Magical Mystery Tour + Let It Be DVD Releases - Thanksgiving 2K12

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by krlpuretone, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    ...replaced with a much better Lennon song. Also that album was intentionally different so it's not really "revisionism". If it replaced the original Let It Be album then I'd agree but it didn't.
  2. long gone john

    long gone john Forum Resident

    Whitley Bay, UK
    Leaving Maggie Mae and Dig It off Naked and replacing them with Don't Let Me Down arguably did Lennon's reputation a great favour...
  3. Maidenpriest

    Maidenpriest Setting the controls for the heart of the sun :)

    Ok fair enough, but Lennon was greatly missed on Let It Be Naked IMO, especially his humour between/intro's to songs !! :)
  4. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits, Abbie & Mitzi: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Yeah, the poor guy. He's a billionaire, has spent his entire life in a job that he loves, gets adulation and adoration everywhere he goes, and is married to a smokin' hot wife.

    I feel SOOOOO bad for poor Paul! :D
  5. grsmnkey

    grsmnkey Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    Exactly, he doesn't know what went wrong with the DVD version (MPI DVD1538). But that DVD also does not contain the correct opening lines (hurry, hurry, hurry) and has stereo songs in place of the original mono. So in a sense that audio track has been tampered with. I have not checked the remainder (non-musical part) of that soundtrack against the original mono soundtrack. So anyone looking for the original movie shouldn't spend their money on that MPI DVD version either.
  6. Anthrax

    Anthrax Forum Resident

    It's a conspiracy. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. long gone john

    long gone john Forum Resident

    Whitley Bay, UK
    You're clearly not posting from the UK. He gets endless negative press and feedback over here. Other than Jimmy Savile, I can't think of anyone who has taken more of a beating at the hands of the twitterati and press this year after his Jubilee and Olympic opening ceremony performances.

    Adoration everywhere? More like contempt and mockery, more's the pity.
  8. BeatleJWOL

    BeatleJWOL Senior Member


    I've never seen any indication that the UK media likes anyone, much less Paul McCartney. :laugh:
  9. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    My deluxe version arrived today. I like it. Nice box, pretty cool book. I have an original mono EP, so I played some bits from the new one and compared with the old one. On first listen, the new one sounds pretty good to me.

    They did a pretty nice job of reproducing the EP package. Different paper for the booklet and I'm surprised that the discs slide in through the sides rather than slip in inner pockets but these are minor quibbles considering they are reproducing something from around 45 years ago.

    I watched the DVD (don't have a Blu Ray player) and I think the film looks as good as it's going to look. Kind of fuzzy here and there but pretty good overall. The songs really sound good to me. The extra features aren't earthshaking but I enjoyed them.

    I'm probably a nerd, but like someone else mentioned previously, an accompanying soundtrack CD with the goofy stuff like "Shirley's Wild Accordion" and the big instrumental version of "All My Loving" might have been pretty cool. Kill me. I actually kind of like Ivor Cutler's song.:D
  10. stereoptic

    stereoptic Anaglyphic GORT Staff

    I just checked, there have been no posts by you that were deleted in the past year about this scene.
  11. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    Yes, $19.99 for blu ray at target, in the store in the music section.
  12. mr_mjb1960

    mr_mjb1960 I'm a Tarrytowner 'Til I die!

    The DVD is just as costly ($18.99! EEE-YIPES!) at Best Buy! You'd think it'd be on sale!:shake:
  13. proufo

    proufo Forum Resident

    Darn! :D
  14. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    Both Ron and Vidiot have been silent since this thing has been released, although they've participated in this discussion a lot last month.

    I would be curious what Ron has to say about the sound and the missing vocals, etc. And I'd like to hear what both Ron and Vidiot have to say about the video quality, especially the color as compared to Anthology release.

    C'mon guys - you are the experts at this stuff. What say you?
  15. jacden

    jacden Senior Member

    I watched the blu-ray last night. The "lots and lots of spaghetti" line is still there, however it's now way down in the mix, almost buried under the "food, food, food" chanting.
  16. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    How about that MMT DVD and Blu-Ray? Pretty cool eh?
  17. Hawkman

    Hawkman Supercar Gort Staff

    New Jersey

    There's a blu-ray/DVD discussion here? I thought this was the "Which Beatle Got Screwed Worse" thread.
  18. Jose Jones

    Jose Jones Outstanding Forum Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    Nope, its unfair to John & George.

    On the back cover of the DVD, it brags about Director's commentary by Paul McCartney, and a feature called Ringo The Actor.

    Not one mention of John or George!!!! I want my money back. :)
  19. applebonkerz

    applebonkerz Senior Member

    back on topic...

    Thank you for the confirmation, I drove out there tonight and picked one up,

    and thank you for the original tip-off. Hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend to spend some time with it.

  20. Tullman

    Tullman Senior Member

    Boston MA
    I got my box set yesterday. The box is a nice looking package. I played the vinyl and I think they sound good. I would say it is better than the recent cds. It sounds like higher resolution than a cd.

    These records play at 45rpm which is better than 33rpm. Too bad it wasn't on 12" vinyl. It makes me wish the whole catalog could have been done at 45rpm.
  21. Chief

    Chief Over 11,000 Served

    I ripped the audio from the DVD and it was the most brick-walled waveform I've ever seen. Please tell me I did it wrong. I didn't rip the individual channels so I'm hoping that what happened was the ripper somehow merged everything into one big blob of a wave file.
  22. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana jazz vinyl addict

    I am neither Ron nor Vidiot but I personally noticed the skintones are pinker than the corresponding footage in the Anthology. Every copy of this film I've ever seen had really pink skin tone.
  23. Jose Jones

    Jose Jones Outstanding Forum Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    Last time I viewed it, I noticed that when John wakes up Aunt Jessie after her "dream", he only says, "Wake Up Jessie". The "'s time to go..." line has now been cut out. :confused:
  24. Drifter

    Drifter AAD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    Yes, that's gone too. For me my laserdisc is still king, even though the picture and print is better on the new release.
  25. grsmnkey

    grsmnkey Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
    I watched the dvd version of this and compared bits to my Laser Disc. The laser disc definitely has better color (no bleed, just more vibrant) for some scenes, though even in those scenes the picture is not as sharp. The dvd also cleaned up all the dirt and residue that Ron F. said was either in the print or the optics when filmed. I can only imagine that was a frame by frame digital cleanup by P Rutan. Scene transitions are also less jarring on the DVD (color and lighting are more consistent).

    I also noticed, and this may just be my setup, the colors in the extras portion of the new dvd seem more "normal" to me. Some of the colors match the Laser Disc in intensity.
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