18. Scope J

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    There ain't nothin' made here in this
    country anymore, either made in Japan,
    Hong Kong or Singapore.
  19. dbz

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    Live At Leeds (UK)
    From the guy who limits his profile views and wants to threadcrap. If you like punk, find a punk thread. It's simple, Alf. Amuse yourself somewhere else.
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  20. stax o' wax

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    The West
    I would agree with you that extended drum solo's are probably overrated but not without merit, other than that these remarks are completely clueless.
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  21. dude

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    milwaukee wi usa
    And lets not forget the greatest seven seconds of rock music ever recorded to tape from 2:09 to 2:16
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  22. Rose River Bear

    Rose River Bear Senior Member

    I agree pretty amazing.
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  23. fairies

    fairies Forum Resident

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  24. rancher

    rancher Unmade Bed

    well, I don't like the Mule drum solo either, or pretty much any drum solo over 10 seconds for that matter ... the rest of MiJ is pretty awesome though :D
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  25. danielbravo

    danielbravo Senior Member

    Caracas. DC
    Both are excellent, Scandinavian Nights is fantastic! a really intense perfomance although with emphasis on long jams.
    Denmark '72 is one of my favorites, I have the reissue of Sonic Zoom / Purple Records (Purple Records - PUR 253)
    Deep Purple - Live In Denmark 1972

    The most recent release (Copenhagen '72 / Eagle Records - ER203232) is devilishly compressed and brickwalled (sad !)

    Edit: I think the DVD audio is in Mono, am I right?
    The two editions in Cd audio from Sonic Zoom are in mono. I love these live recordings
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