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Magical Mystery Tour + Let It Be DVD Releases - Thanksgiving 2K12

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by krlpuretone, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. mindgames

    mindgames Forum Resident


    Arthur Wilkinson.
  2. direwolf-pgh

    direwolf-pgh Well-Known Member

    bought the deluxe box and dont even own a record player :pineapple: love this film
  3. supermd

    supermd Senior Member

    San Jose, CA
    The Beatles' official YouTube page uploaded another copy of the exact same trailer, this time with the title "Magical Mystery Tour (HQ Version)." The video looks better, actually. Give this a watch. http://youtu.be/jIDEZ_frJBs When "Fool Paul" is standing on the hill waving his hand above his head, you could barely see the buttons on his shirt in the "old" trailer. In this new one, you can see them clearly (0:42).
  4. SoundAdvice

    SoundAdvice Senior Member

    Definitely an upgrade. Still only 720p quality compared to the release having 1080i.

    Clear enough to read the "pie graph" that Ringo holds up if you pause it or someone does a screen grab.
  5. sethICE

    sethICE Forum Resident

    I'm pretty sure I have this EP, but I never realized it was connected to MMT. (can't say I've listened to it more than once.)
  6. Digital-G

    Digital-G Senior Member

    Dayton, OH
    I'm just glad that Apple and the remaining Beatles seem to be embracing this (and hopefully Let It Be) instead of treating it like a red-headed step child. It's great to see Paul and Ringo's involvement.
  7. PNeski@aol.com

    PNeski@aol.com Forum Resident

    New York
    while the picture looks a lot better,in no way does it look great,this is the best
    we can hope ,some of the promos were 35mm ,But this is clearly 16mm

    it does look a lot cleaner than that old dvd,but still not very nice
  8. Pinknik

    Pinknik Senior Member

    It's mostly the same. Little sharper on the interview bit and they applied some de-interlacing to the MMT footage. I add the photo of John and Paul at the editor, 'cause it's the best looking clip from vintage film. I've gone full nerd, and I'm okay with it. :)

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  9. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

  10. Amnesiac

    Amnesiac Forum Resident

  11. maxheadroom

    maxheadroom Senior Member

    Sao Paulo, Brasil
    Holy crap man. That's the most digital artifacts-less slowing down of a song I've ever heard! Was that possible because of the 24-bit remaster?? Or did these plugins get really good? Wise use of reverb maybe? :confused:
  12. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

  13. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Thanks for digging this up Steve. It all makes sense now. Figures Apple has been sitting on this years and years. Man they're slow getting things out to the public.

    Maybe Ron can work his magic on the Cartoon Series. :)
  14. GlassOnion

    GlassOnion Well-Known Member

    I have the deluxe on my amazon wish list. My wife knows its there on my list, plus i showed her the trailer 3 times. You know, in case she missed it the first 2 times lol and hope i get for Christmas. I want the deluxe for the booklet.

    I love to collect some vinyl. But im not getting the deluxe for that,the vinyl here does not peak my interest at all. It will stay in the box most likely and wont be played. Unless i take it out of the box and put it away in the closet.
  15. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

  16. Never cared for the movie beyond the "videos" for the songs. Had the old MPI DVD and this sounds like it would be an upgrade.
  17. jl151080

    jl151080 Senior Member

    Bristol, UK
    I want the Blu Ray and the book, but have no use for the DVD and vinyl.

    I hate these expensive deluxe sets!
  18. gottafeelin

    gottafeelin Forum Resident

    So, no Let it Be?
  19. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    The usual answer: Maybe next year. :sigh:
  20. RockWizard

    RockWizard Forum Resident

    Sounds like the same record we've heard since Anthology came out.....:sigh:
  21. yamfox

    yamfox Forum Resident

    It's a program called PaulStretch, it's specifically meant for this stuff.
  22. rewind1964

    rewind1964 Forum Resident

    Raleigh, NC USA
    The hell with Let It Be...
    Give me the upgraded Shea Staudium!
  23. BIG ED

    BIG ED Forum Resident

    Now you get too say:
    "You Heard It Here First"
  24. milk731

    milk731 Forum Resident

    The box set looks awesome! I'll be picking it up.
  25. markbrow

    markbrow Forum President

    Mock all you want, the OP called it, even if he was only 50% correct. Seems a lot of people are jealous they don't have the sources he apparently has.

    Hard to believe the band had to be cajoled into doing the Let It Be sessions (a great idea that they reluctantly went along with) yet seemingly were completely happy to do the load of self-indulgent claptrap that became the MMT film.
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