Madonna - 15th Studio Album (2018)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bink, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Bink

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    I couldn't find a thread for this so i thought I would start one.

    It appears work has started on Madonna's 15th Studio album. Having looked on a couple of Madonna forums it appears she is writing with a songwriter called Starrah. I have also noticed the producer Billboard mentioned as well as Ryan Tedder.

    There is certainly no word on a release date yet but considering that she seems up for tackling the issue of ageism in music, her 60th birthday in August may be a good time.

    Has anyone heard any other news? Do you have any thoughts on the type of album you would like from Madonna this time?
  2. PlushFieldHarpy

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    "Starrah" sounds like a female, which would be a relative first for Madonna. I think she's had women co-writers on "by committee" songs with several writers, but not really worked one on one with one. But maybe it's not even a woman. It would fit her new aggro posture though.

    In my opinion, Madonna is only good doing straight pop. I listened to Ray of Light recently, and confirmed that it's my least favorite of hers. It tries so hard, it feels disingenuous.
  3. malcolm reynolds

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    Please no guest rappers...please no guest rappers.
  4. Bink

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    Yes, Starrah is a woman.
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  5. PlushFieldHarpy

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    My God, you have to admire how this woman never stops though.
  6. Bobby Morrow

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    Not heard anything about this, but she’s due for a new album. It’s been 3 years since Rebel Heart.

    I actually didn’t mind a lot of the last album. Thought it was some of her best work in years. I hope she veers more in the direction of Ghosttown, Joan Of Ark and Wash All Over Me than Bitch I’m Madonna, S.E.X and Holy Water on the upcoming LP, though.
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  7. aseriesofsneaks

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    St. Catharines, ON
    Rebel Heart was the most enjoyable of Madonna's post-Confessions albums. I hope she builds off its strengths (particularly tracks like "Ghosttown" and "Rebel Heart") and avoids its weaknesses (material like "Bitch I'm Madonna", "S.E.X." and "Holy Water"). In other words, I hope she focuses on producing terrific ballads and great pop songs, and avoids the guest rappers, faux-edginess and trend-chasing, trying to prove she's still down with the kids. There was such a variance in quality from Rebel Heart's strongest tracks to its worst, but the best moments were quite impressive. Hopefully the new album will be more consistent.
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  8. aseriesofsneaks

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    St. Catharines, ON
    @Bobby Morrow already covered most of my points while I was writing my post.
  9. micksmuse

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    san diego
    couldn't agree more. the last one was superb and if you re-synced the tracks it got even better.


    Starrah - Wikipedia
  10. Bobby Morrow

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    I’d like to see her do a tight, 10 or 11 track album again. Rebel Heart had 25 songs on it’s SDE. Now, I’m all for value for money, but that’s too much.:D Like you, I hope she builds on the strengths of Rebel Heart. It did have at least 7 or 8 really good tracks, IMO. I’ll probably be alone in saying this, but I wouldn’t mind something like Bedtime Stories either...

    However, I do feel sorry that no matter what she does, radio won’t play it and the album will have a short life. She must know this herself. If I were her I don’t think I’d bother.

    But I hope she does.:)
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  11. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    Oh dear, that doesn’t sound promising.
  12. Bobby Morrow

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  13. Bink

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    I believe Madonna reacted recently on Instagram following some fans raising concerns that because she was working with Starrah that this meant she was making a hip hop album and that it would include rappers. Her response seemed to suggest that it wouldn't!
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  14. aseriesofsneaks

    aseriesofsneaks Forum Resident

    St. Catharines, ON
    I'm glad she released the SDE of Rebel Heart just because she's not always the best judge of her own material these days; some of the additional tracks were better, in my opinion, than those that made it onto the standard edition. I do long for a return to the days of tight, 40-45 minute albums like her first few.

    The album will likely be ignored by radio, unless she somehow manages a fluke late-career hit. Cher's best days seemed behind her commercially when "Believe" became a smash; it'd be nice to see Madonna to pull off a similar feat. In any case, she'll still continue to get a lot of club play and will likely score a few more No. 1 singles on the US Dance Club chart. And the tour will likely be another huge success, which is likely what makes it worthwhile for Madonna to continue releasing new material. The new album is the last on her current deal with Interscope; it'll be interesting to see where she ends up after this and what kind of deal she'll sign.
  15. George Co-Stanza

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    I doubt she worries about having singles on the pop chart or getting played on the radio anymore. Sure, it would be nice, but she doesn't need it. Looking it up, her albums always are top 3 at worst everywhere, and I am sure her tours still do extremely well. I have never even considered going to a Madonna concert, but given her age, I might at this point. I am sure her shows are a lot of fun.
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  16. GreenDrazi

    GreenDrazi Truth is beauty

    Atlanta, GA
    She has just gotten started the last month or so and if the last two albums are any indication, the album will be, at the earliest, a late Fall 2018 release. But more likely, next year. And I wouldn’t get wrapped up in any one person that she’s currently working with, as she will also likely use several producers and co-writers.

    My only concern and hope for this album is that she focuses on the positive side of issues that move her muse instead of negative ones, as that has always brought out her best material.
  17. SoundAdvice

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    Natalia Kills and Madonna wrote 8 songs together in 2014. She has 1 publishing credit on the RH album under her given last name.
  18. drbryant

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    Her time on top 40 radio is over, but you really have to admire how long she remained popular. I was in L A last week and for four days had the radio on KIIS FM 102.7 and didn’t hear a single song by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc. It was all Camila Cabello, Halsey, Cardi B and Dua Lipa. The odds are really against female performers over 30. From that perspective, her top 40 lifespan was amazing.
  19. PlushFieldHarpy

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    Eh, I went to one in 2012. A lot of dissipation. But I finally got to see her. She was on point.
  20. tommy-thewho

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    I agree with Malcolm.
  21. When I think back to my younger days when I became interested in music, Madonna was on top of the pop world. I definitely prefer her earlier music. Kudos to her for continuing to release new music. There's not too many artists I can think of from the 80's that's still relevant. It's amazing and awesome U2 and Depeche Mode are still making music and touring.

    I grew up in Los Angeles listening to Rick Dees in the morning on KIIS FM and New Wave/Alternative music on KROQ with Richard Blade and Jed the Fish. I'm grateful KROQ HD2 exist so I can flashback to my jr high and high school days (early to mid 80's).
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  22. bob60

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    London UK
    This is something that I simply cannot understand. The people who go to clubs are young, are young people really dancing to Madonna?
    I find that very hard to believe. And yes I know how many dance no 1's Madonna has had, I just don't find it believable or credible.
    I too am hoping for a return to pop album, and please god she stops taking advice from here kids over who to collaborate with...
  23. drbryant

    drbryant Forum Resident

    It’s not young people that determine the dance club positions. Yoko Ono has 12 or 13 dance no. 1 hits. In fact she had one a couple of years ago, at the age of 83. I have no idea . . .
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  24. bartels76

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    Rhianna is in between album cycles so I wouldn't lump her in that category. She isn't even 30 yet. Taylor's new album is leaving people cold it seems like. I haven't liked one Katy Perry song in quite some time.

    Anyways, I liked Rebel Heart despite the length. I hope she continues in a more organic direction like some of the tracks on the album.
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